Chapter 2 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 2: Chapter 002: Fu Zhen

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“President Fu! You’re here. I’m sorry for your loss!” Gao Ping looked at Fu Zhen. She had to maintain good relations with him. Although Fu Xing was outstanding, he was still too young!

“Is that so? I’m afraid I’ll have to be sorry for your loss!” The man didn’t even look at her. His deep eyes only reflected the black and white portrait of Si Meng. After a long while, he seemed to come back to his senses. He turned his head and looked at Si Ling with a fierce gaze!

Si Ling suddenly shivered and hid behind Gao Ping in fear. She looked at Fu Xing for help, but Fu Xing only lowered his head and pretended not to see her.

Fu Zhen stepped forward and used his black-gloved right hand to pull Si Ling out from behind Gao Ping. Si Ling was so scared that she wanted to break free, but the man’s hand seemed to be welded together and she could not break free at all, “Tell me everything you did!”

“What?” Si Ling looked at Fu Zhen in a panic and shouted at Gao Ping, “Mommy, save me! It hurts!”

Gao Ping wanted to step forward to help, but she was immediately caught by Fu Zhen’s men, who were behind her. “Mr. Fu!” She hurriedly tried to hide her guilt and panic. She tried to curry favor with him, “Is there a misunderstanding? If Si Ling has offended you in some way, please don’t lower yourself to a child’s level!”

“It’s not as simple as just offending me! She’s guilty! Besides, she’s 23 years old. How can she be considered a child?” Fu Zhen asked. He did not want to hear her answer, because there was no need. “Si Mi was only 24 years old,” he muttered to himself.

Si Ling was held down by Fu Zhen. When she looked up, she saw Si Mi’s smiling eyes. Perhaps it was because she had a guilty conscience, but she was a little scared and sobbed pitifully!

Fu Zhen was filled with ruthlessness. God knew how much willpower he had used at that moment to suppress the urge of killing her with his own hands. He did not know how Si Mi, this silly girl, had gotten killed. He only regretted that he did not care enough about her and did not even know that she was being schemed against by so many people!

“Originally, this was some internal feud between the Si family. I didn’t want to meddle! But you should have never, ever, put your dirty hands on her. Do you think I’m a dead person?” The man’s anger shocked everyone present!

Si Mi was also stunned. Fu Zhen, he..

Was the marriage between the two of them that important in his eyes? Si Mi asked herself. Their past flashed past her mind. She was cold and distant, and resisted having too much contact with him!

But now that she recalled it, she actually remembered every single memory between the two of them! And what she never really noticed was the soulful way Fu Zhen sometimes looked at her... Si Mi felt that all her previous understanding was being shattered, and some new things were being rebuilt!

“Are you going to tell me or not?! That driver pushed all responsibility!” Fu Zhen looked at Si Ling, who was flustered. Knowing that she was about to lose it, he pulled out a dagger from the waist of the bodyguard beside him. The ferocity of his actions scared the bodyguard so much that he did not dare to make a sound. He felt that there was no need for him to make a move himself, but Fu Zhen still made a move. The sharp dagger pierced through the girl’s palm, and blood flowed out. The girl cried out in pain and collapsed on the ground. Her hand was nailed in front of the table by Fu Zhen!

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! It was all me! Don’t kill me!” Si Ling’s tears were streaming down. Her lips were pale and she knelt on the ground in a sorry state. She told the whole story. Although her speech was messy and intermittent, it was enough to let everyone know the truth!

Si Mi tried hard to keep her eyes open. She didn’t know when, but her face was already full of tears. Looking at the silent Fu Zhen, Si Mi slowly leaned forward.

Si Ling and Gao Ping had already been taken away, but Fu Zhen was still standing there. They left, leaving only him and her. Looking at him touching the photo with his head down, Si Mi didn’t know how to react. In fact, she couldn’t give him any response.

The man said gently, “Didn’t you say you wanted to see my true face?” As he spoke, he took off his mask for the first time. It was also the first time Si Mi saw his true face!

He had bold eyebrows and bright eyes. The color of his eyes was very deep. His face was handsome and attractive! Si Mi didn’t understand. Why did he hide his face?

Fu Zhen took off his mask, as if he had finally let down all his defenses. The way he looked at Si Mi was too affectionate. The man said, “I’m sorry!”

As he spoke, he hugged the photo in his arms!

Fu Zhen’s figure looked too lonely, and Si Mi’s heart ached. She felt that she could not understand this man. ‘Fu Zhen, you... What does this mean?’ Could it be? Did Fu Zhen like her? No, that was impossible. How could he, Fu Zhen, Love someone? However, at this moment, the sadness and loneliness on this man made Si Mi feel that he loved her terribly!

Before she could figure out the crux of the matter, a white light suddenly bloomed. With her at the center, it dazzled. In the next second, with all her doubts, Si Mi lost all consciousness.

When Si Mi opened her eyes again, all she could see was darkness. She could hear a man’s stifled breathing. The man on top of her was bare-chested and had his hand on her waist. His desire was too obvious. Si Mi was frightened by the scene in front of her. Subconsciously, she pushed the man away with force. Then, with the faint light, Si Mi saw his side profile clearly. It was Fu Zhen!