Chapter 5 - Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 7

“The man Dr. He mentioned, he should be the man whose whole body was soaked in blood. Young Master said that he was lucky enough to stay alive? So injured, yet he did not die.” Wang Xuebing recalled, explaining to Bai Jing.

Bai Jing was slightly surprised for a moment. He suddenly remembered that this seemed to have happened, but he was not been concerned about him, of course, and even now he will not care for him. It was only the occasional compassion. That person could be considered lucky. If he remembered correctly, that person should be down next to his car, his whole body covered in blood, so much so that even his appearance was obscured. He was just afraid of trouble, and rescued him on impulse.

He Yong knew Bai Jing remembered, and with a smile on his face, he boastingly nodded and jokingly said: “Really great luck. His body has eight wounds, was drugged and was soaked in blood. He was given more than 30 stitches, woke up the next night, and was just obsessed with Master Jing, his savior.”

Bai Jing glanced at him and did not speak, and He Yong noticed. Feeling a bit sorry, it seemed that this was not a successful introduction. Trying a second invitation: “Master Jing has not eaten yet? Shall we, together?”

Bai Jing at first wanted to refuse. He did not want involve this person with even his bones brimming with wisdom, but then on second thoughts, He Yong was a doctor, and he also owned a private clinic. He had access to a wider variety of medical supplies. Since He Yong has demand for him, the trouble would be his father’s, not his own. Thinking again, he also nodded in agreement. He would never add a connection he would not use..

He Yong smiled and asked him to enter the room, and he was a little surprised. He saw Jing had a moody face today, and there seemed to be little hope. But Master Jing promising to dine with them was a pleasant surpreise.

“Master Jing, your order first?” He Yong handed over the menu.

Bai Jing randomly point to a few dishes then passed the menu to Wang Xuebing. Cao Lei raised his dense eyebrows, eyes flashing a thoughtful reflection.

Wang Xuebing was also blunt. Finishing his order and returning the menu, He Yong smiled and declined, passing it straight to Cao Lei. Actually, he had just eaten, but it was rare to meet Master Jing, so he then intended to eat again.

Only when the waiter took the menu and left did Bai Jing directly say: “Help me get a set of physical therapy equipment as well as the most sophisticated laboratory equipment. In addition get some drugs, especially anti-inflammatory drugs, cold medicine and antiseptics. The more, the better. I may not be here for the next few months. First, go rent a warehouse and help me manage it. I’ll get it all when I’m back. Give me an estimate of the funds required?

He Yong froze for a moment, then laughed and did not ask him for any reasons. As long as Master Jing asked: “No problem, leave it all to me. It’s sad talking about money first.”

Bai Jing sent him a glance. Since it could save a sum, he would not refuse: “Do not tell my dad.”

He Yong’s eyes shielded by his glasses flashed a light: “Master Jing, do not kid around with me. Insignificant people such as myself have nowhere to know so respectful a person as your father.”

Bai Jing showed a sardonic smile. There was a history of sharp and edgy feelings behind it, making people feel as if there was no escape.

He Yong did not speak, and feeling slightly upset, he changed his mind. He thought Bai Jing was just a temperamental, arrogant young master, and he used to look like one. The truth was he had not exposed his claws yet, he said. He was the illegitimate child of a powerful family, so how could things be so simple. (Wiping his face saying, you really overestimated him. That man is reborn! Before, he was a total fool!)1

Bai Jing did not say anything, did not ask what He Yong required. Anyway, that did not concern him. This was only mutual benefit and reciprocity, not to mention, even if He Yong said it to him, Bai Jing asked himself, from the ignorant and incompetent him of before, he certainly would not understand.

Slowly picking up the phone, he did not give his old man a call for quite some time. Now was not a good time to draw the line. If father does not spoil him, does not love him, after the outbreak of the apocalypse, when he was looking for military escort, where he encountered Xiao Sa. He was afraid of missing any link, leading to things changing. The others he does not care about, but only Xiao Sa …

Not until they meet, Bai Jing did not want to give birth to any misfortune, so he quickly pulled out the shortcut key number 1, and his finger gently pressed —-

“Little Jing, where were you these days? Why didn’t you answer the phone, the money was already sent to you, have you received it yet?”

“Ah, I go it, and I am now going out to travel. Right, I have a friend that would like to Secretary Liao. Do you approve?”

“What kind of friend?”

“Not bad between us. He is a doctor, so Secretary Liao is to help with whatever he can. If you cannot approve, that’s fine, too. I just do not want to leave a debt.”

“Oh? When did Little Jing learn the ways of the world?” The phone laughed.

“Dad…” Bai Jing’s face was full of black lines, and his heart turned cold. No one could that with such a warm dialogue between father and son that in the future, they would become like strangers, who was the most backstabbed knife, and that can hurt anything. That kind of wound and festering pain, if a piece of flesh was not removed, it would continue to hurt.

“Well, good, good, it’s up you to say how you want things done. Give Liao’s number to him, and I will take care of the introductions. I have a meeting, so I can’t talk to you more. Where do you intend to travel? May have to pay attention to safety on the road.”

“Well, you are busy. I will be careful, goodbye.”


Bai Jing put down the phone and had people bring pen and paper. He wrote a number and handed it to He Yong.

“Thank you, Master Jing.” He Yong lips slightly curled, with not a trace of dissatisfaction because it was the Secretary’s number, and everyone knew that State Council members were busy. Obtaining the help of a secretary was, in fact, obtaining his approval.

Before long, Xianzhi restaurant assembled all the dishes together, and this meal could be considered very satisfactory. He Yong was satisfied, and Bai Jing was also very satisfied. With just a phone call, not only did he save a large sum of money, but he also got his medical requests finished; he felt it was all a good harvest.

After the meal, they bade a polite farewell to each other. Bai Jing set an agreement that in a year he would come to pick the materials. He Yong noded and promised, allowing Bai Jing to rest assured.

They were still here even if nothing had happened, and Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei were surprised. First of all, Wang Xuebing felt like the young master had changed as an individual, previously buying books and now buying medicine. This young master did not worry. He had money when he wanted it, power when he needed it. Wang Xuebing could not think of the purposes young master had to buy these. If it was for a favor, then he did not remember who was the good friend young master had.

Cao Lei’s thinking was simple. Even if his heart was completely puzzles, as a diligent bodyguard, the employer’s business should be kept one eye opened, and the other closed; he felt he was a diligent bodyguard.

Because of traffic congestion, it was after 1:00 pm when they reached Qingquan County. Cao Lei was so depressed that he want to curse. He would rather speed on the highway day and night, not line up in traffic jams. Slowly driving the crowded national highway, he found that he really was also an impatient man.

The road was blocked, and looking at the long line of cars, he felt his entire being become irritated.

“To the hotel.” Bai Jing put away the book, eyes looking out the car window, thinking about how to throw off these two off his tail. It was better to act solo.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei’s hearts stopped. To the hotel? Young Master said they would travel by car, but he did not mean to only here, right? Qingquan County, with a distance from B City that took less than 30 minutes on the highway by car!

But no matter what they thought, the young master was the boss, so Cao Lei obediently drove to the largest hotel in Qingquan County .

Bai Jing did not put much care for their depressed eyes. He had Cao Lei pay for three rooms, and then said he wanted to go out and that they were to not follow, but as personal bodyguards, they could not acquiesce, insisting on keeping together with the young master.

Bai Jing casually nodded and spoke no more.

But the next moment left the two filled with regret. No wonder people say that men do not like to accompany women to go shopping. In fact, to accompany the young master going shopping is the same.

Bai Jing first went to the machine trading market, and then lookrf around. He used the extra manpower: Bai Jing had the two men ask prices, handed them one small note book, calling it a market survey record, and then went to the Farmer’s Batch Market; labor was part of a bodyguard’s duties. He was looking for a cool place to have some ice cream. and now that it was the dog days of summer, the weather was hot, and the farmer’s market stank. A young master would never lower his pride. Habits are changed with the environment, in conditional circumstances, and Bai Jing certainly had not wronged himself.

Then they went on a trip to the daily supplies wholesale market …

Anyway, they started from two in the afternoon and continued to wander to seven in the evening. They had not bought anything and seeing the shops to close, Bai Jing compassionately let them eat, without forgetting to say they would continue tomorrow!

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei legs were sore, and they would do this again tomorrow?

Wang Xuebing was full of resentment. The young master used to buy things, but he never asked for the price. If he fancied it, he took it. In fact, he was very skeptical. The young master would not be deliberately toss them, right.

After dinner, it was nearly 8:00pm. Bai Jing hand waved, signaling that they were now free to relax. He went back to his room to study the medical books. He currently does not want to waste any time, but at 12:00am, he went to sleep.

The next day, Bai Jing continued to go shopping and asked them both to go.

Cao Lei directly shook his head. Wang Xuebing thought a bit and resigned himself to follow. As a bodyguard with due diligence, the protection of young master’s safety is most important.

This day, Bai Jing did nothing, only having Wang Xuebing drive around the county and around the outskirts of the town in a circle. Wang Xuebing finally understood why Cao Lei was impatient yesterday. With this congested traffic, it was indeed frustrating.

On the third day, Wang Xuebing also wanted to follow. Bai Jing felt gloomy, for this was the first time he was worried about this much loyalty.

Cao Lei tugged Wang Xuebing, huddled close and whispered: “The young master has grown up now. He needs free space; do not follow.”

Wang Xuebing suddenly realized and stared at Cao Lei. Say so earlier! Yesterday, he was as tired as a dog!

Cao Lei innocently blinked his eyes, laughing boisterously. Looking back at him, he indeed said so yesterday, but would he listen?

Wang Xuebing was silent. Indeed, although his heart was also very doubtful, but if Cao Lei told him yesterday, he certainly would not want to refuse. With his bodyguard’s sense of responsibility he could not let down the young master, no matter.

Part of the raws. I do not think that this Doctor realizes Bai Jing is actually reborn, rather, he is like a completely different person from before. ↩