Chapter 6 - Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Conspiracy Part 2

[Welcome the Redemption Program . ]

[You will undergo a test of your character . ]

[The Gods will be watching your deeds . ]

[You have to prove that you deserve to be pardon of your crimes . ]

[You will be reincarnated . . . ]

It was messages that every sinners heard within the empty space . However…

[The skill has been completed . Please review your skill . ]

[The Gods are benevolence . ]

[The Gods will forgive you for your past crimes if you repent of your sins . ]

[Live good, live well and live strong . ]

[We pray that you will have a fulfilled life . ]

[You will now be transferred . ]

It was a different version of the messages .

There was also another exception . A different version set of messages were resounded within another space .

[The skill has been completed . You will also receive another two skills prepared by me . ]

[The gods planned to send everyone to a different world . ]

[But I made it so that you all will be sent to the same world . ]

[You all will be reincarnated into the 165 AD . In ancient China time . ]

[There will be other 99 sinners there . But worry not . ]

[You, my son, will be the eldest son of the Emperor Ling!]

[Our nemesis will also be sent there as a son of Zhang Jiao . ]

[Make use of the skill I give you and your status power to tear him to pieces!]

[Kill him! Then he will return as a retard!]

[He will be abandoned! He will be treated like trash!]

[He deserves eternal suffering!]


[You will be the only immortal there . ]

[No mortal can kill you . ]

[Your mother cannot be with you . The gods and devils will destroy me . ]

[I hope you can live a happy life . ]

[I love you, son . ]

However, the replied from the sinner betrayed the last few kind messages .

"What the fuck!? If you can do this much, why didn't you help me earlier!?"

"You useless garbage woman!"

"I was suffering for years! Where were you!?"

"You have this power, why didn't get me out of that place . "

"You &$#@ @#$%"

The swearing went on and on . If the mother heard this, her heart would be shattered to pieces .

. . .

The process of selecting a skill and the messages were broadcasting through the Netherworlds . And the inconsistency of the messages were witnessed by over 300 billion audiences .

"Why were they different?"

"Isn't it supposed to be the same?"

"Wow, what is the organizer is doing?"

"Yeah, they supposed to send them to different world, but … all of them in one world?"

"Hahahaha! I like this! PU*G style!"

"Foolish immortal, F**tnite was better . "

"Fool your sister! You're a fool . Your entire family is the fool . PU*G is king! The rest is trash!"

"Something is wrong . Look at that guy's status!"

"Shit! What the hell is that cheat!"



"Holy hell!"

"Bloody Heaven!"


"Too OP! Such Hax! Much wow!"

"If it's only Tong then I understand . But why is that guy …"

"Conspiracy! I smell conspiracy!"

They were thrown into an uproar when they saw the status of the irregular sinner .


Name: Ping

Race: Sinner

Soul Age: 450,711

Karma: -220,599

Resident: Fifth Hell

Death Count: 7,968,946

*Active Skill List*

[Omega Deletion] Cannot be leveled up

- Kill a person in the range of 10 meters within the host range .

Skill Cost: None

Skill Restriction: Can only be used once . The skill disappears after using it .

*Passive Skill List*

[Super Human] Cannot be leveled up

- Multiply the host physical strength, vitality, dexterity, agility and stamina by 100 times .

- The lifespan of the host will be consumed 10 times faster than the normal rate .

[Superior Plot Amor] Cannot be leveled up

- The host will have infinite lifespan .

- The host cannot die by any reason .

- An invisible barrier shield will be deployed to protect the host from any physical attack at all time .

. . .

In the VVVIP room, Morning Star couldn't sit anymore .

He stood still like a statue . Blood vessels were popping up on his face, yet the face remained indifferent . His eyes was blacken and the twelve black thick tentacles were spreading out from his back .

Morning Star didn't hide his explosive aura and killing intent . It enveloped the entire colosseum and shaken every angels, devils, monsters and even the gods .

'I've been had!'

'This is a well-crafted plan . '

'They clearly aimed at Tong! They knew I wanted him!'

'Ping's mother is the main suspect! It's fine if she did it alone . '

'But what if she's been manipulated by someone …'

'It's a wild guess . But still …'

'What can go wrong, will go wrong . '

'Chances that there is someone pulling the string is low, but it's possible . '

'But then who is it!?'

Morning Star released his sense, locked onto Michael .

"It was not me, brother . "

Michael, feeling Morning Star's sense, replied to him in telepathy as if he knew what Morning Star was about to interrogate him .

"Then who!?"

"I've already deployed all archangels to investigate . "

"Get that bitch first! And make her talk!"

"Okay, but promise me that you won't cause a scene . "

"That depends on the result! It would be best that I'm being over-paranoid for nothing!"

Michael sighed .

Michael also didn't stand there and did nothing . He also spread his sense all over the Heaven on every levels . He later locked onto the building of a TV station on the second level of Heaven .

"All angel personal, hear my order!"

Michael bellowed . All angels were jolted as if they were electrocuted . This archangel was usually gentle, calm and kind . But everybody knew that once he roared, even the Heaven could be turned upside down .

. . .

Within 5 minutes, Zim was arrested . Michael teleported to the scene himself . He read her memories and reported out the result to all personal, including Morning Star .

"She has done it alone . It was planned out for 400,000 years by herself . "

"She started off as a low-class demi-immortal and worked her way up . "

"She ended up acquiring the mainframe password keys, and then cracked into the main computer"

"She tampered the selection list and picked up her son and Tong to take the trial at the same time . "

"Then she modified the trial contents and had all 100 sinners taking it in the same world . "

"Then, you all already witnessed what cheats Ping currently has . "

"She also screwed up the link between worlds . The soul stability and the body compatibility is worsen by 300% . As a result, the sinners need 60 years to complete the brain and the soul memory link . "

"In other word, they need to live in there for 60 years or they will return with just an empty shell . "

"The missions were also randomized, everything that gods had prepared for the sinners was overwritten . The contents are still unknown . She left it to the A . I . "

"But she gave one guideline to the A . I . … Torment and torture Tong . "

"That is all . "

Micheal ended his report with wry smile . He did not report another crucial information .

Xin's action had already been well aware by a goddess which Michael suspected that she might be behind Xin's ability to avoid detection by the heaven up until now .

To prevent a war between Hell and Heaven, Michael could not afford to inform Morning Star about this .

. . .

Morning Star received the report . He relieved that there was not any mastermind . But he still frown .

Now, Tong had to live in that world for 60 years or more, and the [Plot Armor] skill would harm him once his age reached 20 .

'It's troubling but salvageable . '

Morning Star sat down on the couch . He sent his telepathic sense to Medusa .

"Medusa, I need you to go into that world . "

"Godfather?" Medusa was surprised .

"Use your administrative rights to create a counter skill and a passive skill that retains your demonic power in a mortal body . "

"Also set your lifespan as infinite . "

"Get close to Ping and erase his skills, better if you can erase his life . "

Morning Star gave Medusa a series or orders .

"Godfather, I understand the urgency, but I can only reincarnate as a female mortal . Why didn't you choose a male devil? Wasn't there a better option to get close to a son of an emperor, like a eunuch?"

"There is one more job . I need someone trustworthy to do … Erase Tong's Plot Armor skill . "


"That is a skill that I rigged this world for Tong . It indeed gives him benefits but it will kill his soul if we let it be . "

"Could you tell me the detail of the skill, godfather?"

Then a status menu showed up in front of Medusa . Tong's status and skill details could be seen .

Medusa was silent . Many things happened one after another . She had to regain her calm and think .

"I understand . I will prepare at once . "

"Take Friday with you too . Set her skills the same as yours and let her be Tong bodyguard . "

"Will she be okay? She doesn't have much experience in mortal worlds . "

"It's a good time to have her experiencing it now . Tong has to be away for at least 60 years . She's gonna miss him . "


"And also, we need to explain the circumstances of the changes to him, or else he will believe that we betrayed him . "

"… I understand . I'll go immediately . "

. . .

Unbeknownst to all the commotions and the undercurrent, Friday was staring at the broadcasting screen in front of her in dazed . Her brain almost stopped working .

'No! No! No! Tong!'

'Come back! Come back!'

'Someone wants to kill you . Come back!'

'How does it become like this?'

'Meddy said this Trail was tampered for Tong, but it wants to kill him . '


Her eyes were moist . Her body couldn't stop shaking .

After twenty minutes, she regained her sense with some difficulty . Her eyes were already dried .

From the teary moist eyes turned into abyssal dark eyes . In the depth of her pupils, unquenchable thirst for blood was exploding inside .

'That person …'

'Ping, is it?'

'I remember him . '

'That trash!'

'How dare him cheat!?'

'Only my Tong can cheat!'

While Friday was fuming in anger, Medusa tapped her shoulder and informed her about Morning Star's order . She spoke out her strategy .

"The Yellow Turbans are fated to doom . If there were no other sinner then Tong would be fine . But this time, Tong won't be able to change the history by himself . Ping is now aware of Tong's identity so Ping will abuse his imperial court power to hunt Tong down . "

"That trash …"

"But Tong will be fine on his own for a while, all you need to do is to reach out to Tong, remove his armor skill before his age reach 20, and then stay with him . That's all you need to do . "

"Eh? Didn't the godfather said we have to go in together? What about you?"

Medusa smiled and patted Friday's head .

"I have another thing to do . Now listen well, it's about our reincarnation . There's a trick that only administrators like us can do . "