Chapter 7 - Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Zhang Tong

December 28th, 180 AD . A small village in Julu District, Ningjin County, Zhang's family resident .

A young boy was sitting by himself on a straw mat in a small courtyard, watching his father copying some content in a scroll into another blank scroll on the table . The middle-age father was wearing a yellow Daoist robe . His hair was tied neatly .

The father finished copying the scroll, then he handed to his disciple nearby .

"This is the last one for today . Remember this content and go preach it to the people"

"Yes, brother Jiao . "

"Has Ma Yuanyi departed?"

"He has left last week . He said he was visiting Yang Province first then he would head to Jing . "

"Very well . We should start training our soldiers soon . "

The father was Zhang Jiao, the soon to be the leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion in the history of China .

The young boy that was sitting behind him, witnessing the course of the history, was none other than Tong . He was born into the Zhang's household, and was the direct descendant of Zhang Jiao .

He was now called Zhang Tong . His age was now 15 years old, about to be 16 in a few days .

Tong watched his current father and bit his lower lip . He wanted to stop his father and told him about the history or the future . But he could not do so .


**Main Mission No . 1**

Mission Clear Condition: Zhang Jiao successfully raises troops and become Yellow Turbans Rebellion Overlord .

Failure Condition: Zhang Jiao doesn't raise Yellow Turban Rebellion, or Zhang Jiao die .

Clear Reward: 1,000 years of life span . Bonus experiences for all your active skills .

Mission Failure: You will die .

System Note: You can't do shit, bro!


When he was one year-old, he received this mission . The mission, gave by the system, forced Tong to change his strategy the moment he grasped bit of power to change fate .

Tong was planning to alter the course of history, and had his father change his occupation from a shaman healer daoist into a merchant . Then both of them would move to Xiang Yang and spend the rest of their life there peacefully .

Now he had no choice but to support his father from behind . Furthermore, on January 180 AD, his fate was sealed by an announcement of a new mission .


**Main Mission No . 15**

Clear Condition: You join the Yellow Turban Rebellion Army .

Failure Condition: Time limit runs out .

Clear Reward: 1,000 years of lifespan . Bonus experiences for all your active skills .

Mission Failure: You will die .

Time Limit Remaining: 3 Years, 3 months and 3 days .

System Note: I told you that you can't do shit, bro!


Although his fate was sealed, he was still optimistic about his future .

The rewards of the two mission was very tempting . 2,000 years of lifespan and bonus EXP for active skills would always be welcomed .

Those abundant lifespan could be used to level up his [Time Stop] skill later .

But the punishment was too over the top . He would die if he failed .

"Haah … 3 more years and hell will break loose . "

Tong sighed . He knew too well what the Yellow Turban Rebellion was going to face in 3 years .

If Tong were to lead an army against the native heroes, such as Sun Jian, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, then it would be a difficult challenge .

He was only an ordinary police officer in his previous life . He had no confident about leading over 10,000 troops into a battlefield against historical figures .

Real life was never like a video game where you can see everything with bird-eye view, point out here and there and have your troops do everything .

Tong walked out of the courtyard, ignoring his father and his men, and strolled in the little village he lived in .

Everyday life here was like walking on the edge of a cliff . There were bandits everywhere . The officials turned blind eyes on the crimes and triad gangsters . Even the patrolling soldier would sometimes stormed into a random house, asking for protection money .

Moreover, he didn't forget that when he had been sent here, the mysterious messages told him that there were other 99 sinners in this world too .

Tong had no idea where they were sent, nor who were they, or what skill they had .

But Tong was not worried too much . Somehow, he had another thumb card that popped up out of nowhere when he reincarnated into this world .



Name: Zhang Tong

Age: 15

Lifespan: 380 Years

*Active Skill List*

[Time Stop] LV . 1 EXP( 1/100 )

- Stop time and space flow in your current universe for 5 seconds .

Skill Cost: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Restriction: Can only be used once per day . Skill resets at midnight .

System Note: What a shameless generic knock-off skill . You should be ashamed!

*Passive Skill List*

[Plot Armor] Cannot be leveled up

- Immune to all natural disease, poisoning and physical attacks .

- After the host become 20 years of age . The host shall be forced summoned back the Netherworld .



'All I have to do is to stay alive for another 5 years . '

'If things go south, I can always run for my life and hide for 5 years . '

'I can't be killed by normal means, so I'm safe even if I were to fight a bear with my bare hands . '

'After that I'll be going back to Hell . '

'Hahaha How irony . '

'Everyone wants to go to Heaven . But here I am wanting to go back to Hell for a booty . '

Tong was happy with the additional skill . He guessed that Medusa did something behind the scenes for him . He did "PA! PA! PA!" her foster daughter after all .

'Friday … Will she be okay back there?'

'She's probably watching me up there? Or maybe she went back to Hell to castrate some poor sod . '

'But still …'

'Why did the content of the trail turned into this?'

'Wasn't it supposed to be one world : one reincarnater?'

'The messages said "My son will kill you . " . But whose son is that?'

'Ping's mother? Is that possible?'

'Can she be that powerful enough to tamper the trail?'

'Even Medusa said even the Hell King had no right to alter the content of the trial . '

'Argh what a headache . '

Tong's feet stop in front of a small stone tomb at the back of the village . He swiped several fallen leaves away from the tombstone, weeded out some wild grasses . Then he knelt down, and pray .

"Hey mom, how're you doing?"

"Your son is doing well . Pops is still busying conspiring and scheming as usual . "

"He may be silly . But he is working very hard for everyone . "

"You don't have to worry about pops . I'll protect him . "

"So rest easy mom . "

"We'll be fine . "

Tong smiled, but his eyes sadden . He remembered the day he was born into this world . He managed to open his eyes for few seconds . But those seconds were very precious to him .

That time when Tong opened his eyes, he saw his mother . She was smiling while she was touching his little finger . Tong watched his mother closing her eyes while smiling . She never opened her eyes again since then .

'Even though I knew that everyone here was just a clone of the original world …'

'But to me … you have a soul . '

'And your soul will be living with me, forever . '

Tong stood up and walked out of the tomb . He looked at the blue clear sky and thought .

'I wonder what my parents from the previous life are doing . '

'Medusa and Friday once told me that they couldn't find them in Hell . '

'Are they in Heaven right now?'

'If you are watching me right now, you should be able to read my thought too, right?'

'Mom, dad, I love you!'

Tong didn't know . In Heaven, a pair of male and female angels were watching the broadcasting screen in front of them . They smiled as they were standing side by side, holding hands .

. . .

December 31st .

Tong was wrapping a piece of cloth on a square soft object in a warehouse within his courtyard, which was overwhelm with flowery fragrant .

The thing his Tong's hand was a block of soap . He finished testing the right formula for a fragrant soap 5 years ago . And now he was selling his hand-made soap in secret from the official eyes .

Tong didn't do nothing in these 15 years after he was sent to this world . He opened a business for an extra income for his personal pocket money, just in case he needed it during the Yellow Turban uprising .

But today, Tong didn't care about any politic or future . He was rushing his job, wrapping as many soap as he can . He was informed that an important guest of his were about to arrive .

The guest was actually an important regular customer . He showed up two years ago to buy a dozen boxes of the soap . Then he came back two to three times a year since then . He was one of the rare few that Tong had to treat him with utmost respect .

A servant walked into the warehouse and cupped her hands .

"Young master Tong, Master Hua has arrived . "

"Oh crap! I haven't finished it yet . Tell someone to go and receive him . Tell him I'll be there in a few minutes . "

The servant then rushed out .

A few minutes later, Tong rushed to the guest room, with a human-head-size cloth bag with him .

"I'm sorry I've made you wait, Master Huo . "

"Hahaha, don't be . I've just arrived here . "

The guest who was sitting in the guest room was none other than the divine doctor, Hua Tuo .