Chapter 3 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 3 The acciden

As Jake pushed his chair off the path of his home, he began to think what to do for the rest of the year.

His birthday was at the beginning of the year and the vacation from work at the end, so since his mother died, Jake decided how he would spend the year with the end of his planning for the holidays.

In recent years Jake tried his best to learn a new language so that by the end of the year he could go to that chosen country to travel and complete his apprenticeship.

This year he wanted a challenge and decided to learn Japanese and go to Japan on vacation, as the format of the letters was different it would be challenging to learn the language in a year.

Plus this was like a mental breakout, and a kind of focus on one thing not to get depressed.

And also, when he could learn the language a great sense of reward would be felt by Jake, since he started with this, Jake learned that he was very competitive.

As he pushed his chair distracted along the sidewalk, suddenly a car came at high speed and off the lane went toward Jake.

When Jake realized the danger was already too late and the car hit his chair and sent it flying out the window of a nearby store.

The driver of the car seemed to be dead before hitting Jake, had a heart attack while driving and the car lost control.

Once again the lack of luck crossed Jake's path as he adjusted his life.

The store that Jake entered when he suffered the accident seemed abandoned and the street that was near his house was empty at this time of day, so no one noticed the accident that happened.

Jake who had been thrown was still alive and did not feel pain, was numb, he could not believe that he had suffered another accident like this in the same life.

When Jake turned his head to the side he saw that it was full of blood where he was and he did not feel pain perhaps for losing the senses.

"Really a bit of luck, to die on one's birthday yet for an accident like that," said Jake discouraged.

"In a way this is a form of release for me, and I have no one to worry about even."

As time passed Jake was staring at the street, even a deserted street like this someone should have passed by and called an ambulance, it seems that fate really wanted him to die.

"Could it be that after living a life like this I could really say that I was happy?" Jake said as he stared absently into the street.

"I can say that I lived fully while I could, I did what I wanted as allowed by my limitations, and I had a good mother."

Still while awaiting his death Jake did not resent the life he lived, he only knew he had to accept his fate, if he had one thing he resented was his bad luck.

"But can I say that I was truly happy?"