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Footsteps could be heard outside the door before long.

“Have you been feeling giddy lately?” Although Mu Sheng merely washed up without putting on makeup, her complexion looked flawless and seemed even more glowing in the morning sun.


“A little.” Li Hanchen nodded.

“That’s normal.” Mu Sheng walked in and placed her slightly warm hand on Li Hanchen’s wrist. “You are recovering well.”

Mu Sheng was rather close to Li Hanchen, and he smelled something sweet coming from her mouth as she spoke. “Did you eat candy?”

Mu Sheng was caught by surprise. She looked at him coolly with her clear unsullied eyes and retrieved White Rabbit toffee from her pocket. “Li An gave them to me. They are quite good. Want some?”

Girls kept stuffing snacks into Li An’s school bag. Last night, Li An unexpectedly found a bag of White Rabbit candy.

Li An was angry when he saw the childish bag of candy in his school bag and wanted to toss it out, but Mu Sheng forcibly took them from him for herself.

In Mu Sheng’s past life, she was not allowed to eat normal food for the sake of her health. She usually took nutrient solutions, so it was her first time eating toffee.

She adored its faint sweet scent.

Li Hanchen glanced at the toffee lying in Mu Sheng’s palm. He reached out to take the candy, peel off its wrapper, and placed it in his mouth. Its sweetness quickly spread across his tongue throughout his mouth.

“Is it sweet?” Mu Sheng tended to be in high spirits whenever she was well-rested and ate well. Her eyes curved upwards slightly, and her smiley eyes were dazzling.

Li Hanchen’s eyes landed on Mu Sheng’s lovely smile, and his eyes looked profound. “Uh huh.”

“Okay. Take off your clothes.” Mu Sheng stood up and started to disinfect the silver needles.

For some unknown reason, Li Hanchen felt somewhat awkward when he heard what Mu Sheng said. He slowly undid his buttons as he took his shirt off.

He was already able to sense a little of the temperature for the past two days. Since the room was chilly, his muscles tensed automatically.

Mu Sheng lowered her head speechlessly as she looked at Li Hanchen’s powerful chest. “Relax.”

“…” It was useless.

Mu Sheng knew that the room was cold. However, the temperature had to be consistent when she performed acupuncture, so she called Auntie Li. “Auntie Li, do we have a heater? Can you bring one to Hanchen’s room now?”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

Auntie Li found the barely used heater before long. She knocked on Li Hanchen’s room door before she opened it. “Young Madam, I brought it over…”

Before she finished her sentence, she opened the door halfway.

She caught sight of Li Hanchen sitting on the couch shirtless with Mu Sheng standing in front of him affectionately. Auntie Li’s voice halted abruptly.

Oh my! When did Young Master and Young Madam become so intimate? How could they do this in broad daylight?

“I’m so sorry. I’ll come back later. Don’t let me interrupt you.”

Mu Sheng did not know whether to cry or to laugh. She turned to say, “Auntie Li, bring it in.”

“Sure sure.” Auntie Li cast a knowing look at them before she put down the heater and ran off like she was chased by some wild beast.

Auntie Li left in such a hurry that she did not even plug the heater in. Just as she was about to plug it in, Li Hanchen stood up. “Allow me.”

“Sure.” Mu Sheng checked the silver needles as she said to Li Hanchen, “Don’t mind Auntie Li. Once you are cured, we can get divorced and no one will misunderstand.”

Everyone in the Li family knew that Mu Sheng and Li Ming were the real childhood sweethearts. They arranged to marry Mu Sheng to Li Hanchen as an insult, so Mu Sheng felt that Li Hanchen ought to strongly oppose their union.

Li Hanchen’s hand paused as he plugged in the heater before he replied, “Uh huh.”

The heater quickly gave off heat, and Mu Sheng’s hands turned warmer. “Why isn’t there a heater in my room?”

If she knew they had a heater, she would not have to use two blankets last night.

“This is the only heater in the villa.” Li Hanchen sat back on the couch.

“I see,” replied Mu Sheng. She felt that the Li family was ruthless enough to freeze Li Hanchen to death.

She did not ponder for long before she picked the silver needles and proceeded with Li Hanchen’s daily routine treatment.

An hour later, Mu Sheng put the needles away. “You will start to feel colder, so be sure to keep yourself warm.”

Mu Sheng packed up and prepared to head to her room.

Before she even reached the door, she could sense the heat leaving her body and the air in front of her was completely cold.

However, she could not bring herself to fight a critically sick man for the heater, so she could only cover herself with more blankets when she got back to her room.

The moment Mu Sheng placed her hand on the door handle, Li Hanchen said, “Someone will put in floor heating for your room later. You can stay here for the time being since it is…”

Before he managed to say it was warmer here, Mu Sheng turned to smile with her dimples showing. “Thanks. I won’t be shy then. Let me go bring my things over.”

Mu Sheng turned to go to the room next door.

An imperceptible smile appeared on Li Hanchen’s lips as he watched Mu Sheng leave.

Mu Sheng turned up at the door with a woolen blanket, a bag of snacks, a pillow, and a cup.

Mu Sheng automatically placed the pillow on the couch, laid the woolen blanket on it, and opened her snacks before she looked at Li Hanchen. “I want to watch TV.”

Although some drama plots were ridiculous and strange, she did not have the chance to watch them in her past life, so she found them rather entertaining.

Li Hanchen put on his shirt before he stood up and handed the remote control to Mu Sheng. “Go ahead.”

He decided to let Mu Sheng use the room and wanted to head downstairs to the study.

Mu Sheng called him back. “I just told you that you have to stay warm, so you should stay here since it’s warmer.”

“Okay.” Li Hanchen turned to sit down at the desk by the bed that was filled with documents.

After working for ten minutes, Li Hanchen was incapable of continuing.

The sound of a popular cartoon, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, was playing in the background, and he found it impossible to link it with the cold Mu Sheng.

He was stunned by what he saw when he turned.

Mu Sheng was innately cold and distant, but she was leaning on the couch curled up under the blanket and watching the animation intently with an innocent smile on her face. It felt as though Mu Sheng had inadvertently shown her soft side.

She had inadvertently struck Li Hanchen’s soft side too.

Mu Sheng turned her head when she detected Li Hanchen looking at her. “Is this too noisy?”

Li Hanchen composed his thoughts. “Nope. Go ahead and watch it.”

A video call suddenly popped up on the computer, and Li Hanchen answered it.

A handsome young man appeared on the teleconference. He was none other than Qin Kai, his long-time assistant. Behind Qin Kai was the higher management of Flourishing Age Group.

Everyone opened the documents in their hands and got ready to give Li Hanchen the weekly report.

“Hanchen.” The melodious voice of a girl could suddenly be heard in the conference room.

Everyone was startled and hurriedly looked around as they wondered who had the guts to call the CEO by his name.

A second later, Li Hanchen turned his head to look to the side halfway through the teleconference. “What?”

The girl’s voice was audible once more. “Can you help get me some Coke?”

Now that Mu Sheng was finally feeling warm under the woolen blanket, she did not want to budge. Since she was severely undercharging Li Hanchen for treatment, she felt it was fine to get him to get her some Coke.

Everyone in the conference looked at each other. Was this woman mad? The CEO was renowned for being cruel and iron-fisted. Who would have the courage to order him to get her Coke?

Was she crazy? He was the CEO, Mr. Li!

However, Li Hanchen stood up in a second.

No one could see the room, and they could only quietly listen to the sound of cartoons in the background in shock.

A few minutes later, voices could be heard in the teleconference.


“Thanks.” Mu Sheng’s eyes turned smiley and felt that her roommate, Li Hanchen, had a pretty good temper.

Li Hanchen finally went back to his computer.

Someone wanted to speak up, but Qin Kai stopped him with a stare.

Sure enough, Li Hanchen announced a second later, “The meeting is postponed.”

He then ended the teleconference.

Everyone looked at Qin Kai in shock.

“Mr. Qin, what’s going on?”

Qin Kai adjusted his spectacles. “Just stay out of Mr. Li’s business.”

Moreover, he had no clue what was going on either. Even though he had worked for Li Hanchen for years, there was no woman in his life.

Other than Mu Sheng…

A light swept across Qin Kai’s eyes as he recalled Mu Sheng’s recent abnormal behavior.

Why did he have a feeling that the voice in the teleconference might belong to Mu Sheng?

This made things interesting.

Li Hanchen sat on the bed after turning off the computer and read some business magazines.

Li An came home from school in the evening to see the living room empty. “Auntie Li, where are my brother and sister-in-law?”

Auntie Li blushed awkwardly. “Young Madam and Young Master have spent the entire day in his bedroom. Since you are back, mind asking them to come down for dinner?”

“Sure.” Li An put down his school bag and went upstairs without a second thought.

The door opened just when he arrived at Li Hanchen’s door.

“Big Bro.”

Before Li An finished his sentence, Li Hanchen eyed him to stop.

Li An stood on tiptoes and glanced into the room. Mu Sheng had curled up on the couch under the woolen blanket and was fast asleep with only her little face showing.

Tsk tsk tsk.

He watched as Li Hanchen closed the door gently before he bravely went up to him. “Big Bro, did she move into your room?”

Li Hanchen glanced at Li An sternly, and Li An instantly shut up.

Boohoo! How could his older brother be so mean to him?

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