Chapter 3 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 3: Chapter 003: Start All Over Again

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She was back again! She felt the warmth of his body. She hurriedly went to get the phone that she had thrown on the bed. Looking at the time on it, she realized that she was really back. She had returned to the time when she had just married Fu Zhen.

That day, no, today, under his father’s bitter pleas, Si Mi had finally accepted Fu Zhen. It was the first time that the two of them had shared a bed together. Later on, Fu Zhen made a move and the Si family was able to successfully tide over this huge short-term financial crisis!

Fu Zhen was pushed away violently, and her mind slowly cleared up. He was about to ask Si Mi what was going on when he was suddenly bumped into by someone in his arms. The woman’s petite and soft body was completely buried in his arms. Fu Zhen was stunned for a moment, then Si Mi reached out and hugged him tightly while calling his name. “Fu Zhen!”

This kind of dependence made Fu Zhen very puzzled. However, Fu Zhen still pulled her away from her arms. Fu Zhen looked at Si Mi. Her condition was not quite normal. Her lips were pale, and her eyes were red. “What are you doing?”

Si Mi silently processed this strange situation. In Fu Zhen’s arms, she felt more at ease than ever. When she heard the man’s question, she raised her head to look at him. The man’s sudden move made Si Mi think that he was going to kiss her. Si Mi closed her eyes, but the man only moved closer to her. “Have you been drinking?”

Fu Zhen only took a sniff of her body. Seeing the woman close her eyes while trembling, he seemed to have understood something. No wonder she was so proactive today. It turned out that she was drunk.

He was a little annoyed and helpless, but no one could tell. Fu Zhen turned around and walked out. Si Mi was a little embarrassed that he didn’t kiss her. Seeing that the man was about to leave, Si Mi subconsciously held his hand. “Where are you going?”

Fu Zhen paused for a moment and gently shook her hand away. “To the study to take a shower.”

Fu Zhen walked out of the room. Si Mi thought that he was afraid that she would discover that he wasn’t disfigured. She let out a sigh of relief. There was still a long way to go. After experiencing all this, Si Mi had also realized many things. She would never allow herself to repeat the same mistake. She wanted revenge on all the people who had harmed and used her! As for Fu Zhen, she wanted to love him.

This man had hidden his feelings so deeply that she had not noticed it at all!

Si Mi followed him to the door of the study room. He was thinking about many things and seemed to be troubled. Auntie Shi watched as Si Mi followed Fu Zhen out of the room and slowly moved closer to Si Mi. “What’s wrong with President Fu? Is he angry?”

The sudden voice pulled Si Mi back to her senses. Looking at the timid middle-aged woman, Si Mi narrowed her eyes. Auntie Shi was called over by Gao Ping to take care of her. Gao Ping was very scheming, so could this woman’s motive be so simple?

Si Mi observed her without batting an eyelid and replied, “No! He went to the study room to take a shower. I have something to talk to him about!”

“Oh, I saw that President Fu was a little unhappy! I thought you two were quarreling again!” The caring and honest look on the woman’s face looked so friendly, but Si Mi, who knew everything, could already see clearly the hypocrisy and evil intentions behind it.

“You can go.”

“Yes, miss. If there’s anything, just call me!”

“Yes, yes.” After sending her away, Si Mi thought of a way to get her out. She was still trying to find an excuse when she heard Auntie Shi exclaim.

Si Mi turned around to look at her and saw that she fell down a dozen stairs. When Butler Sun heard the sound and ran out, Si Mi was looking at Auntie Shi, who was crying in pain on the ground. “Call the ambulance quickly! I’m afraid that Auntie has sprained her ankle!”

“Ah! Okay, okay! Miss, don’t be afraid!” Butler Sun quickly comforted Si Mi. Of course, Si Mi was not scared. She was thinking that this was exactly what she wanted, but this was too much of a coincidence!

“It’s okay, go quickly!”

“Ah! Miss, I’m afraid my leg is broken!” Auntie Shi’s face was pale from the pain!

“Don’t move! Wait for the ambulance to come over!” Si Mi said calmly.

After Fu Zhen heard the noise, he hurriedly came out of the bathroom. He saw Si Mi downstairs. Si Mi raised her head, and the two of them made eye contact. Looking at Si Mi, who was fine, Fu Zhen asked, “What happened?”