Chapter 2 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 2 A Normal Day 2

More that makes Jake sad, it's the fact that his talent is wasted.

After his mother died, Jake was much sadder than when he found he could not walk.

Especially when I heard it was from depression.

Just so Jake found that his mother was great at hiding what she feels, she normally smiles at him and he has never seen her cry since she was a teenager.

More in fact she was saving everything for her.

After that to try to cheer on Jake, one of his friends who played basketball in college told Jake to play with him.

When Jake played at school he tried to play basketball for a while, but for always having a great time

they made him play center, or other positions of strength, and he scored only a few points and did not defend well.

Although he knew that he lacked training, he realized that he had no talent for the position he played in and after that he never tried again.

More without being able to use his legs, what he could do in basketball was to just throw and pass.

What his friend and even Jake realized was that he actually had a great talent for pitching and passing, which he did not do in high school because of his tall stature.

Because you have to have a lot of talent so that without training, you can shoot 3 points without jumping.

Still, he liked the feeling of scoring 3 and continued training.

So Jake kept pushing his chair across the park, he was satisfied with his life, he is still alive, had his house paid, a good job that does not pay much more, he does not spend much either.

He had a whole house furnished and could even buy a car more like he could not drive he had stored in the bank, on his vacation he would sometimes make a trip to other countries.

As he was very alone at home he tried to learn other languages, he spoke in addition to English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, everything he learned alone.

Then on every vacation he went to a country, which he dominated the language to visit.

He too enjoyed the stock market, he studied many past trades a lot and made a lot of money by investing.

He also liked to cook, as he ate alone he did a lot of research on cooking and nowadays he prefers to eat his own food at other restaurants.

He enjoyed acting, too, although he did it himself, you would do several plays like a monologue.

Whenever he finished learning something he would go to another, he did not want to sit still to think about bad things.

But today was his birthday, instead of celebrating today he took the day to look at the past and glimpse a possible future.

Today he had already gone to the graveyard to see his mother, had also gone to the restaurant where his mother worked to eat his favorite waffles that he always ate when his mother worked there.

Then he went to the community center to see the children and young people playing basketball.

And he got to the park, now that the sun was up, it was time to go home.

"Tomorrow starts the second half of my life," Jake said decisively.