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Li Hanchen happened to raise his head when Mu Sheng looked at him. His dark eyes made eye contact with her, and they appeared so deep that they were about to suck Mu Sheng in.

Mu Sheng veered her eyes in a second. Although Li Hanchen was ill and powerless, her instincts told her that he was a dangerous man.


Since Li Hanchen managed to survive in the underworld for so long, he certainly could not have simply disappeared for ten years. Also, the poison in the man’s body was proof that something unfathomable once happened to him.

Mu Sheng only wanted to enjoy her life and could not be bothered getting involved in the politics that were typical of a powerful family.

Auntie Li had already served breakfast and Mu Sheng was concentrating on her millet porridge.

Despite how picky Li An was, he obediently finished all the food Mu Sheng placed in his bowl.

Li Hanchen frowned slightly as he observed their interaction.

After breakfast, Li Hanchen felt a little unwell, so he went straight back to his bedroom while Li An and Mu Sheng sat in the living room and ate fruit.

Li An looked at Mu Sheng enthusiastically. “Do you remember what you promised me yesterday?”

Since he was a teenager, he was at the time of his life when he liked video games and skiing.

Although Li An did not have to worry about anything when he lived at the main Li residence, he was the son of his father’s first wife, so his presence at home was sensitive. Even though he had interests, no one offered to teach him, and his pride prevented him from begging anyone to help.

After he moved over to live with Li Hanchen in the villa, they had trouble surviving on the meager allowance, so Li An was unable to ski.

Ever since Li An learned that Mu Sheng was an expert skier, he even dreamed that Mu Sheng would take him skiing in his sleep.

Mu Sheng glanced at him. “I can’t do it now. I’m busy.”

“Fine.” Li An’s eyes were filled with disappointment, but he was quickly curious. “What do you have to do?”

Li An inexplicably felt that it would be fun to hang out with Mu Sheng.

“I have to earn money,” said Mu Sheng candidly. She only had $2,500 that Li An gave her and she was impoverished.

Mu Sheng sat up straight. “I’m heading out.”

Li An went into a dilemma. In the end, he put on a thick skin and followed Mu Sheng. After all, it was simply too boring to stay home on his own.

The capital was a modern city. Mu Sheng had to search the city high and low before she finally found a shop that could make silver needles tucked away deep in some alleys.

The silversmith spent all morning making what Mu Sheng wanted based on her illustration.

Even though the silversmith’s fees were fair, it was a huge sum to Mu Sheng.

She had to pay $2,400 for the silver needles.

Mu Sheng looked at the $100 left in her hands. She consoled herself that she at least had money to hail a cab to go home.

Li An looked at the set of silver needles that resembled hidden weapons. “Why do you need this?”

Li An found his sister-in-law increasingly mysterious. She had spent most of the day trying to buy these needles that resembled hidden weapons from a novel.

“I’m going to treat your brother.” Mu Sheng checked the thickness of the needles. Even though she spent a long time hunting the silversmith down, he was a fine craftsman and had managed to make these needles in accordance with her demands.

“Do you know how to treat him?” Li An instinctively wanted to say she must be joking, but he quickly swallowed his words when he recalled how good she was at gaming and skiing.

“Uh huh. I just learned recently.” Mu Sheng had no intention of explaining it clearly to Li An as she reached her hand out to hail a cab.

Mu Sheng quickly checked the length and thickness of each needle on the way back.

Li An sat in the cab and pondered.

Since Mu Sheng said she recently learned this, it meant she did not know anything about medicine previously. She must have specially learned it so that she could treat his older brother.

Li An furtively glanced at Mu Sheng. He did not expect Mu Sheng to be so kind to his older brother.

In the past, he did not like Mu Sheng. However, Mu Sheng ended up being such a good gamer and skier and she loved his older brother so much, so he secretly acknowledged her as his sister-in-law.

Mu Sheng failed to detect how curious and touched Li An looked. If she knew the way Li An was imagining how in love she was with Li Hanchen, she would deeply regret letting him tag along.

Li Hanchen sat in front of the computer and looked at the test results perplexedly.

He had told Qin Kai to send the water glass that Mu Sheng used this morning for DNA testing.

The test results showed that she was undoubtedly the same woman.

What could have caused such a huge change in her?

Someone suddenly knocked on the door as Li Hanchen pondered. Li Hanchen shut down the computer. “Come in.”

Li An reached his head out through the door and said cautiously. “Big Bro.”

“Yes?” Li Hanchen sat in the chair without moving. He was as cold as ever.

Li An opened the door and walked up to Li Hanchen slowly. “I went out with Sis-in-Law today.”

Li Hanchen’s eyes lit up a little when he heard Li An calling her his sister-in-law. Li An failed to detect the look on his face and continued, “She likes you a lot. She specially learned medicine and spent all her money to make a set of needles so that she could treat you.”

“What?” Li Hanchen finally turned around to look at Li An.

Li An found Li Hanchen’s cold stares unbearable, but he put on a brave front. “She is going to perform acupuncture on you later. If it doesn’t work, don’t blame her since she means well.”

Although Li An did not openly question Mu Sheng’s medical skills, he did not think she was capable of performing acupuncture. He decided to come over to tell Li Hanchen about it while she was not around, in the hope that Li Hanchen would not hurt her feelings. After all, Mu Sheng loved his older brother a lot.

Li Hanchen was not as naïve as Li An, but he said nothing. “Okay. Go back to your room.”

“Uh huh.” Li An turned to leave. After taking a couple of steps, he noticed the heat pack sticking out from the bed. It was the one he bought previously.

Li An’s eyes lit up. Was it not thrown out?

He did not toss it out after all! Li An was instantly delighted as he skipped out of the room.

Li Hanchen noticed the heat pack sticking out from the bed as well. Li Hanchen sighed as he thought about his only brother.

Mu Sheng knocked on the door shortly after Li An left. Li Hanchen was going through some paperwork in the room, but his actions paused. “Come in.”

Mu Sheng entered the room. It was her first time inside Li Hanchen’s room, and its style was just like Li Hanchen. It had a gray and black theme and felt inexplicably oppressive.

Li Hanchen turned his head to look at Mu Sheng and recalled what Li An said. “Yes?”

“I came to give you treatment.”

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