Chapter 5 - Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 5. Three villain sons

"Mother, I'm hungry."

A ragged child carefully pulled her hem and pulled Lin Qing He, who was familiar with this phrase, from her daze.

Lin Qing He looked at the child, who was as thin as a little monkey, with complex eyes, and fell into the silence again.

She didn't expect that she would transmigrate like this, and what's more transmigrate into a novel she had read before.

It was after she had received the memory of the original body owner that she reacted.

Because the deepest impression she got this novel was the three villains in the story, Zhou Kai, Zhou Xuan, and Zhou Gui Lai.

These three are brothers, the eldest Zhou Kai, the second Zhou Xuan, the third Zhou Gui Lai.

This (the boys' names) inferred wish for their father, who is on the front line of the organizational unit (T/N: the army?), to be able to return triumphantly early.

But the name didn't have any use, their father didn't return triumphantly but instead retired halfway.

This was a fatal blow to the family.

The mother of these three villains a.k.a the original owner who was one of the village flower (prettiest girl), only married the villains' father cause she got her own objective. She wanted to be an official wife one day.

From a young age, she dreamed of flying up a branch and turn into a phoenix.

For this purpose, the original owner resolutely married the villains' father and toward the villains' father, who wasn't at home all year round, even if he goes home he had to leave before the seat gets warmed and what's more never say words of love, she tolerated with the little patience she had.

But it was also limited to tolerance. Don't think about getting any warmth and tenderness from her.

As a village flower, the original owner got a proud heart as she was beautiful from young to big. Only others can coax her. How can she be humbled and be good-naturedly with others?

However, because the villains' father sent money back every month punctually, the original owner would pretend to be polite and compliant with him, even when she hadn't taken a liking to him. That's why they got three sons.

However, this situation remained until the villain's father retired.

The villains' father retired due to injury.

But no matter what the reason was, the original body owner's dream of becoming an official wife was broken and in the following month, there wasn't any stable allowance of a dozen yuans. On top of that, the villains' father wasn't thoughtful and don't know how to say pleasant and comforting words. Let alone words of love.

How could the original owner, who had taken a blow, endure such a life?

Under the same roof, the original owner's grievances became deeper and deeper, and her temper became more and more irritable. When she was in a bad mood, she would readily treat the three sons with hits, scolding, and punishment of starvation.

Although the three sons weren't so decent after growing up in this environment of domestic violence but also weren't super bad.

The real trigger was the original body a.k.a. the lowest rank/18-line female cannon fodder, at the age of 31, also the time of 1977 college entrance examination restoration, ran away with the educated urban youth(a special term during the Cultural Revolution) who passed college exam and was going to return to the city!

Having said that, got to talk about the appearance of the original owner even if she was an 18-line female cannon fodder that was only mentioned in a few sentences under the author's pen.

The author's description of her appearance was carefully written, saying that her eyes were eyes and her nose was a nose. From young to big, she was pretty in her maternal family's village and well deserved to be the village's flower.

And even if the villain's father retired and got no allowance for every month, she never went to the field and relied on the incommunicative villains' father and her three sons to support her. She took the blood of the whole family to provide herself.

As for the villains' father and the three sons, don't think of getting anything. For she must have two new clothes every half a year, and she always had to apply vanishing cream and clam balm on her face.

Additionally, she didn't need to go out in the wind and rain. So even at the age of 31, the original owner looked younger than the average 25-year-old girl.

The foundation was there and she knew how to dress up, so even if she was 31 years old, she was still a pretty beauty.

In private, she hooked up with the educated youth in the countryside. Later, the college entrance examination resumed, the educated youth became part of the first group of intellectuals admitted to the university. At this time, the original owner couldn't endure. Under his encouragement, she took all the family's money and ran away with him.

The author's description of the backgrounds of the three villains, Zhou Kai, Zhou Xuan, and Zhou Gui Lai did not stop there. Later, the tragic end of the original owner was written. She was abandoned by the educated youth, all her money got scammed and finally died in a foreign land.

And her three villain sons had made a name for themselves in the underworld. But their ends were no exception, including the villains' father.

When the description of the villains' father appeared again in the novel, he was already in his fifties. On the way out, he ran into his eldest son who was fighting with people and was losing because other side got more people.

The villains' father was skilled, but because of old injuries that haven't been nursed in the early stage. Sometimes it acts up, making him unable to walk in the past years. So how could he be a match to 20 or 30 years old youths?

He was stabbed with a knife within a few moves, and it was a good few. He died before his eldest son Zhou Kai could cry and send him to the hospital.

The villains' father was the biggest trigger because when he died, it cut off all the chance for the three villains' sons to turn back, prompting the three of them to truly embark on this path of no return.

Later, there was a severe attack on their underworld. The oldest brother Zhou and the second brother clashed with the police male lead, while the youngest brother fell in love with the gentle and kind like a rabbit girlfriend of the male lead, which was the female hero.

The author wrote that at first, the three brothers planned to kill the male lead through his weak point, the female lead. Zhou number three pretended to be mentally retarded, approached the female lead and was taken home by the female lead to be taken care of. In the end, instead of using her, he was attracted by her kindness and innocence.

He fell really deep and couldn't extricate himself.

Zhou number three had a lot of entanglement with the female lead. As a reader, Lin Qing He had spitslot at the time.

Because under the author's pen, the heroine was not completely without feeling toward infatuated Zhou number three.

Zhou number three described by the author as a very manly and handsome man and was smooth talker, especially skilled at pleasing girls.

In fact, the three villains' appearances were top quality in the author's writings. They can be compared with the male lead. And if he wasn't good-looking, the female lead wouldn't take him home if she saw an ugly monster with mental retardation.

Let's not go into details on the process. In the end, because of this kind female hostess, Zhou number three, as well as his elder brother and second elder brother, were all served.

Without exception, they got executed (by gunfire).

From the beginning to the end of the story, this novel is laying the foundation for the hero and heroine's love road. Using the misfortunes of other people to set off the happiness and purity of love of the hero and heroine.

"Mother, have you cooked yet? I'm starving to death!"

When Lin Qing He was immersed in the plot she had seen before, a completely dirty boy burst inside from outside.

Seeing this boy, Lin Qing He's mind sprang at Zhou Da Wa a.k.a Zhou Kai, the same message was same as Zhou Er Wa, who was glancing at her as he held onto her hem and asking for food.

It was also because of the names of her three sons, did she come to sense that she had entered this kind of wolf and tiger den.

"Mother, my elder brother said that he was hungry." Zhou Er Wa was worthy of being a dog-headed tactician among the three brothers in the author's writing. Listening to it, he's only three years old and already knew how to play mind games. He himself really wanted to eat, but label another as the culprit.

"Ah, ah." At this time, Zhou number three, who was sleeping on the side, was also awake. He was one year old. He couldn't speak now, not even the simplest father and mother.

That's all right, all three big villains who cause trouble in every direction are all here. Should she hang them up first and beat, or beat first then hang up?

T/N: The three sons' name are Kai, Xuan and Gui Lai. But it later changes in the chapter, cause it's their nickname or childhood name. The nicknames are simple. Da Wa is biggest baby, Er Wa is second baby. You can also learn the number order in pinyin here!