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“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince secretly released the demonic girl from another country, he must be severely punished!”

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is profligate and devoid of principles, he must be severely punished!”

“Your Majesty, please dethrone the Crown Prince, and banish him to the Cold Palace!”

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince has no morals, please banish him to the Cold Palace!”

In the Great Hall of Government, every civil and military official had gathered. Each wore serious looks on their faces while pleading with His Majesty to dethrone the Crown Prince.

The Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty sat on the throne.

He looked at the confused crown prince whose cultivation had been wiped out and said coldly, “Approved. Remove Lin Jiufeng’s title of the Crown Prince and banish him to the Cold Palace. Without an imperial decree, he is not allowed to leave!”

A cold rebuke echoed in Lin Jiufeng’s ears. In a daze, he opened his eyes to find that he had been escorted to the door of the Cold Palace.

“I’ve been transmigrated!”

“I’m the Crown Prince of the Xuanhuang Great World, Yuhua God Dynasty, Lin Jiufeng!”

“Three days ago, the Crown Prince was banished to the Cold Palace for secretly releasing the demonic girl from an enemy country. The public was outraged. The trial is today, and I transmigrated here today.”

Lin Jiufeng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He transmigrated and became a crown prince in a world where cultivators reigned powerfully.

With his standing in this world, he should’ve been able to effortlessly soar to the sky.

But who would’ve thought that he would be banished to the Cold Palace, and his title as the crown prince would be taken away from him in a blink of an eye?

Great sorrow and great joy truly were companions.

In this world, he was deposed and banished to the Cold Palace. All these meant that Lin Jiufeng would not be able to change his fate in this life.

The palace in front of him had crumbling courtyard walls, exposed red bricks, and weeds sprouting from the base of the wall. No one bothered clearing them.

The two stone lions at the entrances had broken claws and teeth.

The place looked desolate along with Lin Jiufeng’s bleak figure.

Not far away, the imperial guard commander sighed. “A crown prince ended up in such a situation just because of a demonic girl. It’s sad and lamentable.”

“That demonic girl is said to be the holy maiden of the Great Yan Dynasty. She was born with a vision and was extremely beautiful according to rumors. The top echelons of the various demonic sects and the daoist sects all wanted to marry her. It is understandable that our prince would be captivated,” The deputy commander said.

“That may be the case. But he should have been next on the throne, running the court and ruling the people. Not staying in the Cold Palace.” The imperial guard commander said.

“That’s true. The Crown Prince is gentle and courteous. He is extremely talented. With his royal bloodline, he has a promising future. It’s just a pity that he is in this situation now.” The deputy commander shook his head and lamented.

“You saw what happened to all the people that were sent to this cold palace in the past.”

The imperial guard commander sighed.

“Yes, this cold palace is infamous.” The deputy commander could still remember the story of this place.

Three years ago, Imperial Consort Jia was banished to this cold palace after having interfered with politics. Three months later, she became thin and emaciated. After constantly crying out loudly about injustice, she died.

Ten years ago, the third prince was dissatisfied with the crown prince position falling into the hands of Lin Jiufeng. He launched a coup with several major families and was sent to the Cold Palace. In less than six months, he cried until he died.

Thirty years later, His Majesty succeeded to the throne and placed his three brothers into the Cold Palace to suffer for five years. They died of depression.

This cold palace had witnessed the losers of the royal struggle of the Yuhua God Dynasty, each of whom did not live long.

Now, Lin Jiufeng was banished to the Cold Palace.

His future would probably not be good either.

Lin Jiufeng listened to the conversation between the commander and the deputy commander.

He lifted his head to look at the huge Cold Palace.

“Is that how I will end up in the future?” Lin Jiufeng was unwilling.

[Sign-in in front of the Cold Palace?]

A line of words suddenly appeared before Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

His pupils shrank, but he was pleasantly surprised.

A cheat!

Although late, but better than never.

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng immediately responded.

[You have Signed-in in front of the Cold Palace. Received Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill!]

Another line of words appeared before him, and a complete supreme sword skill came to his mind.

“Can I sign in indefinitely?” Lin Jiufeng asked, surprised.

[You can sign-in once a day. Signing in at different places produces different rewards. The more dangerous the place, the greater the reward.]

[Some places can only be signed-in once. Some places can be repeatedly signed-in. But the rewards will gradually decrease.]

The explanatory words kept appearing in front of Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

His eyes were bright and clear, and the worry and fear in his heart instantly disappeared.

“This is an extremely frightening world. Although I’m the Crown Prince, my cultivation was wiped out in the big prison. Thankfully, I am able to sign-in silently in this cold palace.”

“The most powerful of cultivators can bring down a country on their own. Some could tear the skies apart with their sword and pave their way to nirvana, and some could knock on the gates to nirvana with their sword…”

“I am now rejected by millions. In that case, I might as well sign-in here quietly until I am invincible, before going outside.”

As Lin Jiufeng thought about his life going forward, his expression became indifferent.

He turned to the imperial guard commander and said, “I’m going in now, you may return.”

The imperial guard commander asked, dumbfounded, “You’re actually going in on your own accord?”

In front of the Cold Palace, regardless of who it was, they would cry and wail and refuse to go in. In the end, the guards would have to carry them in.

Who would take the initiative to enter like Lin Jiufeng?

Lin Jiufeng laughed and asked, “If I stall for time, can I not go in?”

Now that he had no cultivation and was disliked by the court and commoners of the Yuhua God Dynasty. No matter how big this world was, the only place he could go was this cold palace.

The imperial guard commander was speechless.

He could only cup his fist and say, “I will take my leave after you have gone inside.”

It didn’t matter to Lin Jiufeng.

He straightened his clothes and crown, then he pushed open the dusty door.


This door had not been opened for a long time.

Dust came falling down as the door was being pushed open.

When it was opened, the courtyard was overgrown with weeds.

The snakes, insects, and rodents were startled by sudden disturbance.

The state of the courtyard was indescribably bad.

“Although this cold palace is very big, and was quite highly ranked in the imperial capital of the Yuhua God Dynasty. There is not a single servant or maid here. It’s no wonder that everyone who was sent here became crazy and died before long,” Lin Jiufeng lamented.

If he didn’t receive the ability to [Sign-In], he wasn’t sure how long he could have lasted in this place. But now, with his mind at peace, he felt that these trivial details weren’t that important.

But now, with his mind at peace, he felt that these were not important.

He stepped into the Cold Palace, and closed its door calmly under the gazes of the imperial guard and deputy commander.


The sound of the Cold Palace’s door closing was dull and loud.

Once closed, it would be difficult to open this door in the future.

The imperial guard commander spoke up, “Let’s go. It will be hard for the dethroned prince to get out from here in his lifetime.”

“I will arrange for someone to deliver his meals. After all, he’s the first person to walk in on his own accord, and a dethroned prince at that. His personality is also good anyway, so he has to eat well every day,” The deputy commander said to the commander.

“You can make the necessary arrangements. It won’t affect anyone anyway.”

The commander shook his head, and led his men to return.

The deputy commander saw a powerful young man, who was full of grandeur, in the team. It has not been a long time since he had been selected into the team. Knowing this, the former shouted, “From now on, you will provide meals for the dethroned prince.”

“Three meals a day.”

“The food has to be good, understand?”

The newbie in the team was very honest.

He nodded as he agreed. “I will take good care of the dethroned prince.”

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