Chapter 7 - Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

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Chapter 7 Big White Bun?

Zhou Da Wa didn't put it on his mind but curled his lips.

"Wait for me." Putting Zhou San Wa on the ground to let him move freely, she then hummed away as she carried her big parcel back to the room.

She had her own room, next to the children's room. Outside was the kitchen.

"Mother really brought back delicious food?" In the neighboring room, Zhou Da Wa asked Zhou Er Wa.

Zhou Er Wa pouted. When his mother just got back, he thought so. After being reminded by Big Brother, he didn't have any hope. Even though he looked three years old, he was already sharpwitted.

Under the command of Zhou number two, besides killing the male lead, it was possible for a tie when fighting with the male lead, if it weren't for Zhou number three ruining everything.

"Keep acting like this, I'll beat you!" Although Zhou Dawa didn't understand his brother's expression, he still felt like he was being underestimated and glared at him.

"Who do you want to beat?" Lin Qing He opened the door and spoke out.

And she was holding a bun in her hand at this time, it was still warm, and the scent emitted from it made Zhou Dawa and Zhou Er Wa gulp: "Big white bun?"

"Want to eat?" Lin Qing He glanced at the brothers.

"Want." Both nodded honestly.

Even Zhou San Wa stepped forward to hug her feet. He also wanted to eat.

"Will you be obedient in the future?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Mother, I have always been obedient, and the disobedient one is Big Brother." Zhou Er Wa expressed.

"You dare to talk about, I'll really beat you!" Zhou Da Wa angrily roared.

"Beat who?" Lin Qing He glared.

Zhou Da Wa wanted to reply with 'beat Second Brother', but in the end, the big white bread was too tempting to say anything.

"Half for you guys. I still have it in the cupboard, so if you behave well, you will have it for the next meal. But if you are not obedient, eat cornmeal cakes." Lin Qing He stated.

Compared to the earlier famine years, cornmeal cakes are undoubtedly a good thing. In those years, it wasn't a lie to say that they ate bran and coarse vegetable. Obviously, Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa did not like to eat it.

After all, they received allowances and ration coupons that villains' father sent back each month, all of which the original owner had to bring their marriage certificate to get.

So even if the original owner does not go to the field to earn workpoint, living standard at home was not bad. But eating cornmeal cakes was a common occurrence.

"I'll be obedient!"

Lin Qing He finished speaking, and Zhou Er Wa immediately answered.

Zhou Da Wa scolded him for being gutless, but under Lin Qing He's gaze, he also quickly followed and copied him.

Then Lin Qing He decided to give these three villains half a white bun...

A white flour bun wasn't small. Lin Qing He just transmigrated over and couldn't fully digest the matter. So eating half a white bun was enough.

The remaining half was given to the three sons, but half of the white bun was not enough for them to eat. Lin Qing He looked at the egg jar at home and there were a few eggs inside. So she beat the three eggs for their brother. She poured boiling water over it, and it became egg drop soup.

"Mother, I not full yet!" Zhou Da Wa quickly drank and declared.

Zhou Er Wa was not full either, at most was half full.

On the other hand, Zhou San Wa's appetite was not that big. With a few gulps of the egg drop soup, he was full.

Of course, he got full fast and got hungry just as quick. Children of this age were generally white and fat, but Zhou San Wa was skinny.

Although the children in this era were all like this, as they were thirty to forty percent starved. They all lived like this. However, on this side, it was because the original owner didn't care.

Because with the villains’ father’s allowance, there was no shortage of food in the family. The three children could avoid being raised to this extent.

"Both of you, go to sleep on the kang," Lin Qing He said.

"I'm going out to play." Zhou Da Wa immediately rebutted.

"Go out after sleep and I'll cook meat for you tonight." Lin Qing He said.

"Really?" Zhou Da Wa quickly enquired.

Not just him, even Zhou Er Wa's eyes also brightened as he looked at their mother who was a little different today.

"It's fine if you don't eat." Lin Qing He gruffly responded.

Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa immediately hopped to Kang. Zhou San Wa couldn’t get up, was still off the Kang, uttering 'ah-ah'. Zhou Da Wa was afraid that this little brother would cause them to have no meat tonight, so he came down, picked him up and Zhou Er Wa pulled him up.

Really must say, the two of them really got Zhou San Wa onto the kang.

"... sleep well." Lin Qing He covered them with thin sheets and said.

"Is there really meat tonight?" Zhou Da Wa confirmed again.

"Yes." Lin Qing He nodded with certainty.

Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa were relieved and then took their brother to sleep together.

Lin Qing He returned to her room regardless of whether they were whispering in private.

It was a single room, but it wasn't big. It only got a kang and a closet, as well as a washbasin and a towel. Next to it were rice crock, corn pot, egg jar, half a bottle of oil and salt container that was about to reach the bottom.

These were stored in her room.

Because there was a small door in her room, she didn't put it in the cabinet. In other people's homes, it was directly placed and locked in the cabinet.

Lin Qing He was also a little tired. The original owner had walked all morning and she also just transmigrated over. So she came out to close the door and decided to let other matters wait till she wakes up.

So the mother and sons took an afternoon nap together.

At the same time, in the remote frontline units, Zhou Qing Bai was immediately sent to their district hospital for an emergency operation.

Several of the partners rescued by him almost kneeled down to the doctor, willed for the doctor and nurse to save their old Zhou!

The district's major upper ranks deeply frowned when he learned that Zhou Qing Bai was seriously injured and was sent to the district hospital. He was very optimistic about Zhou Qing Bai, but this time it may not be easy to save his life. In the future ...

"Prepare for a small clerical job for little Zhou." Finally, one upper rank sighed and declared.

"With Little Zhou's temperament, I'm afraid he won't stay again." Another upper rank also felt deep pity, shaking his head.

If this hadn't happened this time, Little Zhou's position would have also be promoted again. It wasn't easy for the farmer's children to break into the current spot with their bare hands. Really a pity.

Hearing this, the previous upper rank was also silent, because they all knew Zhou Qing Bai's character. If he could not go to the front, he would not stay.

"Then used the credit he made this time to apply for a living allowance for him to take home. I heard that he still had three sons at home." Finally, the upper rank stated.

The other one had no comments.

While at home, the mother and sons, who carelessly and heartlessly slept, didn't receive the legendary telepathy-connection at all.

Lin Qing He slept till four o'clock. When she woke up, her three sons were awake as well. Probably because of thinking about the meat she promised, Zhou Da Wa didn't run out to play in private.

Lin Qing He scooped up and washed her face.

She took out two new towels from her space. The color was very low-key, one for herself and one for their brothers.

As for the original owner's treasured one, she was going to use it to wipe the feet of the three Zhou brothers.