Chapter 7 - Battle Frenzy

Chapter 7 – Battling a Rookie

Soul power was the key to entering the OP world, a paradise for heroic soul cultivators. The law of the Fifth Dimension meant that while it was equal to true combat experience in that world, one couldn’t truly die there. Of course, the sensations within the OP system were completely real, including the experience of death. These feelings were definitely not easy to endure.

In the days when the uncivilized great empires grew, the conservative federation began to decline. Thus, the empires coveted inherited natural resources of the federation. The advent of the OP System, however, restored the imbalance of power to an equilibrium.

Even now, the OP System was undoubtedly the number one thought on the minds of youngsters.

Wang Zhong had been using OP for over a year now, and had a gorgeous record. In one year, he had fought 99 matches in the OP System, which wasn’t unusual. However, 99 consecutive defeats was a completely different matter. The reason why he had struggled his hardest every single match was to cause his opponent to release as much of their battle skills as possible. This was so that the Fate Roulette could absorb as much soul essence as possible.

Wang Zhong gave himself the ID ‘All-Mouthy King1’ in OP. In fact, he used this name because it gave off a sense of hope. Since Simba would often talk about the path of kings, Wang Zhong came up with this ideal name, but… as a result, it had now become a giant farce, a joke that circulated within the school.

Wang Zhong poured his soul power into the rune array, thus entering the Fifth Dimension. The ID of All-Mouthy King appeared within the system.

“Ah! Brothers, quickly come look. All-Mouthy King has arrived! Hurry up and kneel!”

“Fuck! Why didn’t you come yesterday Brother King? One day apart truly seems like three years!”

“Unfortunately, our accomplishments can’t even compare to Brother King’s.

“How could a loser be qualified to battle Brother King? You pack of dregs, immediately kneel.”

The OP System had a very convenient and fast communication platform. After battling for over a year, All-Mouthy King had already become a clown like existence. Many newcomers to the OP System became confident after facing All-Mouthy King. People often said that having a good start was half the key to being successful. With this in mind, Wang Zhong had done many good deeds. For Wang Zhong, however, this had made him very miserable.

Wang Zhong was already accustomed to being ridiculed from all-sides and immediately entered a match with an opponent. In regards to selecting the extremely important weapon of a heroic soul soldier, he picked one at random—per the usual. To him, all weapons were the same. It was like this before, and it was still like this now.

“Brother King is still as indifferent as before!”

“Look, look. This is the so-called air of a king! I will keep fighting despite all setbacks. You pack of dregs would do good to learn from me!”

“How confident. There isn’t anyone in OP who could compare with your confidence!”

“I don’t know who could be worthy of being Brother King’s opponent, but today is the start of school. The rookies are truly blessed.”

In reality, all those watching Wang Zhong’s battle were of the lower ranks. Those ten or so people simply looked for some amusement from Wang Zhong. Those with a high level of talent would watch the battle between experts instead.

With accordance to the victory rate and number of battles, the OP System divided participantsinto several divisions: cannon fodder, brave, elite, and sanctuary.

Wang Zhong quickly found an opponent, ‘Future Gun King’. Zero victories, cannon fodder division. His opponent was clearly new, which was unsurprising to Wang Zhong. With his stats, the only opponents he could face were those new to the OP System. If the creator of the OP System, Doctor Charlton, saw the tragic sight of his battle stats, he would most definitely weep.

His opponent chose the common rune pistol. It seemed he was a long ranged fighter. The OP System had all sorts of rune weapons. They were unrestricted, but there weren’t any additional effects to these weapons. When soldiers picked their weapon, they would pick the most suitable one for themselves.

As for Wang Zhong… his random selection left him empty handed. Moreover, Wang Zhong was quite nervous. Even a dagger would have been better.

The battle setting was an ordinary arena, without any sort of cover at all. This was a map dedicated to skill.

The two soldiers entered standby mode. The ten or so spectators, who had been idle for so long that their asses were in pain, were suddenly full of spirit. When they were feeling down, they would always regain their confidence after watching All-Mouthy King’s clumsy battles. The mood suddenly changed when they saw Brother King full of confidence despite being empty handed. He truly had the airs of an unrivalled tyrant under the heavens!

Future Gun King and All-Mouthy King both appeared on stage, the two of them selecting the system face. Future Gun King didn’t appear to be in a good mood. Perhaps he was dissatisfied with having Wang Zhong as his opponent. He didn’t greet Wang Zhong when he came on stage, and instead immediately rushed over with his gun.

Wang Zhong dodged without thought, but his opponent’s gun had been aimed at the pit of his stomach the whole time. The gun was both fast and fierce. If this had been the Wang Zhong of the past, his reaction would have been too slow. He clearly knew what to do, but his body wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Having such a helpless exchange would infuriate the toughest of people.

This time, however, Wang Zhong felt as though he was completely in sync with the environment and his body moved exactly as he wished. Unexpectedly, he had been able to magically dodge the attack.

His opponent was also stunned. Even if shooting at the center of a person’s body was the least lethal, it was the most difficult to avoid. Normally, a rune pistol relied on frequent burst shots to kill the opponent.

Without a trace of hesitation, he unleashed three shots at Wang Zhong. The shots were so fast, that it almost sounded like a single shot. Wang Zhong continuously dodged, evading each of the three shots by a hair’s breadth.

Wang Zhong’s heart surged with ecstasy. ‘Simba has really done it!’

With soul power at 50 Grasso, he was finally able to carry out all sorts of battle maneuvers without failure!

That familiar feeling returned. The freedom he felt in his dreamland had finally returned to his body. It felt as though his body was practically flying!

The spectators were actually laughing. God, if even Brother King could dodge this marksmanship, then what kind of crappy level was he at? Could this be the legended, ‘there isn’t a crappiest, only crappier!’

The ten or so spectators were in a gleeful mess. Although Future Gun King seemed to be enduring it, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to see that his eyes were full of fury.

Bang bang bang…

This time, he shot out three restrictive-type bullets. In ordinary circumstances, long ranged soldiers would do their best to keep their distance. This brother, however, had let his anger go to his head and was now attempting to close the distance in order to raise his accuracy. This definitely reflected his lack of self-confidence.

Wang Zhong didn’t dare move recklessly as the the restrictive type shots exploded out and sped towards him. Rather than dodging recklessly, he moved sideways while twisting his body into an arc.

The three shots missed…

The spectating brothers once again burst into laughter. There was finally a brother who could be considered the All-Mouthy King’s equal. Maybe the two of them were actually blood-related brothers.

Future Gun King was evidently thoroughly infuriated. He actually threw his gun at Wang Zhong?

All of the spectators were bent over laughing. This had to be history’s most amusing battle. A sharpshooter had actually thrown away his gun!

Future Gun King charged towards Wang Zhong with large strides. At some point, the number of spectators had grown to over thirty members. They all had to pay a few credits in order to watch the battles of others, but now, they definitely felt that it was worth the admission fee. They were truly too happy.

Wang Zhong actually felt a completely different kind murderous spirit. If it was said that his opponent’s marksmanship had no oppressive power, then that opponent’s charge now made him seem like a fierce tiger. Could it be that that his true specialty was actually close combat?

Bang! Future Gun King suddenly exploded forwards with an explosive rumble. His entire person arrived in front of Wang Zhong in a flash, with a fist as oppressive as Mt. Tai booming towards him.

In a flash, everyone quieted down. The sound of his dash wasn’t ordinary at all. Maybe it was because they had been laughing excessively, but none of the spectators had been able to see their movements clearly.

1. This is a pun on his name. In the raw, it’s 嘴强王者 (Zuǐqiáng wángzhě) which means “Strong Mouth King”. This is a pun on 最强王者 (Zuìqiáng wángzhě) which means Strongest King. All-Mouthy King is supposed to sound like Almighty King, thus making a bad pun. Credit to user Meh in the comments below for thinking up of a decent way to express this pun.