Chapter 6 - Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 8

So, under Cao Lei’s lobbying, Bai Jing can finally act alone. He had some stores in mind from touring around yesterday. Around this county there were a total of seven gas stations, and he did not intentionally have Wang Xuebing drive aimlessly everywhere.

In his mind he thought as such, and in his actions he hesitated not. Bai Jing drove quickly to the gas station. With the “approval to buy” permission from his old man, and limits to buying oil were not a problem. He went to a gas station bought 10 barrels of gasoline and diesel, storing them into the trunk, and then finding a remote place to send them into the hidden dimension, he then went to the next stop and so repeated the process again and again.

Finishing those seven gas stations, it was almost 11:00 am. Feeling slightly hungry, Bai Jing contemplated for a while, but he did not go to expensive hotels, and instead drove to the street food to sample the foods. If he had one where the taste was not bad, he would then have twenty packs. The hidden dimension could keep food fresh, and having these side dishes at the apocalypse, they would become extreme gourmet.

Then he rented a large warehouse. Money gets you anywhere, and the time was not even close to 1:00pm after these chores.

Coming to the machinery trading market, Bai Jing was puzzled. While the idea was plump, the reality was skinny. How did the generator work but after being tangled for a while, Bai Jing simply thought, the hell! Buy first, then figure it out later. He right now lacked in everything but money.

He bought two each of the various models of water generators, and then he bought a few solar generators, then the seeder from the threshing machine, a bulldozer, oil extractor, harvesters, digging machines, and cotton machines. As long as he could think of it and it was on promotion, he bought it in sets of two. Living through the barrenness of the apocalypse, his favorite thing right now was to prepare. Anyways, there was a lot of storage space, so no matter how much material he had, he would not worry.

Directly reporting the warehouse address, he then went to the agricultural market. He bought trucks and trucks of vegetables and fruits, and Bai Jing also bought a lot of pork, chicken and beef, a variety of seasonings, almost emptying the stores’ inventory.

Arriving at the daily necessities wholesale store, shampoo, detergent, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, pots and pans, toilet paper, and even underwear, he purchased more than 100 boxes all at once. There was still bedding, bed sheets, pillows and the rest. Whatever he saw, he bought..

Although he wanted to buy some chickens, ducks and sheep at the countryside, thinking it over once more, he just gave up. Those materials had not been organized in the hidden dimension, and there was no fencing. He did not want those animals go running around destroying the environment.

But thinking as far as here, he went to the seed market, not only just pre-packaged varieties of grain, but he also bought grass seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seeds and a variety of seasonings seeds.

Bai Jing had to admit that he was a lazy person. If he kept chickens and ducks, he did not have time to feed them every day, but they ate grass anyways. He intended to isolate two acres of land, plant some grass and vegetables, or something so that those animals could have natural growth. Additionally plants of the hidden dimension grew faster than on the outside, harvesting one while the other grew back before those were eaten. He thought two acres of land should be enough for those animals to eat and to live around.

Bai Jing was actually very fortunate that his hidden dimension had an automatic purification function. Garbage or the like would disappear in less than a day without a trace, or else, if he raised these animals, he would feel really troubled, for they were too dirty and also stank.

If he wanted to raise animals, then he would have to think about the enclosures, and then the fish and crabs also needed ponds dug. Bai Jing’s brow wrinkled tightly, as he suddenly felt that he still had many, many things to do…

Looking down at the time, at this moment, those materials should have arrived at the warehouse. Thinking that he still had enough time, he would not stay here anymore. Qingquan County was only the first stop. On the road to Huangshan, he also intended to stay a few days at every major town, but most importantly, as Bai Jing’s eyes flashed a sliver of hope, he would like to go to N City, where Xiao Sa was born … …

Whether they could meet or not, if only for reminiscence, he hated that he paid less attention to him before.

Driving to the warehouse, the mechanical equipment had been sent over, and several delivery staff were waiting at the door. Fanning themselves with a hat while talking, from time to time they also anxiously looked around. Everyone was sweating profusely, their clothes dipped in perspiration with some clinging to their backs.

Bai Jing got out of the car, smiled and apologized, opening the warehouse door so that they could carry in things directly. Then, not long after, vegetables, fruits, all kinds of meat, seasonings, and daily supplies and seeds were here, too. Waiting until after they left, Bai Jing then sent everything into the dimension. Looking inside, at such a small corner, Bai Jing laughed from his heart, for his goal was to entirely fill the rest of the place.

Then, he went to that delectable food street again, eating and grabbing take out at the same time. This place’s dishes were inexpensive, like fried noodles, cold noodles, fried skewers, fried squid, dumplings, crab bun , barbeque, and every variety of cold and hot foods; he felt it was necessary to buy a little. Although he was now rich, it would be too much of a luxury to dog-bag the restaurant’s dishes. To fill one’s belly was already luxury enough, and a meal in a restaurant was enough to eat for ten days in the apocalypse.

Returning to the hotel, Bai Jing announced to Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei that the next stop was Shijing county, which was about 100 km from Qingquan County. It was also a large town, and he intended to stay there for two days.

“Shijing?” Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei looked at each other, not knowing what the young master was thinking.

Bai Jing did not care about them and went right back to his room. He heard that Shijing had a good garment factory, and he wanted to go there to see and select some durable clothes to put the dimension. People do not pay attention to famous brands in the apocalypse; that quality is not worth a zombie’s embrace. He also heard that B City later developed protective clothing, not knowing its effectiveness, but it evidently was not too good, otherwise how would so many people die.

But when he thought of clothes, Bai Jing also thought of sewing machines, so perhaps he should also purchase some as well. He decided against going to B city. Although he just wanted to find Xiao Sa’s whereabouts, look at him, protect him, Xiao Sa still had many brothers. He certainly would not leave them for dead, and here also was Wang Xuebing. As soon as Bai Jing thought about that, his head swam.

Buying sewing machines naturally required purchasing needles and thread. Right, he almost forgot to buy instant food. Though he did not like to eat instant noodles, they also had to buy some in addition to a variety of canned goods, bread, biscuits and the like …

Fortunately, he rebirthed one year before apocalypse. Otherwise, he was really afraid of not having enough time to prepare. Furthermore, he should exercise this body, because during the apocalypse, he did not want to die by the zombies’ kisses because he could not run fast enough. Additionally, he had to learn how to use the generator. The thought of digging with a hoe, digging a pond with a shovel, Bai Jing felt uncertain about the future. How long until he was finished with all this!

Only half an acre of land in last life, he dug for three days before the seeds were planted, but now it was eight acres. In addition to half an acre of spring water, it was also 5000 square meters. Even if it was to be given to animals and grass, he still needed to turn the soil first. Speaking of the pond, he also intended to feed a number of aquatic contraptions; they were clean and did not take up much space.

Bai Jing sighed. No matter how tangled he was now, it still needed to be done, if only to have a greater living space in the future.

For the next half month, they stopped and went. When they reached a larger town, Bai Jing would stay for two days. When arrived at some places with more local products, he would stay for three days.

Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei had now basically gotten used to this. The young master would get up every morning and go to the hotel’s gym. An hour later, he would skip breakfast to drive out directly, and then he would come back before 8pm. This was very much their daily life..

In the beginning, the two of them felt odd. Wang Xuebing worried excessively, pushing Cao Lei to go track and observe. Who knows if not long after he went out if would be caught by Bai Jing, so these two were unfortunately disinclined to labor.

Bai Jing still did nothing. Sightseeing in the county and surrounding towns, then asking prices, so that they were left standing in the sun running a few trips, not buying anything, waiting until the time to drive back.

The next day, Wang Xuebing did not give up, only blaming Cao Lei’s carelessness as the cause that would let the young master find their traces. This time, they must be careful not to leave a trace of a mistake.

Cao Lei was unwilling, but at Wang Xuebing insistence, he had no way to refuse. Plus, he was also very curious. How could the young master find them, and thinking again, he agreed. He was still a bit confident in their abilities.

While the results could be imagined, but today was also a fussy day. On this day, the young master tossed them about more ruthlessly, not only asking them to ask for the price, but also had them do hard labor. Whenever they went to a new place, the first thing was to buy large and small bags of things, the heavier, the better. After buying, he only let them run around carrying things. Finally returning to the car and putting things down to rest for a while. It was just that when they arrived at the next destination, the young master tricked them once more. Although this method was very clumsy, they also had to praise its effectiveness, for they were really tired enough to choke.

Cao Lei refused to go the third day, and only Wang Xuebing had high morale, believing there would be no evil.

Cao Lei thought, go, go, just go. As long as he had enough spirit to wait for him to come back for comfort, then it was fine.

This day, Wang Xuebing confidently went out and dejectedly came back.

He did not tail on the fourth day. He was not afraid of being caught by the young master, but he was afraid of the young man increasingly tossing him about. The fifth day, early in the morning, they went to the next town. In their eyes, this became a habit. As long as the young master suffered no accident, they were also happy to open one eye and close the other. They suddenly found that on such a day, in fact, they could very relaxed and comfortable. If they just pretend this was tourism, the young master going out for his own affairs, the two of them could have fun together without interference.

Bai Jing, in fact, felt suspicious about their behavior, guessing at once Wang Xuebing’s idea, but he could not afford to be angry. He could only change the way of the toss so that they quit. If they really wanted to track him down, that would be a joke. Though it was not the function of his psychic power, finding two sneaky people would not be a problem.