Chapter 6 - Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 6. Mold and pinch


When Lin Qing He looked at the three brothers without good intentions, a loud belly sounded.

Zhou Da Wa, Zhou Er Wa, and one-year-old Zhou San Wa, all looked at their mother's belly.

Zhou San also puffed out saliva to copy the stomach grumble.

Lin Qing He: "... Let's eat first."

According to the memory of the original owner, it was time to eat at this time, otherwise, Zhou Da Wa, this kid won't come back. It was all well-timed to come back for dinner time punctually.

"Mother, what did you buy?"

Zhou Da Wa saw a package on the Kang and asked.

Lin Qing He noticed the big package, and the corner of her mouth twitched.

This was what the original owner got from to the market in the county city after breakfast at half-past five. The fabric she bought for herself was going to make a new dress for herself.

It was already the end of September in the lunar calendar. Although it was not cold, it was already a bit cool, especially in the morning and evening, but after entering the lunar calendar's October, it will get colder each day.

This fabric was for preparing clothes for herself, and there are two pounds of new cotton in it, so the package looks a bit big. But it doesn’t matter how big it was, it had nothing to do with the three children are. The original owner prepared it for herself.

"Delicious stuff."

With a turn of a head, Lin Qing He answered.

"Don't coax us, mother. Every time you buy cloth for yourself when you go out and lie to us that it is food." The future villain who was still Zhou Da Wa, was already very smart. He grinned when she said that.

In fact, the original owner's treatment toward the three brothers was so-so. It was set to the minimum level of won't starve to death. As for how well, it was non-existent.

However, children at this age have a natural dependence and attachment to their mothers, and what's more, they are also in the age of remembering to eat and forgetting the hit, so naturally, they won't hold it to their heart.

Hearing what his elder brother said, Zhou Er Wa released her dress, because he remembered it too.

"Ah." Zhou San Wa could not understand this, also noticed the big package, so he stood up and staggered towards that side.

Lin Qing He quickly hugged him. It won't be a trivial matter if he fell.

It then came to her and asked Zhou Er Wa: "Who put your brother on the kang?"

The thoughtless original owner went to the market early this morning as she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to buy good cloth if she was late. She had saved a lot of cloth coupons.

When she left in the morning, Zhou San Wa was left to his two brothers' care. However, Zhou Da Wa immediately ran off to play. While Zhou Er Wa stayed behind but he didn't have the ability to put San Wa on the bed to sleep.

"My grandma," said Zhou Er Wa with disinterest.

His grandma was Mother Zhou, the mother-in-law of the original owner.

Speaking of which, Lin Qing He even wanted to criticize the low rank, small cannon fodder.

The population of Old Zhou's family wasn't monotonous. The villains' father, Zhou Qing Bai was the youngest son of Father Zhou and Mother Zhou. Above Zhou Qing Bai, were three brothers and two sisters. And below Zhou Qing Bai, was a still-not-married sister. She was currently a worker in the county city, which was very decent.

All three elder brothers above him had already started a family, but they did not receive as good treatment as the original owner.

That's because Father Zhou and Mother Zhou both doted on the youngest son Zhou Qing Bai.

But it was also exactly because of this, that the original owner wickedly caused trouble on the first day of the marriage. The excuse had come knocking on the door.

On the day of the wedding, Zhou Qing Bai could only consummate and then hurried away after receiving the urgent report, leaving no words behind.

This made the original owner feel like she lost lots of faces.

Of course, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou felt like they owed her, so when she complained, they said nothing. After all, the newlyweds hadn’t stayed together for two days before their son left. They had mistreated Fourth Daughter-in-law.

At this time, the original owner wanted to seize the opportunity to propose a separation. She had the idea of ​​splitting away from the family before she married, as she wanted to have sole financial power.

Perhaps the original owner was a bit lucky. One month later, it was found out that she was pregnant.

Forgive all three sisters-in-law above her for are secretly lamenting the original owner's stomach capability.

The original owner was a person who knows how to take advantage of the situation. On the day she found out about her pregnancy, she started a starvation strike. An appearance of not wanting to live.

If it was just her, Mother Zhou, her mother-in-law really didn't want her to get used to getting her way. But there was no other way, she had her Fourth Son's baby in her stomach now ah.

Being on the front line, Fourth Son was in a lot of danger. If something ever happened, then this was the only bloodline of the Fourth Son!

So when the original owner proposed a separation, she had no worries at all and did not think about the consequences of the word coming out of her mouth like what would the villagers think of her or what would they say her behind her back.

But even if she thought of it, the original owner didn't care at all,

because she had never put herself together with the people in the village. She thought that she would leave the village and barren land sooner or later.

Because of using her life, as well as treating her tummy as a protection amulet, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou finally let her separate in desperation.

And also mobilized other people in the old Zhou Family to build two bedrooms house.

This caused quite a stir in the village.

No matter how others comment, the original owner ignored it. In short, the original owner successfully separated and had not been to Father Zhou's and Mother Zhou's side since then.

But it's still that phrase, the original owners have no other skills other than a capable belly. One after another, she got three sons. With this, even Father Zhou said nothing.

Because the eldest brother, Zhou Qing Mu and Eldest Sister-in-law Zhou now have three daughters. It was until the fourth child, they got a son, currently only two years old.

However, her stomach have movement again now. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. The author did not elaborate.

The second brother, Zhou Qing Lin was also in a similar situation, two daughters in a row, the last child was the son, now only three years old.

The third brother, Zhou Qing Sen, currently had a daughter, who was already six years old. The last time she gave birth to her daughter, she lost her vitality. It was until this year she recovered and became pregnant.

Third Zhou Sister-in-law's stomach was no longer small, it seems that she will give birth by the end of this year.

Under this premise, the original owner with three sons in a row made the original owner stood very tall in Old Zhou Family's home.

Rural people, especially people in this era, have a desire for a son that is more than a full stomach. The stomach can be hungry, but one can't be without a son.

Sons birthed by the original was equal to all of her sisters-in-law, so Mother Zhou didn't make it hard on her.

But in the end, her heart ached for her three grandchildren. What's more, Mother Zhou was also clear about original owner's personality. From time to time, she would come and take a look.

For example, now, in the midst of a busy autumn harvest, Mother Zhou still took the time to take a look.

"Mother, why are you in a daze? My stomach is flat out hungry!" When she was in deep contemplation, Zhou Da Wa became a little impatient waiting.

Lin Qing He took a deep breath and glared at him: "Dare to yell at your mother again, there is nothing for you to eat!"

Who cares that he'll be some villain in the future. Right now he's just a small bean now for her to mold and pinch!