Chapter 9 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 9: Chapter 009: Dinner

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Fu Xing’s father was sitting at the side and trying to smooth things over. “That’s right! The company has its own rules, so we have to be more formal in formal occasions, right?”

The people next to him immediately agreed. Looking at his brother who was more than ten years older than him and who had a big belly, Fu Zhen smirked under the mask. This man was really self-righteous!

“Since you want to come to the company, you should work hard. Don’t slack off every day! Be consistently hardworking.” Fu Zhen’s words were very harsh.

Fu Xing knew that he had been caught. “Yes, President Fu!” The situation instantly became extremely tense. The smile on Fu Xing’s father’s face froze, and he felt a little awkward!

Everyone present was smart, and they all knew what was going on. Fu Zhen was warning Fu Xing, and everyone present!

It was still very early when Si Mi arrived home. It wasn’t even 5 am. The weather was really good. The flowers in Fu Zhen’s side garden were also well taken care of. The fresh flowers matched the warmth of the setting sun. Si Mi stood in the garden with her long hair fluttering in the wind and her graceful figure. What a beautiful scene! Butler Sun and the kitchen staff came back from buying vegetables and saw this scene!

“Miss is really good-looking! She and the young master are really well-matched. Why do the two of them don’t get along? Tell me why! Sigh!”

Butler Sun looked at his wife and said, “How are they not getting along? The two of them are newlyweds, so they need some more time! I think their good days are in the future!”

“I hope so!” The young master seemed to have unlimited glory and power outside. He was in charge of such a big family business! However, there is no telling how many of them treated him sincerely! Only us old people know about his difficulties!” Auntie Sun said. Thinking of how Fu Zhen was a few years ago, she felt her heart bigan to ache again!

Butler Sun quickly grabbed the things in her hand and said, “People have to look forward. Why are you always thinking about the past? Hurry up and cook! It’ll be too late in a while!”

Uncle Sun urged Auntie Sun to leave. Si Mi turned around and saw him, so he greeted her.

Looking at the things in Uncle Sun’s hands and the kind and amiable Auntie Sun, Si Mi had a bold idea!

In the Fu family’s kitchen, Auntie Sun and a few servants looked anxiously at Si Mi, who was busy working in the kitchen. There was nothing they could do! It was Si Mi’s first time cooking, so it was inevitable that she would be clumsy. But she thought, how difficult could it be to cook a meal?! She could practice first today, since she had nothing to do anyway and liked to let her imagination run wild!

Auntie Sun was a little scared. She looked at Si Mi stir-frying vegetables that were half-cooked, and she felt a headache. “Sigh! Miss, you don’t need to stir-fry vegetables with dark soy sauce.”

“Huh! Why not?” Si Mi held the spatula in her right hand and the seasoning bottle in her left hand. There was some sweat on her delicate little nose, as if she was doing something important!

Looking at her cute little face, Auntie Sun laughed out loud, “Dark soy sauce adds color and light soy sauce makes the food taste fresher. If you want to stir-fry vegetables, you can just use a little light soy sauce. That color is too dark, and it doesn’t look good either!”

Si Mi looked at the dark vegetables in her pot and came to a sudden realization. She looked as if she had learned something. Auntie Sun couldn’t help but laugh!

She poured it out and started over. She occupied a stove by herself, so it didn’t interfere with everyone’s normal work. Occasionally, she would make a little mistake, which amused everyone! The atmosphere was very relaxed. They didn’t expect time to pass so quickly!

It was almost 7:30 pm. Fu Zhen returned home, but there was no one in the living room! Uncle Sun saw him and called out respectfully, “Young Master!”

Fu Zhen heard the bustle in the kitchen. Under Uncle Sun’s signal, he walked over and saw Si Mi holding a plate of cold cucumber. Her face was full of joy!

“Aren’t you supposed to be still attending the banquet? You’re back so early!”

Fu Zhen cleared his throat uncomfortably. “It ended early.” Her voice was very soft, but Si Mi, who was standing in the crowd, heard it. She turned around and looked at the man standing at the door. Her eyes were filled with joy!

Si Mi walked out and stood in front of him. “You’re back! Have you eaten?”

Fu Zhen lowered his head slightly and looked at her. “No.” He pretended to be calm, but Uncle Sun saw through it and didn’t say anything. He quietly walked away!

“Then... wash your hands and prepare to eat! Auntie Sun cooked fish soup today!”

Fu Zhen wanted to ask, “What about you?” But the words were stuck in his mouth and he didn’t ask. He nodded to indicate that he understood!