Chapter 8 - Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Hua Tuo and Hua Shi

Hua Tuo, a physician, the divine doctor . The historian recorded that he found the first anaesthetic in the Ancient China . He also excelled at diagnosis and used the combination of medicinal herbs, surgery and acupuncture to cure patients .

However, later in 208 AD, Cao Cao executed Hua Tuo for lying to Cao Cao and not willing to be Cao Cao's personal doctor . Cao Cao was suffering chronic headache for a long time, which several historians believed Cao Cao was suffering from migraine or brain tumor .

Before the execution, Hua Tuo burned down all of his medical manuscripts . But he had a change of mind later during his time in prison . He wrote down his knowledge into a scroll and passed it to a jailer . Hua Tuo said to the jailer;

"This can preserve people's lives . "

The jailer was afraid that he would be implicated and got punished if he accepted it . So he refused . Hua Tuo then burned down the scroll, and waited for the time of the execution . Majority of his knowledge were lost with his life . Only a few surgery technique, such as castration, was remained .

In front of Tong, that history figure was sitting here, chatting with him .

"Every times I see you, young master Zhang, you look healthier than ever . I really envy you . "

"Haha, but I can't be compare to you, master Hua . You still look like you are in your 20s . "

The two were exchanging pleasantry . Though they looked like they were getting along . In the mind of Hua Tuo, he was inspecting Tong .

'What a young lad . I've come here many times but I've never seen him sick . '

'Ordinary people would show signs and flaws within the skin, skin color, breathing or pulse as they were aging . '

'But he seems too perfect . His body is like a newborn baby!'

Three years ago, Hua Tuo found a wandering merchant that were selling a unique soap while he was traveling to study herbs and medicines in various regions .

As a doctor and a physician, he paid attention to his hygiene and cleanliness, so the unique soap caught his eyes . He wanted to buy the soap in bulk because he needed to use a lot .

All the so call 'soap' Hua Tuo came across before were all liquidized or was required to mix with hot water to use . They were made out of tree barks, plant ashes or crushed herbs . He had never seen a soap that could be this fragrant .

After some exchange of information, he heard that the soap was bought from somewhere in Ji Province . Hua Tuo threw away his schedule and searched for the soap's origin .

Then a year later, Hua Tuo found Tong . He was shocked that the creator was just a teen that was less than 15 year-old . Furthermore, he was unusually healthy . Tong's skin was so smooth that there was no flaw or any mark on him . He was like an ideal human!

Hua Tuo didn't know that Tong had a passive skill that made him immune to all disease, thus making him immune to the deterioration of aging .

Hua Tuo also noticed that Tong's eloquent was not that of a child, but an adult . Tong also managed the servants in his household without relying on his father .

From that point on, Hua Tuo took interest in Tong . He even asked Zhang Jiao, Tong's father, if he could take Tong as his disciple .

Zhang Jiao, as a healer shaman, he knew that a physician was a good job . So he was willing to .

Zhang Jiao was planning the rebellion for years . He didn't want to implicate his son into this .

However, Tong politely refused . Tong always wanted to be Hua Tuo's disciple, but the system missions were in the way .

Tong afraid that if he were to leave Zhang Jiao alone, an unknown otherworlder might show up out of nowhere and killed Zhang Jiao . If Zhang Jiao were to die before he raised the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Tong would die too!

Though Hua Tuo disappointed . He still came back to visit Tong two or three times a year to buy his soaps . He had to come here often because the soaps were spent quickly as he treated many patients and he also cleaned himself daily . Hua Tuo's wife and daughter also demanded that he should bring back the soap for them too .

Because of the reason, today Hua Tuo didn't come here alone . He brought his wife and his daughter with him as well .

"Come, come! Let me introduce you . This is young master Zhang Tong, the genius child I told you about . Young master Zhang, this is my wife, Zhan Ru . And this is my daughter, Hua Shi .

"Greetings Madam Zhan . Greetings young lady Hua . "

Two elegant middle age woman and a young girl with similar age as Tong was with Hua Tuo today . Tong was surprised to see them coming here .

Tong glanced at Hua Shi . She looked like an average good-looking young girl that could be found anywhere in the 21st century . But in this era, she was a rare find . The mother, Zhan Ru, was also a refined middle-age woman .

'I thought Hua Tuo was single for life . He has a wife and a child?'

There were no such names appearing in any record by the historians . Tong thought that maybe they were not significant enough to affect the politic power . So the officials who act as historians in the ancient time didn't record them .

Tong then sneak glanced at Hua Shi over and over again when he was chatting with Hua Tuo and Zhan Ru . He was being cautious of Hua Shi .

'Everyone should be reincarnated in the same year . And she was about the same age as I am . Is she an otherworlder?'

Tong smacked his forehead in his mind .

'Even if she is an otherworlder, I can't harm her . She's Hua Tuo's relative . '

'I need this connection with the divine doctor!'

'If I run into trouble, I can seek shelter from him . '

'Even if the emperor issues an imperial decree to execute the Zhang's family nine generation for rebellion, I can still be Hua Tuo disciple . Then change my surname and get away with it . '

'Though I knew that I shouldn't let my guard down . But I should try to be friendly with her . '

'If she's really an otherworlder, then we can talk it out . '

'If she's just a native local . Then all is well . '

. . .

'I thought Zhang Jiao was just a maniac shaman without a wife . He has a child?'

A thought appeared in the head of Hua Shi .

'I'm not familiar with Zhang Tong's name . He doesn't seem like one of those savage Yellow Turban bandits in the history . '

'Did he took part in the rebellion and died before he got any achievement? Or he was just a commoner merchant that wasn't recorded in the history . '

If Tong were to hear the inner thought of Hua Shi, he would be scared witless .

Hua Shi was also one of the reincarnator that was sent from Hell . However, she didn't know that there were other reincarnators like her in this world .

'But that doesn't matter . I should coax my father taking him with us . '

'He doesn't belong in the Yellow Turban Army . '

'Sending him into the army is like flushing a national treasure down the toilet . '

'After all, he has those skins …'

'So white, so smooth . '

'I can hardly stop my drooling watching him . '

'Such a first class meat is rarely to come by, especially in this era . '

'Ah … I want to taste him so bad . I feel so hungry now . '

Hua Shi's eyes were sparkling as she was scanning Tong from head to toes .

Tong felt chills run down the spine . He detected a weird killing intent aura .

'Why did I suddenly feel a chill? Cold wind?' Tong was confused .

. . .

Tong, Hua Tuo and Zhan Ru were chatting for a while and completed their business .

Hua Tuo then left Zhang resident . He bought another batch of soap from Tong and currently was loading them into his carriage .

Hua Shi walked to the side by Hua Tuo and asked .

"Father, can't you take Zhang Tong with us? It's a waste to leave him here . "

"Oh, why is it a waste?"

"Umm, he doesn't suit here? I meant he should be taken with us! This place doesn't fit him!"

Hua Shi was stumbling . She didn't know how to convey her wish . She couldn't tell her parents what she really wanted or what would happened in the future . She was restricted by the system .



Name: Hua Shi

Age: 15

Lifespan: 120 Years

*Active Skill List*

[Medical Gift] LV . 2 EXP( 35/200 )

- Diagnosis a patient and automatically find a solution for the treatment, or create a medicine for the sickness found .

- Can create two medicine tablets or 20 milligrams of liquid medicine per one use .

Skill Consumption: 10 years of the host lifespan .

Skill Usage Restriction: Can only be used when treating a patient .

System Note: A good girl? I think not!


**Main Mission No . 1**

Mission Clear Condition: Do not tell anyone about the future events until the end of December, 180AD .

Failure Condition: You blew a whistle like you were wi**leaks .

Clear Reward: 1,000 years of life span . Bonus experiences for all your active skills .

Mission Failure: You will die .

System Note: You can't do shit, girl!


Just like Tong, she was restricted by the system . The first mission she received threatened to kill her if she revealed the secrets .

Hua Shi was aware of the existence of the Heaven and Hell . She doesn't want to go back to Hell again . Therefore, she tried her best to live like an ordinary good citizen in this era . And she played along with the history trends for 15 years .

'Ah, what should I tell them? I don't know anymore . '

'I just want to eat him …'

'His fresh, his blood, his guts, his heart, his liver …'

'What a pity . '

Though Hua Shi tried her best to be a good citizen and not committing any sinful acts, she couldn't suppress her desire when she saw Tong's perfect healthy body .

In her previous life, she was sent to Hell because she had a certain hobby, a disgusting taste for the humanity .

She enjoyed cannibalism .