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A lot went on in Dachun’s mind but he gradually realized that Lin Jiufeng had no intentions of silencing him. The two people stood in front of the side gate and looked towards the highest rooftop of Forbidden City.

Nameless, who had made a sudden appearance, caused the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch to turn pale with shock.

He did not expect that the Yuhua God Dynasty actually had a hidden Martial Sage!

“No… You… You’re actually him!” The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch carefully surveyed Nameless.

Suddenly, his entire countenance changed, becoming both surprised and angered.

He had recognized the Chasing Corpse Sect’s Patriarch.

A thousand years ago, both of them were peerless talents of the same era, both a mix of good and evil. However, the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch had lost nine times against Nameless.

His loss had long become his mental demon.

“Didn’t you die long ago?” The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch cried out as he shook his head.

He was in disbelief.

The death of the Chasing Corpse’s Patriarch resolved his mental demon.

The former’s death was a catalyst for his breakthrough to the Martial Sage Realm.

“Since you can live till now, I naturally can too.”

Nameless lifted his hand, a terrifying longsword condensed in the center of his palm.

“Do you think that you can still defeat me now?” The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch roared with a hideous countenance.


Nameless did not speak, he was straightforward and directly unsheathed his sword.

He made his move utilizing the sword skill—Sword Twenty-Two!

This move split the dark night. The magnificent sword glow condensed in the vast sky, extending for tens of miles, bringing incomparable brilliance to everyone at once.

People in the entire Forbidden City could not help lifting their heads and gaping in surprise.

It was dawn!

At this moment, the masses were greatly shocked.

This move was too frightening, it manipulated nature itself.

This move was also accompanied by a dragon’s cry that reverberated all around.

This move contained Lin Jiufeng’s will.

At the side gate, Lin Jiufeng was like Nameless, sword energy surging all over him. He closed his eyes, his consciousness interlinked with Nameless’ as he displayed the might of Sword Twenty-Two through Nameless’ hands.

Sword Twenty-Two was a sword skill that allowed a spiritual connection between two existences.

The countenance of the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch changed. He immediately felt that he had to escape. This move by Nameless made him feel a sense of foreboding. Back then, he was no match for the Chasing Corpse Sect’s Patriarch. Now, he was not a match for Nameless.

Not to mention, there was also a Lin Jiufeng behind Nameless.

The body of the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch became akin to a fleeting shadow, he sought to escape at the swiftest speed, soaring through the air.


The sound of booming thunder came from the sky, it reverberated throughout. Under the illumination of this sword glow that resembled daylight, everyone got a perfectly clear look as Nameless’s strike slashed out.

The body of the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch fell with a rustle, like sand and dry bone dust.

At this moment, the whole imperial capital was silent.

Nobody dared speak.

The people of the Yuhua God Dynasty, the various demonic sect members, and the daoist sect members all had their eyes wide.

They rubbed their eyes.

What did they just witness just now?

Splitting the sky with a strike!

Night turning into day!

The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch was directly reduced to withered bone dust and was scattered into the wind.

He was a Martial Sage!

Noted to be the first Martial Sage in a thousand years!

He was killed just like that?

Was this a sword technique or a demonic technique?

After this strike, the radiance that covered the skies gradually faded.

Nameless’ figure also vanished with the arrival of darkness.

The sky—it was raining!

Drizzles covered the Forbidden City and the imperial capital.

All of a sudden, an old peach tree in the city budded and blossomed.

The aroma spread for tens of miles.

Countless people lifted their heads, allowing the rainwater to fall on their faces as they stared in shock.

The shock in their hearts spoke for itself.

All the peach trees in the city bloomed with one strike!

Was this the true capability of a Martial Sage?

It was no longer just the cultivation of true Qi but it already involved the ways of Heaven and Earth.

After the shock passed, the whole imperial capital fell into chaos.

At the side gate of Forbidden City, Lin Jiufeng opened his eyes as he let out a long breath.

Earlier, he was spiritually connected with Nameless to display that move of Sword Twenty-Two through Nameless’ hands. It possessed terrifying might indeed.

The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch who was of the same level as Nameless was instantly turned into ashes with a fall of his sword.

After a successful kill, Nameless silently returned and stood behind Lin Jiufeng, keeping his silence throughout.

Dachun saw everything that had just happened.

He wiped his face, it was covered in rainwater.

His values, worldview, and his outlook in life had been overturned.

“Your Royal Highness, you are so powerful, why are you staying in the Cold Palace without leaving?” Dachun asked with a dry mouth.

He could not figure out why!

“Why should I leave?” Lin Jiufeng countered.

Dachun was never good with words, he could not offer his explanation.

“The outside world is a mess, there are too many disorderly matters, and they easily divert my attention. There is nobody to disrupt me all year round in the Cold Palace, and I can cultivate with peace of mind while ignoring the matters of the outside world…”

“Say, why should I leave then?” Lin Jiufeng smiled and said.

It was impossible for him to tell Dachun that he could sign in and get many good items in the Cold Palace.

The other places did not have an environment that was as good as the Cold Palace’s.

Having witnessed a Martial Sage’s strength tonight, Lin Jiufeng was even more determined that he would never leave without being a Martial Sage.

Seeing Dachun’s slow-witted manner, Lin Jiufeng said with a smile, “All right, remember to bring me dishes and wine next time, I still like listening to the things happening within the imperial capital.”

Dachun nodded obediently. “If Your Royal Highness likes listening, Dachun will share them.”

“Mm, don’t tell anyone else that you’ve seen me, this is our secret.”

Lin Jiufeng instructed Dachun.

Dachun nodded stoutly and said, “Don’t worry, Your Royal Highness. Even if I were to die, I will not speak of it.”

Lin Jiufeng then left with Nameless.

Nameless had just been revived. He had the capabilities of a Martial Sage, but he could not instantly become well-versed in his moves, techniques and whatnot.

That was why Lin Jiufeng employed the Sword Twenty-two through his hands using a spiritual connection between the two.

Now that he had gotten rid of the Yuhua God Dynasty’s trouble, Lin Jiufeng could return to the Cold Palace and continue his peaceful norm of signing in.

He wanted to continue becoming even stronger.

Only when the Yuhua God Dynasty was no longer in danger could he continue signing in peacefully without being disturbed by anyone.

Tonight’s events instantly spread like wildfire.

The Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch had actually suffered a crushing defeat in the Yuhua God Dynasty. He was killed with one strike by a mysterious powerful expert, unable to hit back at all.

A great uproar!

After this incident, not only did the Yuhua God Dynasty not fall into pieces, it instead earned a great boost in reputation.

Countless people started guessing, who exactly was that mysterious man?

And what relationship did he have with the Yuhua God Dynasty?

Meanwhile, the internal officials of the Yuhua God Dynasty were also confused.

In the Central Hall, the current, reigning emperor sat on the throne, his countenance an exhausted one after experiencing the night’s disturbance.

Beneath him was only the Sixth Prince.

“Father, is this mysterious man really not the last card of our Yuhua God Dynasty?”

The Sixth Prince asked.

“No!” His Majesty shook his head and said, “I summoned you here because I wanted to get you to investigate who this mysterious person is. Once you find out who he is, you must invite him to the palace. Be reverent and respectful, he saved my Yuhua God Dynasty.”

The Sixth Prince nodded and said, “I understand, I will investigate carefully.”

“Mm, go handle it. I’m tired, you will continue holding the post of acting regent.” The Emperor waved his hand in exhaustion and got the Sixth Prince to leave.

Then, he held his chest—an agonizing expression was on his face.

The outside world was full of commotion, but Lin Jiufeng returned to the Cold Palace and started his quiet sign-in routine.

[Sign-In in front of the stone lions before the Cold Palace’s gates?]

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng did not expect that a pair of stone lions could be used to sign in.

[Sign-In successful. Received Fearless Lion Imprint!]

A powerful imprint, it has devastating might…

Transferred directly into his mind, Lin Jiufeng instantly mastered it.

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