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The Cold Palace had been abandoned for a long time.

The last time anyone was here was three years ago.

There were cobwebs and weeds everywhere, and the air smelled of decay.

Entering an inner room, he saw a few tables, chairs, and benches that had been bored through by the worms. They were already in a state of decay. The place certainly was in bad shape.

But Lin Jiufeng didn’t care about this. He found a relatively clean step and sat down. Closing his eyes, he began to check out the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill mentally.

After signing in, the full version of the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill appeared in Lin Jiufeng’s mind.

The first step of the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill was to wipe out one’s existing cultivation to form a Sword Body.

“My cultivation has been wiped out. This is just right for practicing the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill.” Lin Jiufeng’s eyes lit up and he meditated cross-legged, which was the first step in practicing the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill.

Sword Body!

It would be very difficult for ordinary people to cultivate the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill. However, for Lin Jiufeng, it was something he got when he signed in.

It was very easy for him to cultivate it. He had no difficulties at all.

He spent the first day cultivating the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill after entering the Cold Palace, directly breaking through Foundation Establishment and creating a sword body in his dantian [1. energy center of the body].

My predecessor was a prince who had cultivated since childhood. He had countless resources, but it still took him three months to reach Foundation Establishment for the very first step of cultivation. The skill I got from signing in is really easy to comprehend.

Lin Jiufeng thought to himself in delight.

Upon the arrival of the night, moonlight cascaded upon the ground like a waterfall.

Lin Jiufeng wanted to continue the momentum of his cultivation akin to striking the iron while it was hot.

But someone knocked on the door of Cold Palace, shouting, “Your Royal Highness Jiufeng, I brought you food.”

Lin Jiufeng had no choice but to stop cultivating. Since his cultivation had been wiped out, the Imperial Guards knew that they had to arrange food to be delivered to him. After all, they weren’t allowed to let him starve to death.

But they had no idea that Lin Jiufeng had already rebuilt his cultivation foundation after just a single day. With his current cultivation, he could live for ten or more days without any sustenance at all.

Walking to the door of the Cold Palace, Lin Jiufeng saw a small hole blocked by a stone.

The person outside said, “Your Royal Highness Jiufeng. Move this stone away, and I will pass you the food.”

Lin Jiufeng did as he asked.

A hot meal with meat and vegetables was passed through the hole.

Lin Jiufeng was taken aback. “I get to have such good food?”

The person outside the door laughed. “Although you have been dethroned, you are still the prince. The commander has ordered me to arrange better food for you.”

Lin Jiufeng smiled. “Thank your commander for me!”

The person outside said, “Have your meal. I will come again tomorrow. Three meals a day, I promise not to be late.”

Lin Jiufeng wanted to tell him that he did not need to send food, but the person outside the door had already left.

Lin Jiufeng had no choice but to eat his first meal since arriving in this world.

After eating, he continued in his cultivation, not wanting to delay for even a moment.

The initial steps of cultivation were Qi Training and Foundation Establishment.

It was only after the completion of Qi Training, and after Foundation Establishment could he move on to becoming an Acquired cultivator, Innate cultivator, Golden Core cultivator, Grandmaster, Great Grandmaster, Martial Sage, and finally Human God.

Innate cultivators were able to take on 10,000 enemies, Golden Core cultivators could suppress an army that was a million strong, Grandmasters could suppress a city, and Great Grandmasters could go up against an entire country.

As for Martial Sages, each of them was an existence with unimaginable power.

Human Gods were even more powerful.

Lin Jiufeng was only in the realm of Qi Training and Foundation Establishment.

He was still too weak. He had to continue working hard.

Practice silently, sign-in silently, do not create trouble or any waves, and develop steadily…

Anyway, I’m alone now and have been removed from the position of Crown Prince. I can stay here peacefully and just continuously sign in.

Lin Jiufeng thought silently.

On his first night in the Cold Palace, Lin Jiufeng meditated cross-legged all night, increasing his cultivation realm substantially.

There were nine levels for Qi Training and fifteen levels for Foundation Establishment.

Lin Jiufeng reached the third level of Foundation Establishment overnight.

He had no difficulties cultivating the Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill that he received from signing in at all.

Early in the next morning, Lin Jiufeng opened his eyes and the first thing he did was to sign-in.

[Do you want to Sign-In before the steps inside the Cold Palace?]

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng said without hesitation.

[Sign-In successful. Received one Essence Cleansing Pill!]

[Sign-In can be repeated here until the sign-in effect disappears.]

The next two lines of words that appeared one after another made Lin Jiufeng happy.

“Essence Cleansing Pill, this is a good thing. Only a master of alchemy can refine it. It costs a few thousand silver in Yuhua God Dynasty.” A pure white pill suddenly appeared in Lin Jiufeng’s hand, and he swallowed it immediately.

“It just so happens that my cultivation was wiped out, and my body needs to be cleansed.”

Lin Jiufeng immediately began to cultivate.

Two hours later, when the sun rose, Lin Jiufeng had completely digested the Essence Cleansing Pill. His cultivation rocketed to the fifth level of Foundation Establishment.

He wanted to continue cultivating, but the morning food delivery person came.

When Lin Jiufeng took the delivered food, he said, “From now on, it’s enough to deliver it once every seven days. You don’t have to come so frequently.”

Don’t you know you are disturbing my cultivation?

“Won’t Your Highness be hungry like this?” asked the honest imperial guard outside the door.

“I’m cultivating to rebuild my foundation, don’t worry.” Lin Jiufeng replied honestly.

He was not lying.

After his cultivation was wiped out, it was not out of the ordinary for him to cultivate and rebuild his foundation.

“Okay, I’ll come back in seven days and bring something delicious for you, Your Highness.” The honest imperial guard agreed.

Satisfied, Lin Jiufeng ate his breakfast and continued to cultivate.

He can sign-in in peace for seven days and cultivate during that seven days, before eating another delicious meal.

Such a quiet and beautiful routine was perfect for Lin Jiufeng.

After delivering breakfast, the honest imperial guard went back to report to his deputy commander.

“His Royal Highness said that it would be enough to send food every seven days in the future. He’s cultivating to rebuild his foundation and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

The deputy commander shook his head and said, “Even if his Royal Highness is a well-known genius in the dynasty, he can’t defy the heavens and rise again after his cultivation was wiped out. He can at most enter the ranks of Acquired cultivators. Forget it, let him be. Just send him food every seven days in the future.”

“Yes!” The honest imperial guard cupped his fists and accepted the order.

After he was dethroned and banished to the Cold Palace, the tumultuous incident came to an end. No one mentioned the prince who was once a peerless genius again.

The entire Yuhua God Dynasty began to compete for the new title of Crown Prince.

No one cared about Lin Jiufeng who was in the Cold Palace.

Of course, Lin Jiufeng didn’t need them to care.

He continued to cultivate quietly and Signed-In regularly.

For seven days in a row, Lin Jiufeng signed in on this step.

He sat cross-legged here every day without going anywhere else.

Seven days later, Lin Jiufeng broke through and entered the ranks of Acquired cultivators.

This was the highest realm that Lin Jiufeng could possibly reach according to the deputy imperial guard commander.

After Lin Jiufeng broke through, the honest Imperial Guard once again came to deliver food.

Lin Jiufeng moved the stone away and took the delivered food.

There was even wine and meat, the meal sure was extravagant and good.

Lin Jiufeng couldn’t help but ask, “What is your name?”

“My name is Dachun. That’s what everyone calls me.” Honest Dachun replied.

“Okay, see you in seven days.” Lin Jiufeng was in a good mood and laughed as he spoke.

When Dachun heard Lin Jiufeng’s laughter, he asked curiously, “Your Highness is in a good mood.”

“Well, I remembered something to be happy about,” Lin Jiufeng replied.

He picked up the dish of wine and meat, sat on the steps, and began to enjoy the meal.

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