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The production team for “Every Day Is an Inspiration” had already finished editing the short clip for the episode when they received the call. The film crew told the director what Yang Tao wanted. His first reaction was, “Are they crazy? Or do they think we are nuts?”

Other programs had been outperforming the show in viewership all year. Now that they finally had such a brilliant highlight, they could not give it up.


“Tell him that we can’t cut her out of the show,” replied the director. The film crew swiftly told Yang Tao about it.

“We don’t mind forking out money to get Mu Sheng removed from the show. We are willing to shoulder the loss!” Yang Tao went all out.

He had been grooming Sunny for almost a year. Now that he had finally turned Ruan Yingying into the iconic bandleader using her talent in singing and dancing, she was about to embark on a career in the film industry and even won the lead role in Director Yang’s next project.

She was gradually turning into a superstar, so nothing could go wrong at the turning point of her career.

The film crew was slightly stunned to hear this. How could the talent agent sabotage his own artist?

Although he was not close to Mu Sheng, he could not help feeling sad for this pitiful artist.

“Erm… I will tell the director about this. I’m in the middle of something, so I have to go.” The film crew hung up the phone and rolled his eyes.

How could Yang Tao do that? How could he destroy Mu Sheng’s career to save someone else? From an outsider’s perspective, Mu Sheng was the most photogenic girl in the lot! She had a unique aura and was a stunning beauty. How could Yang Tao become a talent agent when he was so blind?

The director laughed angrily when he heard what Yang Tao said. “Does he want to pay for our loss? He’s really talking big, isn’t he? Is he capable of paying for it?”

The director had a lot of experience producing entertainment programs, so he knew how important highlights were. Mu Sheng’s flawless skiing and unique aura were bound to become a real hit.

The director not only ignored Yang Tao’s request but also told the production team, “Give Mu Sheng more airtime!

“Yup. Give her more closeups.

“Sigh! Just look at how pretty she is!”

On this fateful night, some people slept well, felt restless, or worked overtime.

A new day started as the sun shone down while birds twittered melodiously.

Mu Sheng slept until she woke up naturally without having to work in the laboratory 24/7.

She yawned leisurely as the sun shone down on her face before she pulled off the blanket and went to wash up.

Li An and Li Hanchen were already sitting at the dining table when she went downstairs.

Li Hanchen raised his head to look when Mu Sheng came downstairs.

Mu Sheng was dressed in a black wool jacket today with her hair scattered behind her. Her bright clear eyes looked cool and felt as though they were filled with dewdrops that had gathered at dawn.

“You’re finally here. I’m famished.” Li An looked sad and had been staring hard at the porridge in front of him.

“Did you wait for a long time?” Mu Sheng walked over and pulled out the chair.

“Not at all,” said Li Hanchen suddenly. “Let’s start.”

Li An opened his eyes wide and glanced at Li Hanchen before he looked at Mu Sheng.

Not at all? He and his older brother had been sitting here for almost 30 minutes!

Something was wrong with his older brother.

Strange thoughts ran through Li An’s head. Li Hanchen detected his reaction as he sat across him, so he raised his head to glance at Li An threateningly.

Li An quickly sat upright and wiped the thoughts from his head.

Auntie Li came back to see the three of them sitting particularly harmoniously at the dining table. Morning sunlight had scattered down through the high windows and even Li Hanchen seemed warm.

Li Hanchen left the villa after breakfast and sent Li An to school on the way. After all, Li An was a senior high school student, no matter how rebellious he was, he had to go to school.

Only Mu Sheng was left in the villa. She lay on the couch leisurely and ate snacks as she watched television dramas from this era.

Mu Sheng spent the day relaxing until Auntie Li made dinner, and the scent of scallion chicken came wafting from the kitchen doors.

Mu Sheng stretched lazily as she smelled the scent of the food. She sighed in her heart about how much better her life was now.

In her past life, Mu Sheng was selected for an experiment when she was a kid due to her high intelligence and was a subject of a ten-year-long brain development experiment.

By the time she was 15 years old, her brain was fully developed. Since she was a prodigy, she was under government protection.

In reality, she was more a monstrosity of science than a prodigy.

She had sent space shuttles into outer space and designed cross-sea bridges. Every one of her R&D projects came in first for international awards. She was involved in all the technological advancements in the country. She was even musically and athletically gifted, so she was talented in every field.

She was accomplished and highly acclaimed. This meant that she lost all her personal time.

Since she was bred to be a technological tool, she was destined to contribute to the greater good for the rest of her life.

Now that she had transmigrated to a different era, all her glory and responsibility had disappeared. Mu Sheng was able to try snacks she had never eaten in her life and sleep in. These were novel experiences for Mu Sheng.

Li Hanchen did not come home for dinner, and Li An was dining at school. Mu Sheng leisurely ate dinner and could not help commending Auntie Li, “Dinner tastes great.”

“If you like my cooking, I can make you more tomorrow.” Every cook liked to hear praise. Auntie Li was so delighted that her eyes nearly glowed as she looked at Mu Sheng.

Young Madam was far more likable than before. She was not picky and a lot easier to get along with now.

Li An came home sadly with his huge school bag after 9:00 pm.

“Evening,” Li An listlessly greeted Mu Sheng as she sat on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Sheng had never seen Li An so upset before.

“I don’t feel like going to school.” Li An went upstairs as he dragged his bag behind him. “Night. You have to teach me how to play video games and ski over the weekend.”

After attending school for a day, he had expended half his health bar. He could only pull through the week by thinking about spending the weekend playing video games.

Mu Sheng found Li An’s sad face funny. “Sure enough, you are still a kid.”


Dozens of world-renowned medical experts were sitting around a computer with puzzled looks on their faces at Metropolis Hospital.

“How could this happen?”

“This is so strange!”

Li Hanchen walked in with coldness emanating from his body. “How’s the situation?”

A white-haired foreign specialist looked in disbelief. “Mr. Li, what happened recently? The vascular regression is surprisingly showing signs of slight unblocking. More importantly, it didn’t happen only to a small number of blood vessels. It’s occurring throughout your body.”

What did this mean?

It was like a fine drizzle had finally reached a dried-up field that was on the brink of barrenness. Although the effects were insignificant for now, it could bring the dried field back to life in time.

“This is amazing! Mr. Li, did you manage to find another specialist? You must introduce us. This is akin to bringing the dead back.” The other medical experts looked astounded.

“Does this mean I can be cured?” Li Hanchen found it unbelievable as the words popped out of his mouth.

Li Hanchen only managed to live for ten more years after a tough fight, but he knew best that he was on death’s doors.

The medical team compared Li Hanchen’s latest medical report with the last one. “Although recovery is progressing slowly, you will recover fully in less than half a year at this rate.”

Li Hanchen’s deep eyes landed on the computer. He recalled the way Mu Sheng confidently said there was nothing she could not cure as she smiled with unwavering conviction.

“Okay. Got it. Why don’t you stay at the capital for the time being?” Li Hanchen veered his eyes emotionlessly.

“Okay.” The medical team was happy to stay.

At their age, they did not care about fame and wealth. All they cared about was the medicine.

All the experts were certain that Li Hanchen was a dead man, but a miracle happened, so they were certainly curious.

Even if Li Hanchen did not make the request, they wanted to stay and seek an audience with his genius and find out how that person managed to save Li Hanchen.

After the medical team left the room, Li Hanchen sat in front of the computer and studied the reports.

One of them was done a month ago and showed that his condition was hopeless.

The other examination was done today and there was hope this time.

“Mu Sheng.” The name popped out of Li Hanchen’s mouth with his dark eyes looking magnetic under the dim lights.

Mu Sheng slept in the next day, but the moment she opened her eyes, she detected something amiss.

She turned her head to look straight into a pair of deep eyes.

It was none other than Li Hanchen.

Mu Sheng frowned. “What?”

Although Li Hanchen was pleasing to the eye, it was startling for Mu Sheng to see him here first thing in the morning.

Li Hanchen’s cool eyes landed on Mu Sheng. He was a little cold after coming in from outside. “You didn’t give me treatment last night, so I don’t feel well.”

“…” Mu Sheng went speechless. How could she perform acupuncture if he did not come back last night? “Go back to your room and give me a minute to wash up.”

Mu Sheng got up and wanted to get out of bed, but there was no heater in the room, so she shivered the moment she climbed out of the blanket.

Li Hanchen veered his eyes from Mu Sheng and turned to leave.

Li Hanchen called Qin Kai after he went back to his room.

“Send someone to install floor heating in the villa.”

Qin Kai was puzzled. He had worked for Li Hanchen for almost ten years, and Li Hanchen was never in the habit of using air conditioning or floor heating. After all, he was incapable of sensing the temperature.

Since Qin Kai was a professional assistant, he never questioned Li Hanchen’s orders. He nodded reverently. “Sure. I will get to it right away.”

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