Chapter 8 - Battle Frenzy

Chapter 8 – Actor

In the next second, however, Future Gun King’s tyrannical fist stopped in mid-air. He had suddenly frozen in place. Then he fell over with wide eyes, as if he’d just seen a demon.

All-mouthy King, victory!

After three seconds, all of the spectators burst into laughter. “This guy is truly an actor!”

“That dash of his scared me just now, but it seems he’s just a paper tiger!”

“That performance was too good! What an Acting Emperor! He should have at least let Brother King punch him a few hundred times before toppling over, though.”

“Haha. With Brother King’s strength, I’d be worried if he could even throw a hundred punches before the match was finished.”

Not a single word escaped Wang Zhong’s mouth as he quietly logged out of the OP System. He leaned against the wall, silently staring at his hands. His previously weak and powerless hands were now brimming with power! With soul power at 50 Grasso, as long as he had enough combat skill and was able to attack their weak points, he would be able to break through his opponent’s defenses! This meant he could fight even stronger opponents now! He could then let the Fate Roulette absorb even better energy.

Inside of his Soul Sea, the little clown, Simba, was sleeping just as peacefully as before. It seemed he’d sensed Wang Zhong’s good mood, however, as the corner of his mouth moved to reveal the faintest trace of a smile.

A knowing smile appeared on Wang Zhong’s face. ‘Simba, thank you for your birthday present!’

At that moment, in one of the hundred major cities of the Freedom Federation, Copperfield City, exaggerated laughter filled the OP System training grounds of the city’s heroic soul academy.

A curly haired youngster was bent over laughing, doing his best to not topple onto the floor. He couldn’t stop his tears as he said, “I’m going to die. I’m going to die of laughter! Ahahaha! That has to be the best battle of the year. This powerful berserker, the super genius of Copperfield, Anlor, lost to a single punch. Mwahaha! You’ve blinded my titanium dog eyes1!”

At the side, an energetic-looking girl in skintight clothing smiled. ‘That battle was a bit amusing…’

A bare chested youngster walked out of the OP room. He wasn’t particularly tall, but his entire body brimmed with explosive strength. This was precisely the Copperfield Academy’s soldier division idol. He was the vanguard of the Mad Beast Battle Squadron.

Seeing Anlor come out, the brother was still rolling on the ground with laughter. With one hand on his belly, and the other pointing at Anlor, he said, “You, you, what kind of no good are you up to? A berserker soul body can jump thousands of miles in a single leap, yet you went against reason and practiced marksmanship. Hahaha! Do you know who your opponent was? He’s known as the King of the King of Noobs! In all his ninety-nine losses, his only win is against the magnificent Mad Beast Vanguard! I’m dying! I’m dying of laughter! Hahaha!”

Faced with the ridicule of his teammate, the short-tempered Anlor actually remained silent. He wore an odd expression on his face, as if he were still pondering on something. Off to the side, the sexy Laura’s smile gradually vanished. “Anlor. Don’t mind it so much. It’s good that you wanted to expand the scope of your skills, but everyone has their own specialties.”

Arnold Teuton sat up from the floor. “Younger brother, if you were any good at long ranged combat, then I won’t have rice to eat anymore! Don’t be like this, all right?”

Anlor remained as silent as before. He turned on his skylink, and instantly, an image of the just downloaded battle was projected.

A minute later, Laura and Arnold Teuton’s smiles were nowhere to be found. “Ah! Your tri shot was not too shabby. Your frequency and your shot lines were both accurate. At such a distance, that guy’s dodging ability can simply be called amazing!” As a top class ranged soldier, Arnold Teuton was like a pig when it came to sniffing out problems. Someone with this much skill was definitely not a newbie.

The issue was the final strike. Even though he had thrown away his firearm, Anlor was still a powerful berserker. Who could possibly take him down with a single strike? This was basically impossible!

Laura and Arnold Teuton had smiles exploding with glee. They both thought Anlor had flown into a rage due to his humiliation and had been forcefully logged out.

With five times slower replay speed, however, they were able to see that Anlor’s quick and violent dash had completely sealed off all avenues of escape for his opponent. He had thrown out a fierce punch, one which many would find hardpressed to endure. Despite this, that All-mouthy King hadn’t retreated at that time, but rather, he had directly met Anlor head on! All-mouthy King had turned thirty degrees and done a reverse attack, launching an elbow directly into Anlor’s lower jaw. This had caused the power of Anlor’s punch and his elbow strike to layer upon one another, increasing the strike’s power to the point where it had even caused Anlor’s tyrannical body to faint. He had been completely unable to retaliate!

“He… only… used… fifty grassos… of soul power!” One word after another slowly made its way out of Anlor’s mouth.

His words were full of naked loathing. If one used such a low amount of soul power in a duel, then it was basically saying, ‘I can beat your effortlessly!’

The room was silent…

“Fuck! This bastard is just mocking you! Could someone be substituting for him?” Arnold Teuton loudly exclaimed. Although he had never interacted with All-mouthy King, he had still watched a video of one of his battles last month. Simply put, it was a noob becoming a dog! Because his videos were usually amusing, it would often get into the top rankings of one of the video listings in OP, the funny videos list!

Laura glared at Arnold Teuton. This was clearly an idiotic question. Anyone could register for multiple accounts, but they wouldn’t be able to let others use those accounts.

“I have to have a match up with him again!” Anlor solemnly stated. Regardless of who his opponent was, as the vanguard of the Mad Beast Battle Squadron, he definitely couldn’t lose in such a dubious way!

The barest hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Laura’s mouth. “Not bad. You’re a bit like a man after all. If you can beat him, then I’ll agree to go on a date with you.”

Anlor was taken aback, but his eyes soon began to shine. “Captain, will you really do so?”

“If I, Laura, say so, how can it not be so?”

Off to the side, Arnold Teuton immediately shot up and said in reproach, “Captain, that’s not fair! How come only he gets that kind of opportunity? I want a chance too!” Ever since the two started school, they had been chasing after Laura. Despite their best efforts, neither had succeeded. Yet.

Laura revealed a faint smile. “I’ll go out on a date with whoever wins. However, if you two lose, I’ll have you be my training partner for a month since I’ve just finished a new technique.”

At the thought of their captain’s dreadful scolding, the two of them immediately broke into a cold sweat. Despite this, they quickly calmed themselves as they were absolutely confident they could defeat All-mouthy King.

“I wish you two the best of luck.” Laura said before heading off to the gravity room, not forgetting to wave goodbye as she left. That sexy figure of hers simply burst with infinite allure.

After a second, Arnold Teuton and Anlor glanced at each other before they both ran to the OP room at lightning speed. They hastily added Brother King as a friend and requested a battle.

Unfortunately, Wang Zhong had already left.

1. Some sort of meme in the chinese World of Warcraft community. It’s used in mockery when netizens see something retarded.