Chapter 10 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 10: Chapter 010: Second Uncle’s Intimacy

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Si Mi was happy because she thought that she would be the only one having dinner tonight. She didn’t expect Fu Zhen to come back early. Her first time cooking wasn’t very successful, but it was still decent!

Auntie Sun followed along to lay out the dishes. Si Mi was still in the kitchen while cooking with her two dishes! “Miss spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen. She learned to cook two dishes. Her hands were even scalded.” Auntie Sun described the scene to Fu Zhen in a lively manner. Her face was full of smiles.

Fu Zhen didn’t react when he heard that, but only he himself knew that the line of defense in his heart was slowly starting to loosen!

Si Mi sat opposite him and the two of them weren’t far from each other. She scooped a bowl of soup for him. It wasn’t hot, but Fu Zhen quickly took it. “Hurry up and eat!”

It was still a little quiet. The two of them felt a little lonely. Fu Zhen thought, ‘it’s a good thing that I’m back. Otherwise, wouldn’t Si Mi be too lonely by herself?’

The man didn’t realize that he cared and protected Si Mi so much. He also didn’t realize that he could be such a soft-hearted person.

Si Mi looked at Fu Zhen, who was eating in silence. The two of them seemed quite stiff.

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as she thought. Fu Zhen felt that it was very good. He rarely had this kind of time where the two of them were just eating face to face.

Si Mi put food in Fu Zhen’s bowl, but he didn’t say anything. He ate until he was full! Si Mi realized that Fu Zhen had finished her two dishes. Other than that, he only drank a bowl of fish soup! Although the man was silent, he was very caring in some small ways. Fu Zhen just didn’t say it. He actually knew everything.

“Not bad!” Fu Zhen put down the chopsticks in his hand and said to Si Meng.

There was nothing better than being praised by someone important in her heart. Si Meng smiled happily. “I’ll definitely do better in the future! I’ll definitely do better next time!”

From what she said, there was still a follow-up. Fu Zhen coughed.

“I’ll be doing a variety show later, so I’ll have to go out for a few days!” Si Mi blinked her big eyes. “The script for today’s audition should be coming out soon!”

Fu Zhen looked at her lively appearance and was in a good mood. He replied, “Well, that’s good. I won’t interfere too much with what you want to do, but you should know the complexity of that industry. Protect yourself!”

If there was anything that she needed help with, she could tell him. Fu Zhen refrained from saying the last sentence.

“I know! I like acting and singing. I want to be a good actor!” Speaking of her passions, Si Mi gradually became talkative.

“Today, I also met a senior. Do you know Huang Ming? The actor who acted in ‘The Rising Wind’ is really amazing. I really like him!” Si Mi rambled on for a long time. The servants removed the dishes and placed small fruit plates on the table. As Si Mi spoke, she helped herself to some fruits. This was the first time Fu Zhen had seen such a passionate look on her. He didn’t know that Si Mi was actually a chatterbox!

The difference in age between the two of them was a little too big. Fu Zhen wasn’t too sure how to get along with Si Mi. He could only listen to her patiently, but he felt very relaxed!

As Si Mi spoke, she realized that she was the only one eating. She changed a fork and stuck a piece into Fu Zhen’s mouth. He paused for a moment and opened his mouth to bite it!

This action was a little too intimate, but Si Mi didn’t realize it. It was just a very casual action. However, Fu Zhen, who had serious mysophobia, actually ate directly from Si Mi’s hand. Seeing this, Auntie Sun was shocked!

Butler Sun silently pulled her over and quietly retreated with a smile. CEO Fu wasn’t a blockhead!

Si Mi leaned in front of Fu Zhen. “Thank you, Second Uncle!” Her voice was so gentle that she was like a harmless little white rabbit cowering in front of him without any defenses, “Thank you for coming back to eat. You didn’t miss my first time cooking!”

Si Mi was too close to him and she had a nice smell that lingered in front of him. Fu Zhen’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “In the future, don’t call me Second Uncle anymore!”


“What do you think?” The man asked her back. Si Mi felt a little choked.