Chapter 9 - Battle Frenzy

Chapter 9 – Angelic Man

Within OP, Wang Zhong closed his eyes and reflected upon that final strike just now. It seemed to him that everything had gone pretty well, but the reality was, he had made many mistakes in that battle. HIs evasive maneuvers had been too stiff, and his thoughts had also been too fragmented which made his heart rather restless.

There was also an issue with his final attack. The only reason he had to use his elbow to attack was because he hadn’t given himself enough room to unleash his full strength. His reaction had been slow by too much, about 0.2 seconds. Logically, with the gaps in his opponent’s attack that had been quite large, he should have took advantage of them and yield the best results. One couldn’t say for certain if doing so would have resulted in his opponent’s death rather than simply knocking him unconscious.

After that battle, Wang Zhong went to the gravity room and began training his body. His body had suffered from an illness in his childhood, which had engraved the importance of a strong body into Wang Zhong’s heart. Although his soul power had perplexed him these last few years, he had never fallen behind on physical training.

School had just started, so regardless of whether they were new students or upper year students, none of them held much concern in their heart. After all, everyone was still brimming with the aura of vacation.

There wasn’t a single soul in sight within the gravity room. In his first year, two-fold gravity had given Wang Zhong trouble, but now, he wasn’t even pressured under three-fold gravity. His soul power surged to the surface of his body and withstood the external pressure. In fact, Wang Zhong realized that although his maximum soul power output was low, his soul sea was so enormous that no one that could possibly hope to contend with him in that regard.

After training under three-fold gravity for half an hour, Wang Zhong was drenched in sweat all over and his entire body felt refreshed. Every single cell in his body felt as though they were filled with some boundless energy. He truly felt completely different from his previously weak and powerless self. The difference was as huge as the gap between the sky and the earth!

Wang Zhong checked the time before walking over to the four-fold gravity area. Wang Zhong’s body reacted a slight bit to the pressure. He continued on to the five-fold gravity region and only now did his body begin to feel heavy. He knew that this would be his upper limit for now. He opened the door and, unexpectedly, there was someone else in there.

There was someone in the five-fold gravity region doing pushups, their soul power steadily rising and falling.

The other person also hadn’t expected someone to come to the five-fold gravity area at that time. Standing up and inspected Wang Zhong before exposing a glittering smile, the person said, “Hello senior.”

Although he was a man, Wang Zhong couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. This brother was handsome to the point of shocking him! The most important thing was that he wasn’t overbearing at all, but rather, he had the aura of an angel. This was definitely the state Ma Dong was chasing after.

“I hope I didn’t disturb you. I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” Wang Zhong smiled. This new student actually had such an astonishing body. He was most likely a special recruit.

“Of course you haven’t. My name is Grai Krisid. I’m from Ophel City. I’m a new student in the commander department. How may I address you, senior?” After sizing Wang Zhong up, Grai’s eyes were full of curiosity.

Wang Zhong was stunned for a moment. “My name is Wang Zhong. I’m also in the commander department. Ophel City is one of the top ten cities in the Freedom Federation, so how did you end up here?”

“I’m very interested in runes and Tianjing is the best in the field of rune technology. It seems I was ignorant and inexperienced; Tianjing Academy truly does have crouching tigers and hidden dragons,” Grai said as he looked at the person in front of him. This person’s strength was unfathomably deep. “Please take care of me, senior.”

Wang Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How could he possibly take care of this kind of genius? “I’ll stop disturbing your training then, I hope you’ll make many gains here at Tianjing Academy.”

Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy specialized in rune forging technology. In fact, they were the leaders in this field within the Freedom Federation. Quite a few geniuses came from other cities just to study this topic.

Wang Zhong shut the door. From beginning to end, Grai had maintained a slight smile, as if he were looking down on Tianjing. Suddenly, Grai’s smile froze. ‘… How could this be!?’

Inside of the five-fold gravity room, he had been using his soul power to protect his body, but that person just now…

Wang Zhong had already returned to his dorm and taken a delightful cold bath. Ma Dong was absent from the dorm as usual. In the year since the two brothers had lived together, Ma Dong had only stayed in their dorm three or four times. After reading a book for a while, Wang Zhong went to bed and slept. He was soon sound asleep and soft snoring sounds occasionally broke the silence.

Early in the morning, Wang Zhong was woken up by the ringing of his skylink.

“Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong, where are you? Hurry up and come to the plaza. Damn it! Today is the day when fate decides the future of our Prodigy Society!” Ma Dong’s voice sounded loudly out from the skylink. He seemed brimming with the desire to do battle.

Emily was a powerful recruit that enabled the confident Ma Dong to get in over his head. He had taken up position early in the morning. This was the final day for societies to recruit new members and the student union will evaluate the qualifications of each society once classes started. It was usually a normal yearly occurrence, but this time, that witch Milami had given them an ultimatum: gather enough members or disband!

They were only short one person now. For this final day, they had to recruit at least one more member no matter what.

By the time Wang Zhong arrived, the school plaza was already bustling with a vast crowd. After a whole day’s worth of shouting, they hadn’t been able to recruit any unattached new students. All of those students had goals of their own after all.

The problem was that the other societies in their surroundings were filled with people, yet the Prodigy Society was completely deserted.

Ma Dong gloomily sat on the side. Only Barran, that big lug, had the energy to continue shouting.

“What happened? You were full of energy just a moment ago, and now you’re all depressed.”

“Despicable, shameless, such a bully!” Ma Dong indignantly said. “That old witch Milami!”

Everyone knew that the Black Rose wanted Emily and that the Prodigy Society was bound to be dissolved. Anyone who joined the Prodigy Society at this time would be making an enemy out of the Black Rose Society.

Wang Zhong was distracted for a moment. “Where’s Emily?”

“She said she has a test. Wang Zhong, what do you think we should do? Should we go talk to Milami and let her dissolve our Prodigy Society?” Ma Dong asked.

Wang Zhong shook his head. “We’re only missing one person. I don’t believe we won’t be able to find even one person who’s willing.”

An hour later, Wang Zhong and Ma Dong once again realized the disparity between their society and the others. There really wasn’t a single person who was the least bit interested in them! “Wang Zhong, just let it be. After offending the Black Rose Society, our days won’t be good either. Besides, a real man doesn’t fight with women. Let’s just let them have their way.”

Wang Zhong shook his head and Ma Dong released a long sigh. This brother of his might seem easy going, but he was actually stubborn to death!

“Are you guys the Prodigy Society?” Right at that moment, two people appeared in front of the Prodigy Society’s booth.

Ma Dong quickly stood up, but he turned cold as soon as he saw the logo on their chest. The two of them were part of Holy Judgement, one of the academy’s four great societies. It was the strongest society in the soldier department.

“What business do you guys have? I’m the president, Ma Dong.”

The slightly taller one of the two exposed an arrogant smile. “I am Lu Zhan Tian of Holy Judgement,. If you have Emily join our society, then we’ll help you make up the two people you’re short of.”

Ma Dong had already heard of Lu Zhang Tian’s name. He was the president of Holy Judgement,. Unexpectedly, they were also looking to recruit Emily. Ma Dong was just trying to start his Prodigy Society. What the heck did he do to deserve this?

Ma Dong also had a devilish temper. He could compromise with beautiful girls, but he had no interest in men. “I’m sorry, but Emily has no interest in joining Holy Judgement,.”

Lu Zhan Tian hadn’t expected Ma Dong to not know how to appreciate a favor. There were many people watching, so it wasn’t a good idea to flare up. Instead, he simply directed a burning glare at Ma Dong. “Are you sure?”