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After a satisfying meal of food and alcohol, Lin Jiufeng looked at the dirty environment he was in.

“It’s time to make a room out of this. I can’t keep staying outside,” Lin Jiufeng muttered.

Without hesitation, Lin Jiufeng cleaned up the courtyard near the gate of the Cold Palace.

The ground was densely covered with weeds.

Using a branch as a sword, Lin Jiufeng drew his sword and began chopping!


In an instant, sword energy proliferated.

Sharp sword energies erupted and directly uprooted the weeds.

Vines and poisonous snakes were also wiped out under Lin Jiufeng’s sword energy.

After all the work, the room was finally cleaned up. Lin Jiufeng let out a long breath.

“Finally a proper place to live in.” Lin Jiufeng sighed.

If nothing happened, he would have to stay here for a long time.

It would be nice to create a quiet environment for himself.

After cleaning the courtyard, Lin Jiufeng found a well.

The well that was previously covered and hidden by weeds could now be seen.

This well was covered with a well cap and was sealed tightly.

Lin Jiufeng walked over, but a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[Sign-in at ominous well?]

Lin Jiufeng was shocked. Ominous well?

What does that mean?

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng still agreed. He hadn’t signed-in for the day yet.

[Signed in successfully. Received Magic Treasure: Demon Slaying Sword!]

In the very next moment, a purple longsword appeared in front of Lin Jiufeng.

Although the longsword was sealed in the scabbard with its blade covered, the chilling cold air it emanated still struck Lin Jiufeng, giving him the chills.

“Just in time. It just so happens that my Ultimate Heaven Slashing Sword Skill has also entered the next stage and I need to practice using the sword.” Lin Jiufeng took the Demon Slaying Sword and injected True Qi into it.

Zing zing zing!

The Demon Slaying Sword trembled and emanated a joyful sound that reverberated in the area.

Then, it transformed into a stream of light that entered Lin Jiufeng’s body.

Lin Jiufeng could clearly feel that the Demon Slaying Sword was powerful and had a special damage bonus against evil demons.

After he was done signing in, Lin Jiufeng looked at the sealed well.

“What’s in the well?” Lin Jiufeng opened the well cap but found nothing.

The water was clear and had few impurities.

Not being able to find anything, Lin Jiufeng fetched some water to wash.

Then, he cultivated in the room.

The well was then covered by Lin Jiufeng.

Three years passed in a flash.

For three years, Lin Jiufeng had been signing in quietly inside the Cold Palace.

Stuck in the Cold Palace and unable to leave, he continued to sign-in inside his small courtyard.

[Signed-in under the tree in the Cold Palace. Received Spring Pill Sutra!]

[Signed-in on the bed in the cold palace. Received 30 sets of dust-free suits!]

[Signed-in at the north gate of the Cold Palace. Received Sword Twenty-two!]

[Signed-in at the Cold Palace courtyard. Received the Glorious Dream of Spring and Autumn technique!]

Lin Jiufeng repeatedly signed-in on the steps for the Essence Cleansing Pills. Before he exhausted the sign-in effect, he received hundreds of Essence Cleansing Pills. Most of them were eaten by Lin Jiufeng who was now a powerful cultivator at an extremely high realm.

However, he still had no intention of leaving.

In these three years, he only moved around his small courtyard, which was at most a few hundred meters in size.

The Cold Palace was huge and there were places that Lin Jiufeng had yet to visit.

But he had plans of exploring the other parts of the Cold Palace.

In the past three years, Lin Jiufeng did not take the initiative to inquire about the outside world.

He had no idea about the current situation of the Yuhua God Dynasty.

The person he met the most was Dachun.

Dachun chatted with Lin Jiufeng every time he came.

And this was the only time Lin Jiufeng spoke.

But he didn’t feel lonely.

Instead, Lin Jiufeng was content to see himself getting stronger and improving every day.

In particular, Dachun told him a few days ago that the world outside was turbulent.

The 18 sects of demonic cultivation had made their existence known, and powerful factions from overseas had started invading.

Evil was running amok and several martial Grandmasters had already perished in battle.

Hearing that, Lin Jiufeng immediately said that he would not go out.

He would stay quietly in the Cold Palace, sign in, cultivate, and become stronger.

On this day, Dachun came to deliver the meal again.

Lin Jiufeng was enjoying his wine, listening to the honest Dachun’s words.

Some were useful news, but most were insignificant matters.

Once, Lin Jiufeng asked Dachun why he talked to him about those insignificant matters.

Da Chun replied, “There’s no one in the Cold Palace to talk to Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness must be very bored. If I talk to Your Royal Highness every time I come to deliver food, Your Royal Highness might become happier…”

Lin Jiufeng smiled warmly. He did not stop Dachun from telling him about these small matters.

This time, when Dachun finished talking, he suddenly said, “Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty has announced the new Crown Prince today.”

Lin Jiufeng was stunned. He asked, “Who is it?”

He began to recall in his memory.

Was it Second Brother? Third Brother? Or Forth Brother?

Dachun replied, “It’s the Sixth Prince. He defeated the other princes and became the Crown Prince.”

“Sixth Brother!” Lin Jiufeng was really shocked.

The Sixth Prince and Lin Jiufeng were born to the same consort. He was five years younger than Lin Jiufeng and was talented and as outstanding as Lin Jiufeng since he was a kid.

The difference was that when Lin Jiufeng was being trained to become a Crown Prince, the sixth prince was taken away by the royal family’s clan experts.

The sixth prince was very close to Lin Jiufeng before he turned five years old.

But after he was taken away he didn’t see him again.

He never expected to hear of his name from Dachun.

“It’s the Sixth Prince. I heard that the sixth prince returned to the imperial capital half a year ago.”

“His cultivation is at the Innate Cultivator Realm…”

“An Innate cultivator before twenty.”

“Everyone said that he will become the next Great Grandmaster. Now that he’s the crown prince, he’s a source of great pressure on the other princes,” Da Chun said.

An Innate cultivator before he turned twenty… Lin Jiufeng raised his brows.

Not bad.

It wasn’t just ‘not bad’.

Dachun asked cautiously, “Your Royal Highness, are you upset?”

“No, I’m okay. You may not know, but the sixth prince is my real brother. Why would I be upset?” Lin Jiufeng smiled.

He was now living a wonderful life every day, why would he care about the crown prince position?

Being the Crown Prince was stressful. He would have no time for cultivation, and he also had a great responsibility to handle. It was unlike Lin Jiufeng’s current lifestyle.

“Your Royal Highness, I should take my leave. I will talk to you again next time.” Dachun stood up and said goodbye.

Lin Jiufeng passed the empty plates to him and looked at the huge Cold Palace.

“Let’s sign in at a different place today.” Lin Jiufeng got up and walked towards another compound area.

The Cold Palace was huge. It had three layers inside and three layers outside.

It had a lot of courtyards, not just one.

Lin Jiufeng spent the last three years just outside in a small courtyard near the gate.

Today, he was heading inside.

As he stepped onto the threshold of the first enclosure, a line appeared in front of Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

[Do you want to Sign-In at the threshold of the inner wall of the Cold Palace?]

“Sign in!” Lin Jiufeng said.

[Sign in successful. Received The Core Condensing Pill!]

[Sign-In can be repeated here until the sign-in effect disappears.]

Lin Jiufeng smiled. “What a pleasant surprise. It knows that I am already a Golden Core cultivator and it gave me a Core Condensing Pill.”

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