Chapter 10 - Battle Frenzy

Chapter 10 – The Prodigy Society is Established!

“Definitely, rest assured. If worst comes to worst, the Prodigy Society will just disband.” Ma Dong shrugged his shoulders. Damn, these people really think this big bro can be threatened. At worst, I’ll just disband the society.

“Ma Dong, do you understand what it means to reject both Holy Judgement, and Black Rose?” The person standing to Lu Zhan Tian’s side spoke out.

Ma Dong smiled. “Brothers! Have some emotional intelligence. I have already refused, yet you’re still using such childish methods to threaten me? Fellow students, did you hear it clearly? Holy Judgement, is bullying people. What, do you guys still want to hit me?”

Immediately, Lu Zhan Tian’s expression blackened. He glared at the fool beside him and shouted, “We’re leaving!”

After everyone left, Ma Dong plopped his butt onto the ground. Ah, this foul mouth of his. That moment of bragging had quickly passed by, and now he had to figure out what to do in the future.

With things like this, no one else would be coming to join the Prodigy Society. The strong were respected within the heroic soul academy after all. The Prodigy Society was too small to even survive in the cracks. They were destined to disband sooner or later.

Despite their dire straits, Wang Zhong was still extremely supportive of Ma Dong. They were only short one person, so they might as well strive their hardest in the end. At worst, they would simply have to disband. With these thoughts in mind, Wang Zhong and Barran Gestalt continued their shouting with renewed energy. Unfortunately, the news of this recent event had quickly spread through the skylink. Who would possibly want to join the Prodigy Society now?

In a flash, it was noon. The three of them were sitting on the curb downing large mouthfuls of water. Only Barran Gestalt was still in high spirits. This brother was extremely pure and truly admired his two seniors for not submitting to force.

“Excuse me, is this the Prodigy Society? I would like to join!”

Right at that moment, a heavenly voice called out like an oasis to the trio’s desert.

Ma Dong stood with lightning speed. ‘Fuck!’ What entered his eyes was an exceptionally handsome smile. ‘Damn it, is this guy trying to suppress the president’s magnificence!?’ At that moment, however, he couldn’t care less about that.

Wang Zhong was stunned while the other person gave him in a glittering smile in response. “Senior, we’ve met again. I want to join the Prodigy Society. Is that possible?”

Ma Dong gave the two of them a suspicious look. ‘This guy… he couldn’t possibly be a gigolo, could he?’

“Come here and let me see your entrance test form,” Ma Dong said. Procedures were procedures after all.

Grai Krisid nodded, opened up his skylink, and transmitted his school report over to Ma Dong. The moment after, Ma Dong stood petrified. Next to him, Barran Gestalt’s jaw dropped low.

‘Is he the rumored guy?’

Among the new students, he was placed first in theory, had a soul power growth rate of 9.5, and was also first place in actual combat. Was this guy a monster?

The Grai Krisid from Ophel City?

“You really want to join the Prodigy Society?” Wang Zhong asked.

Ma Dong shoved Wang Zhong to the side and said with an ass-kissing smile, “Student Grai, welcome to the Prodigy Society! This is definitely the wisest decision you will ever make.”

“I feel the same way. Senior Wang Zhong, I hope you will guide me well,” Grai said with a smile.

Wang Zhong rubbed his nose. Regardless, the Prodigy Society’s crisis had been averted.

“What did you say? Grai Krisid joined the Prodigy Society?” Milami angrily stood up. The two brightest students in the eyes of all societies had unexpectedly joined the Prodigy Society. What on earth was happening?

“Yes, senior sister. Just a while ago, Holy Judgement, had caused a ruckus with them but that Ma Dong had been unyielding. Afterward, Grai Krisid joined them.” The girl spoke excitedly, her eyes full of stars. That Grai Krisid was truly too handsome. Way too handsome.

Milami repeatedly banged on her desk. There wasn’t anything she could do now. Grai and Emily were powerful recruits, so the Prodigy Society would no longer be an easy target. She just couldn’t comprehend it at all. Why would two high level students join a society as crappy as the Prodigy Society?


In high spirits, President Ma Dong decided to invite everyone to a dinner party. After all, the Prodigy Society finally had enough people. Barran Gestalt looked at his president with eyes full of admiration. Of the three recruits, he was the weakest. He would definitely have to do his best to catch up; he couldn’t disappoint his president.

Thus, the Prodigy Society satisfied the minimum requirements to become a small battle squad. Emily would act as an assassin, using her nimbleness to explode in close quarters combat. Barran had just the right physique to act as their meat shield. As the president, Ma Dong would naturally be the core of their team. Wang Zhong had been a long ranged fighter since his first year; his body just hadn’t been able to keep up with the rhythm of battle. A long ranged fighter had been one of his better options. Only the genius Grai could be used to fill any lacking position.

Nobody objected to the positions Ma Dong decided. In fact, Grai’s smile grew even wider. So someone who can casually smile under the pressure of five-fold gravity is actually a long ranged marksman? Hehe.

Naturally, every single heroic soul soldier had their own secrets and habits and it was considered rude to pry into these matters. Grai simply thought that it would be very interesting to join the Prodigy Society and hadn’t found Wang Zhong strange at all. With Grai’s circumstances, he would definitely be able to join any society he wished, but that wouldn’t challenge him at all.

In the afternoon, Ma Dong excitedly went to the student union to go through the procedure of becoming an official society. To him, this was the day his life finally gained some meaning. While this was happening, all of the departments were holding their own meetings and course selection was beginning.

Course selection was extremely important since each department only had a small number of required courses, leaving the majority up to the student’s choice. Although the four departments had defining features, they each still shared courses in the first three years. Wang Zhong had taken many courses in his first year, which had naturally caused his grades to suffer a bit. He had even failed in his specialty, archery.

There were many courses to choose from as a long ranged soldier. There were cold weapons, the bow and arrow, and mechanical rune guns. In terms of might, rune firearms were naturally fiercer and faster. Normally, however, long ranged soldiers would start practicing with the bow and arrow. This way, they would be able to improve their control of soul power.

“Ah! Barran, with a physique like yours, you must diligently practice being a shield. You will be our unyielding barrier!”

Ma Dong was showing off his insight at this moment. With Barran Gestalts large and sturdy body, he was definitely well suited to being a tower shield soldier. Currently, all mainstream battle formations absolutely needed to have an excellent defensive expert.

Barran Gestalt earnestly took Ma Dong’s words to heart. Societies acted to bridge the gap between those of different ages and exchange knowledge. Senior students undoubtedly had more experience than their juniors. When the seniors guided their juniors, the juniors would definitely gain some understanding too.

For the next few days, Ma Dong was going to be swamped with work. Since they had enough people to become an official society now, he had to deal with issues such as finding a base of operations, manage a budget, and so on. Although he was the vice president, Wang Zhong simply acted as an all-rounded odd jobs worker as he followed Ma Dong everywhere.