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The Sixth Prince left the Cold Palace and immediately went to see His Majesty.

In the palace, His Majesty, who had just finished dealing with the state affairs, asked, “How is that rebellious son?”

The Sixth Prince said softly, “Big Brother is in good condition.”

He didn’t dare to say that Lin Jiufeng was in better shape than he was, and his fleeting and indifferent aura was not like someone who had been banished to the Cold Palace.

His Majesty sneered and said, “He’s living a good life.”

The people who were previously banished into the Cold Palace all became crazy.

Yet the prince who he once favored, was actually living well.

And it was after staying there for three years. One should know that even Imperial Consort Jia only lasted three months before she went crazy.

“Father. Big Brother knows his mistake.” The Sixth Prince defended his elder brother.

“Knows his mistake?”

Who would have expected that His Majesty was still very angry?

“Do you know about the Heavenly Concubine whom he released three years ago?”

“She returned to the Great Yan Dynasty and has risen to become the state sorceress of the Great Yan Dynasty from a holy maiden…”

“She is now in charge of all the ritual activities of the Great Yan Dynasty.”

“I heard that she can communicate with the heavenly deities and is worshiped by everyone as a divine maiden. She has slowly elevated the Great Yan Dynasty and they gradually created a great state base. This is all thanks to your elder brother.” His Majesty grunted coldly.

The Sixth Prince was speechless.

“That rebellious son is just lustful. He can stay in the Cold Palace for the rest of his life. Even if you succeed the throne in the future, you are not allowed to let him out, understand?” His Majesty said sternly.

The Sixth Prince’s face turned pale and he hurriedly tried to explain.

But His Majesty gave him no chance to do so. He said coldly, “I will issue an imperial decree, there’s no need to talk about this matter anymore.”

The Sixth Prince looked at his father helplessly and couldn’t help but feel sorry for his elder brother.

“Recently, some cultists from those demonic sects have infiltrated into the capital. You take charge and investigate this matter. It’s not safe now. The members of those demonic sects are making their existence known to the world, they should be plotting something…”

“You need to put more care into this matter.”

“As for your elder brother, let him take care of himself.” His Majesty declared indifferently.

Lin Jiufeng did not know about this matter.

Even if he knew, it wouldn’t matter to him.

Anyway, he had no intention of leaving.

This Cold Palace was a good place to Sign-In, he would continue staying there.

After the Sixth Prince’s visit, Lin Jiufeng’s days resumed their peacefulness.

Lin Jiufeng signed in and took the Core Condensing Pill to improve his Golden Core cultivation every day.

The path of cultivation in the Golden Core realm was not easy, the realm had nine levels to it.

In the Golden Core Realm, there was the False core, Inner core, True core, and Golden core!

Each level had an upper, middle, lower, and Major Perfection level.

The Lin Jiufeng was currently at the False Core Major Perfection realm.

He was just one step away from the Inner Core realm. He had the Core Condensing Pill for his cultivation needs. He did not have to worry about not being able to break through.

Other than cultivating, Lin Jiufeng also explored the vast garden in the Cold Palace.

The garden sure was huge. Considering that beneath it was a place filled with extreme negative energy, it should have a lot of evil spirits.

Lin Jiufeng searched the entire garden but he did not find a single evil spirit.

He didn’t even find another lost soul like Imperial Consort Jia.

The garden would become very eerie at night.

But there wasn’t a single evil creature, which made Lin Jiufeng feel helpless.

But thinking about it carefully, no one could enter the Cold Palace.

It was normal that there weren’t any evil spirits.

“I’ve taken out my Demon Slaying Sword, let me kill one or two evil creatures at the least.”

Lin Jiufeng sighed helplessly.

Then, he continued to Sign-In silently.

Just like that, one month passed.

Lin Jiufeng’s cultivation had reached the peak and was on the verge of breaking through.

Lin Jiufeng temporarily stopped cultivating when he reached Fake Core Major Perfection of the Golden Core Realm. He was in no hurry to break through.

He tempered his True Qi every day and continued to reinforce his foundation.

When the time came one month later, he naturally broke through.

On this night, Lin Jiufeng was busy taking pills.

After swallowing a Core Condensing Pill, Lin Jiufeng had broken through in his own courtyard.

True Qi gathered in his dantian, forming a sphere, which was then slowly polished and turned into an Inner core.

Then, the two sword techniques, Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill and Sword Twenty-Two, practiced by Lin Jiufeng, transformed into countless sword energies that surrounded his Inner core like a dragon.


When all of this was done and over, the Inner core and the sword energies in Lin Jiufeng’s dantian exploded. The radiant white sword energies surrounded Lin Jiufeng, spreading to every inch of his body, including his spiritual consciousness.

In the very next moment, Lin Jiufeng’s strength skyrocketed to a terrifying point.

His spiritual consciousness was also rapidly expanding.

He cultivated with his eyes closed.

But the surroundings of this courtyard were all in Lin Jiufeng’s mind.

And the range of his spiritual consciousness continued to expand outward.

At this moment, everything seemed to have come under Lin Jiufeng’s spiritual consciousness.

The place where he was at, the vast garden that he had thoroughly explored. These locations appeared clearly in Lin Jiufeng’s mind.

Suddenly, Lin Jiufeng realized that someone had sneaked into the Cold Palace.

The intruders were two men in black.

Both were True-core Golden Core cultivators. They went around and explored the Cold Palace.

Observing these two men, Lin Jiufeng did not make a move.

Instead, he observed quietly.

Despite being in the Golden Core realm like Lin Jiufeng, their spiritual consciousness could only cover a few meters around them. Unlike Lin Jiufeng’s that could cover a distance thousands of times greater than theirs.

The leader, who was walking in front of the other, turned his head to look at his partner.

Seeing what the other party was doing, he was suddenly infuriated.

“Lao Er, why are you behaving so sneakily?” The Big Brother scolded.

“Big Brother, we’re thieves now. We must be careful,” Lao Er said softly.

“Thieves my foot! This is the famous Cold Palace in the Yuhua God Dynasty. There’s only a dethroned prince here. There’s no one else here other than him. What’s the point of being so sneaky?” Big Brother scolded.

“That’s true. That dethroned prince has no cultivation whatsoever, there’s no way he will discover us.” Lao Er was suddenly enlightened.

He got excited and kicked a tree whose trunk was as thick as a bowl.


The leader was so angry at what Lao Er had done that he slapped him and scolded, “He won’t discover us, but this used to be the place where we hid the corpses of our Chasing Corpse Sect…”

“The ground beneath us is filled with extreme negative energies. If something terrible came out because of you, we will both lose our lives.”

Lao Er submitted. He didn’t dare to fool around anymore.

“We are just here to make an outpost and investigate the place. Now that all the major sects are out in the world, our Chasing Corpse Sect cannot reveal any weaknesses.”

“We must retrieve our old ancestors that are buried deep underground so that we can recover our prestige,” The leader said sternly.

“But Big Brother, when will our Chasing Corpse Sect go out in the world?” Lao Er asked carefully.

“It should be ten years later when our sect master makes a break through…”

“We are only here to make an outpost, no one knows that the ancestors of our Chasing Corpse Sect are buried here underground in this place of extreme negative energy. There’s no need for us to hurry.”

“Once we have the location mapped out, we will return to report,” The leader said seriously.

“Big Brother, it seems that many people from the demonic sects are here in the capital of Yuhua God Dynasty. They seem to be up to something,” Lao Er asked excitedly.

“I heard the news too. A senior from a demonic sect is here to assassinate Yuhua God Dynasty’s emperor. There is a storm rising, and the world has become tumultuous.”

“Let’s take advantage of the situation, get the exact location that we needed, then we’ll immediately take our leave,” The leader said softly.

“Alright, Big Brother.” Lao Er nodded obediently and began their search.

“Big Brother, I think this is the place.” Lao Er finally found the location.

The leader immediately came up and said excitedly, “Yes, this is it! Let’s make a mark on our maps and come back afterwards.”

The two men immediately got busy.

Lin Jiufeng was stunned.

He opened his eyes in his courtyard and mumbled, “People from the demonic sects are here to assassinate the emperor? Underneath this cold palace was not only a place of extreme negative energy, but it is also the Chasing Corpse Sect’s secret burial place for their ancestors?”

He seemed to have discovered a terrible secret.

He must keep their mouths shut.

With that on his mind, Lin Jiufeng pulled out his Demon Slaying Sword.

Using his Sword Twenty-Two technique, he killed them through the countless walls.

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