Chapter 1 - Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

Chapter 1: Chapter 001: The Beginning

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Si Mi came out from Fu Xing’s place alone. Her ex-boyfriend was Fu Xing. She thought that even after so many things had happened, the two of them still had each other in their hearts!

She had put everything on the line for him and aborted her child with Fu Zhen just to be with him again. However, everything that had happened just now told her how ridiculous this lie and scam was, and how stupid she was!

Si Mi had just had an abortion, and her physical condition was very weak. After suffering such a big emotional shock, she was blindsided, so when the car rushed over, she didn’t have time to react at all! In the next second, she only felt a violent impact and overwhelming pain. Then, her body became lighter, and she felt a lightness that she had never felt before!

This wasn’t right! She floated in mid-air and looked at herself, who was lying in a pool of blood. She realized that she was dead. Did humans really have souls? All of this was too bizarre, and her mind was still in a daze. She subconsciously followed ‘herself’, that raggedy doll-like self!

The driver who had hit her with his car had actually secretly met with Si Ling. After seeing that her ‘good sister’ had given him a large sum of money and listening to Si Ling’s series of threats, she understood! This was an elaborate plot to kill her!

Her ‘sister’ and her stepmother, who had always been gentle and kind, had conspired to deceive her! They wanted to kill her, and they wanted to firmly grasp Fu Xing and the Si family in their hands!

That’s right, this woman, who had always doted on her and whom she called ‘mother’, was now holding Si Ling’s hand. She looked excited. “That’s great! That girl is finally dead. She won’t stand in our way anymore! It’s not a waste of me pampering her so much that she’s become arrogant and brainless all these years! Now, you can finally be with Fu Xing in peace!”

Si Ling also had a look of joy on her face. Si Mi only felt disgusted, and even more so, she felt so stupid! She was so angry that she wanted to argue with the two of them. She reached out to pull Si Ling, but it was all in vain. She passed through them. She could not cause any real harm to the two of them!

Si Mi cried out in pain, ‘Why?! Why are you doing this to me?! On what basis? Si Ling!’

She looked at her stepmother, ‘Why are you doing this? Were all these years of affection fake? Were you lying to me?’

‘And you! God! It’s bad enough that I’m dead. Why do you want me to see all this when I can’t do anything?! Why?’ Si Mi was anguished and filled with despair at this moment.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed just like that. Si Mi drifted around and arrived at her own funeral. Although the Si family was cold and heartless, they placed great importance on keeping up appearances.

Gao Ping brought Si Ling and stood beside the table with her portrait on it. She was still the eldest daughter of the Si family in name, but her father, Si Long, was still unable to let go of his business overseas and was not present!

At this moment, Si Mi finally saw everyone in this family clearly. Everyone was selfish and heartless. How was this a family? This was clearly an Asura battlefield!

There were very few people who came to pay their respects. There were a few ‘friends’ of hers. However, looking at the superficial and fake sadness on their faces, Si Mi began to realize how pathetic she was. No one was more miserable than her!

In this short life of hers, there was little affection and love. She did not manage her career well. In fact, she did not even have a close friend! There was no possibility of anyone finding out the truth and avenging her! In the end, she had achieved nothing. She had become a joke!

Si Mi felt her heart break again. She should not have felt anything. She thought that if she could start over again, she would never allow herself to live like this again!

What she did not know was that after Fu Zhen listened to the police’s interrogation of the driver who caused the accident, he found out all the ins and outs of the incident. At this moment, he was rushing to her funeral with an icy cold and terrifying killing intent!

Fu Zhen sat in the low-key luxury car with his head lowered. No one knew what he was thinking. Butler Sun, who was sitting in front of him, looked worriedly at his young master in the rearview mirror. No matter how much he wanted to comfort him, it would be meaningless for him to say it out loud now. He didn’t expect things to turn out this way. The young master must be heartbroken!

“Mom! Second Uncle Fu is here!” Si Ling interrupted Gao Ping’s conversation. She was chatting happily, and the flattery of others and the wealth that was right in front of her made her get carried away!

Gao Ping calmed down, and Si Ling winked at her. “Keep it in your pants!”

“Oh, oh!” She quickly concealed the sudden joy she felt. She had almost forgotten about Fu Zhen!

Fu Zhen was wearing an exquisitely tailored handmade suit, and a black glove on his right hand. His face still had the same mask that he would never take off. The man’s aura was awe-inspiring, and his imposing presence bespoke that had been in the top position for a long time. Almost no one could see Fu Xing, the rising star of the Fu family behind him!

Fu Xing lowered his head and silently followed behind him without daring to disobey his second uncle in the slightest!