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Lin Jiufeng didn’t hurt imperial Consort Jia. After browsing through her memories, he chose to restore her memory. He did not want to let her be trapped in this place that was full of negative energy and continue being in such a wretched state.

When the Eye of Judgment awakened imperial Consort Jia’s memory, her resentment slowly faded.

She looked at the Cold Palace with a complex expression.

“You’re the crown prince… Have you also been banished into the Cold Palace?”

Imperial Consort Jia recognized Lin Jiufeng and said in surprise.

Lin Jiufeng nodded calmly.

“It’s sad, the imperial family has no affection for anyone. No matter how important anything is, it is not as important as the throne.” Imperial Consort Jia sneered.

She looked at Lin Jiufeng, her expression part sympathetic and part ridicule.

“I thought your position was stable and that you would become the next king. I didn’t expect that you would follow in my footsteps in the end and be banished to this terrible cold palace.”

For reasons unknown, Imperial Consort Jia was perversely happy.

Seeing Lin Jiufeng, the once aloof prince, the prince with unlimited prospects, end up like her, she couldn’t help but want to laugh.

However, Lin Jiufeng said calmly, “I think it’s not bad here. There’s no disturbance from the outside world. You, however, it’s time for you to be on your way.”

“Let me stay. I can cultivate a spiritual body…”

“I wasn’t fully awake and didn’t know how to cultivate before, but now I can cultivate a spiritual body and remain here to serve you. You will be lonely here alone if I leave.”

Imperial Consort Jia didn’t want to leave just yet.

She started to seduce Lin Jiufeng.

“I have many skills…” imperial Consort Jia started.


But Lin Jiufeng immediately pulled out the Demon Slaying Sword.

The brilliant sword gleam flashed and exorcised imperial Consort Jia in one stroke.

Biological Exorcism!

“I wanted to use the Eye of Judgment to exorcise you, but I don’t need it anymore.”

Lin Jiufeng shook his head.

Imperial Consort Jia looked at Lin Jiufeng in surprise. She asked, puzzled, “Don’t you feel lonely all by yourself in this cold palace?”

Lin Jiufeng looked at her gradually disappearing figure and shook his head, “I’m not lonely. I find new happiness every day. You won’t understand it anyway.”

This was a place of extremely negative energy, and there could also be something hidden underground. This was a perfect place for him to continuously sign in. Lin Jiufeng wouldn’t be lonely.

Imperial Consort Jia would never be able to understand Lin Jiufeng’s words.

She slowly disappeared before Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

Subsequently, the well was also covered by Lin Jiufeng.

Looking at the wall that had been ravaged by his sword, Lin Jiufeng raised his hand and advised himself, “I have to be gentler next time I attack. I can’t destroy this yard, I still want to continue living here.”

He had no plans to change places for the time being.

When everything was over, the sun had also appeared. The eerie and terrifying aura brought by the soul the night before disappeared under the sun’s rays.

It was a new day.

Lin Jiufeng changed into a dust-free suit.

This was the one he got when he signed in.

It prevented dust from coming into contact with his body and it made sure that his body was clean and pristine.

Furthermore, it looked good on him.

Lin Jiufeng had been wearing dust-free suits for the past three years and he had never once bathed since then.

The new dust-free suit was white.

With Lin Jiufeng’s handsome face, he really looked like a dashing young man.

Dressed like this, Lin Jiufeng seemed out of place in contrast to his surroundings.

He appeared to be an exiled immortal from the heavens, and all around him were filth.

As his cultivation level increased, Lin Jiufeng’s bearing also became completely apparent.

After ten years as a prince, how could he not have cultivated his bearing?

Today, Lin Jiufeng planned to go to the inner courtyard again.

However, when he walked out of his small courtyard, he saw the main door of the Cold Palace that had not moved for three years slowly open.

Lin Jiufeng stood still and looked over.

The main door of the Cold Palace would not be opened unless someone was being banished into this place.

No one who had entered the Cold Palace in history managed to leave.

“Who got banished to the Cold Palace?” Lin Jiufeng was puzzled.

Unexpectedly, the person who entered the Cold Palace was not someone that had been sentenced to be banished.

It was the Sixth Prince who had just inherited the position of the crown prince.

He was Lin Jiufeng’s younger brother in this life.

When he was five years old, he was taken away to cultivate, and the two were separated.

It was until now that they finally got to meet each other again.

Lin Jiufeng recalled the Sixth Prince from his memory and compared him to the Sixth Prince of today.

The change truly was great.

Back then, the Sixth Prince was just a snotty kid. But now that he had grown up, he became as tall as Lin Jiufeng. He was full of vigor, and his eyes were strong and confident.

“Big Brother!”

Standing near the main door of the Cold Palace, the current crown prince yelled cordially.

Whenever he was with other princes that were older than him, he would always call them, “Royal Brother”.

With Lin Jiufeng, he always addressed him simply as “Big Brother”.

After all, they had the same mother.

Although it has been ten years since they met, blood was nevertheless thicker than water.

Lin Jiufeng smiled. A sense of intimacy spontaneously rose within his heart.

Perhaps this was something that came from being of the same bloodline.

But Lin Jiufeng was bewildered by the sudden visit.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to visit Big Brother.” The current crown prince walked in. He looked around and said in surprise. “I heard that there are overgrown weeds in the Cold Palace, but it’s so clean here. Did Big Brother clean it up?”

Lin Jiufeng nodded and said, “It happened to be convenient.”

After he had achieved success in his sword skill training, he only needed to move his fingers and the sword aura would make quick work of all the weeds.

“Big Brother has worked hard.” Unexpectedly, the prince sighed forlornly.

Lin Jiufeng knew that his brother had misunderstood.

But he didn’t know how to explain the situation, so he changed the subject.

“Visitors are not allowed at the Cold Palace, why have you come? You will get impeached.”

Lin Jiufeng was worried.

“Big Brother, I begged Father to let me come to see you. Our mother has gone and the closest person to me in this world is Big Brother, so Father agreed to let me visit you,” The Sixth Prince said.

Lin Jiufeng smiled and said, “I’m doing pretty well. You see it too, everything is fine.”

“I knew Big Brother would not wallow in self-pity. Although the Cold Palace is terrifying, Big Brother will definitely persevere.” The Sixth Prince truly admired Lin Jiufeng.

Having stayed in the Cold Palace for three years, not only he didn’t go crazy, but he seemed to be living very well. This sure was an incredible achievement.

“I haven’t congratulated you, yet. You are now the crown prince, and the next step for you is to become the Emperor of Yuhua God Dynasty.”

Lin Jiufeng smiled as he accepted his brother’s expression of brotherhood.

“Big Brother, you don’t blame me?” The Sixth Prince looked at Lin Jiufeng worriedly.

“Why would I? I was dethroned as crown prince due to my own carelessness and mistake. Big brother will only be happy for you. The fact that you were able to rise to that position is due to your own ability,” Lin Jiufeng said sincerely while shaking his head.

“Big Brother, don’t worry. You must persevere. When I succeed to the throne, I will definitely pardon Big Brother,” The Sixth Prince whispered.

Lin Jiufeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

If he wanted to leave the Cold Palace now, he could have done it easily.

The key was that he was able to get a lot of things from signing in within the Cold Palace.

He didn’t want to go out before he had the power to crush everyone.

But he could not possibly tell the crown prince about this.

Seeing his steadfast look, Lin Jiufeng continued to change the subject. “Okay, let’s discuss the future in the future. Father is in his prime, you should learn from him. Don’t make mistakes like Big Brother.”

Lin Jiufeng treated the crown prince as his brother, so he gave him some advice.

“I know. I’m relieved to see that Big Brother is okay…”

“There’s still a lot for me to do. I made time to visit you, but I have to report to Father now, so I’ll make a move first,” The Sixth Prince said.

“Go.” Lin Jiufeng nodded and watched him leave.

“Big Brother, wait for me. You will get out.” The Sixth Prince walked a few steps, then turned back to hug him and said firmly into Lin Jiufeng’s ear.

Then, he left without looking back.

Lin Jiufeng never had a chance to explain.

“I don’t want to go out yet,” Lin Jiufeng muttered helplessly.

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