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Tonight was a full moon.

The entire Forbidden City was shrouded in a nervous atmosphere. The imperial guards strictly protected the palace grounds, but the people from the various demonic sects were still present, spying from the surroundings.

Inside the Forbidden City, the daoist, and buddhists silently awaited the arrival of the Among Flowers Sect’s Martial Sage in the Imperial Shrine.

The centermost palace was desolate.

The current, reigning emperor sat quietly on the throne.

There wasn’t a single person around.

Da da da!

All of a sudden, a human figure walked in from the outside. It was the Sixth Prince.

“Father, we are already heavily guarded. The six Great Grandmasters have taken their places, we’re just waiting for that fanatic from the demonic sects. You’d better take cover.” The Sixth Prince urged.

“I am the Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty. If I am not to be in this Central Hall, where would I hide?” The Emperor said placidly.

He had no intentions of escaping.

“Father… If by any chance?” The Sixth Prince said solemnly.

“Don’t we still have you?” The Emperor looked at the Sixth Prince and said with satisfaction.

“Originally, your older brother was doing the best job in your position, but he was momentarily obsessed with lust and went on a crooked path.

“But your appearance has put me at ease.

“Today, there will only be an Emperor that died standing up and no Emperor that escaped. We have set up a waiting trap, if those demons dared to come, my Yuhua God Dynasty will fight to the death with them!” The Emperor solemnly declared.

The Sixth Prince wanted to say something more, but the Emperor waved his hand. “Take your leave. Go to the Imperial Shrine, they will protect you well. You are the hope of the Yuhua God Dynasty. Nothing must happen to you.”

If he were to escape and the demonic cultivators turned to slaughter because they couldn’t find him, it would be bad for the whole imperial household.

He might as well quietly wait here.

In any case… he was already suffering from a foul disease and his days were numbered.

“Child. In today’s world, one must still be powerful enough. Otherwise, even if you are royalty, it wouldn’t make any difference.” The Emperor advised in a low voice.

The Sixth Prince left, the Emperor was now alone.

Watching the arrival of the starry sky and full moon, his countenance was determined and his gaze was ice cold.

Gathering the strength of the entire Yuhua God Dynasty to counter the top Martial Sage of the present age.

When the full moon arrived, a demonic aura billowed in the air above the Forbidden City.

Countless members of the Demon Sect were cheering, running about, and letting out mad howls as they encircled the Forbidden City.

The demonic cultivators reveled!


In the full moon sky, a sword shadow appeared. Following that, a frightening presence came weighing down, everything beneath the skies was trembling.

The moonlight was beautiful, condensed into a stretch of shining silk that slid down.

An aged figure landed with it.

A head full of white hair with a baleful countenance, he carried with him an extremely terrifying might. With a longsword in hand, the sword slashed through the sky.

“Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty, you destroyed my Among Flowers Sect’s legacy! Get out here and meet your death!”

Among Flowers’ Patriarch looked towards the Central Hall with an aloof gaze.

As for the others, he didn’t acknowledge them at all, including the six Great Grandmasters.

“Demon, do not be rude. The Yuhua God Dynasty is not a place for you to be impudent!”

“The Yuhua God Dynasty stands upright even in the present age, with jurisdiction over hundreds of millions of people. How can it be something that you—a measly demon can destroy?”

“The Yuhua God Dynasty’s Great Grandmasters have come forth to kill you!”

Shouts came from all directions. The six Great Grandmasters of the Yuhua God Dynasty acted together. Without holding anything back, their blood and vital energies surged, vital essence fumes shot into the sky, they surely were powerful.

Six people came charging from six directions and surrounded this Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch.

“Great Grandmasters?” Among Flowers’ Patriarch only smiled at them in disdain.

“The gap between a Martial Sage and a Great Grandmaster cannot be crossed with you people shouting some slogans.” The Among Flower Sect’s Patriarch was extremely contemptuous.

He delivered a strike, and as if the skies had fallen, the swift and fierce sword shadow shrouded these six Great Grandmasters.

Thump, thump, thump!

The six Great Grandmasters simultaneously spat out large mouthfuls of blood from the strike. In an instant, they suffered severe injuries and were sent crashing into the palace. On their faces were looks of despair as they came crashing down.

Even the joint effort of six Great Grandmasters could not withstand one strike from the Among Flowers Sect’s Patriarch?

A Martial Sage was this terrifying?

When the people of the Yuhua God Dynasty and its court officials of all ranks saw this scene, their hearts fell into despair.

They stared at one another.

This demon was so powerful!

He arrived stepping on the moonlight and smashed six Great Grandmasters with one strike.

Who exactly would be able to restrain him?

There was someone who said with gritted teeth, “Is this the heavens wanting to annihilate my Yuhua God Dynasty?”

Raising his eyes, he saw the people from the various daoist and buddhist sects. All of them had helpless looks on their faces as they looked at the Patriarch of the Among Flowers Sect.

This was not a battle between equals.

Standing on the tallest roof of the Forbidden City, every move of the Among Flowers’ Patriarch attracted the attention of millions.

People of the Demon Sect were cheering, laughing rampantly, wishing they could be dancing.

Some had even charged into the Forbidden City and bowed in worship to this Martial Sage of the demonic sects.

People in the entire Yuhua God Dynasty had gone mute.

Witnessing this scene, they felt a sense of powerlessness all over their bodies.

The Emperor in the Central Hall sighed and closed his eyes, feeling weak throughout.

The trap that they had set up ended up useless against this Martial Sage from the demonic sects. Even the imperial guards guarding the palace were in despair as they watched the figure that appeared slightly hunchbacked beneath the moonlight.

This Martial Sage of the demonic sects had single-handedly suppressed the entire Yuhua God Dynasty!

Dachun was guarding a side gate of the Forbidden City alone.

It was very remote, no demonic cultivator had come over to this place.

He watched the Among Flowers’ Patriarch dazedly with a fully downcast look.

“Who can defeat him?”

Looking at it in the short-term, no one could defeat this Patriarch of the Among Flowers Sect.

The Yuhua God Dynasty was about to undergo a great upheaval.

Da da da!

All of a sudden, footsteps rang out.

Someone was here.

Dachun curiously lifted his head for a look. This was an extremely remote area, but someone still deliberately came here?

Under the shine of the moonlight, a youth with outstanding features walked over with a middle-aged man who looked aloof from head to toe.

Dachun asked in surprise, “Your Royal Highness, why have you left the Cold Palace?”

The person who had come was Lin Jiufeng.

He pointed calmly and answered, “I’ve come to defeat him.”

Dachun looked over following Lin Jiufeng’s finger, he was pointing at the Among Flowers’ Patriarch.

Dachun blinked and said, “Your Royal Highness, your cultivation has been crippled for over four years now, you’d better not get involved. If you return now, I’ll pretend that I haven’t seen anything.”

Lin Jiufeng smiled placidly and said, “Then, watch properly. Nameless, can you defeat him?”

Lin Jiufeng was speaking to the Patriarch of the Chasing Corpse Sect behind him.

Through the sacrificial refinement of the Netherworld Corpse Control Technique, a new soul had been born for him.

The Patriarch accepted everything before him, including his cultivation realm.

Lin Jiufeng did not know his previous name, so he simply gave him a new name.


“Master, a thousand years ago, this Among Flowers’ Patriarch was already my defeated opponent,” Nameless said indifferently.

Lin Jiufeng ordered. “Go then, kill him and this matter would be over.”

With a tap of his toes, Nameless’s body became akin to an arrow that had left the bow.

He reached the highest rooftop of Forbidden City in no time.


Right as every one of the Yuhua God Dynasty was in despair, an extremely vast Martial Sage aura arrived. Formidable and mighty, it instantly cleansed the demonic aura in the area before it directly faced the aura of the Among Flowers’ Patriarch.

Everyone in the Yuhua God Dynasty was surprised.

“This is… a Martial Sage?”

“Is this a Martial Sage of my Yuhua God Dynasty?”

“It turns out that the Among Flowers’ Patriarch isn’t the only Martial Sage in the world.”

“Great, this is great, my Yuhua God Dynasty also has a Martial Sage.”

The Emperor in the Central Hall commented in surprise.

“My Yuhua God Dynasty does not have a Martial Sage. Could it be that a certain Elder had made a breakthrough but intentionally concealed himself?”

Nameless’s arrival kindled hope in all the civil and military officials of the Yuhua God Dynasty, including the present emperor.

And before the remote palace gate, Dachun looked at Lin Jiufeng. His eyes blinked innocently.

“Your Royal Highness, this person…” Dachun asked with a dry mouth.

He watched Lin Jiufeng and seemed like he had come to an understanding about a terrifying matter.

This dethroned Crown Prince actually has a Martial Sage under him?

Wasn’t this too frightening?

Will I be silenced by His Highness?

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