Chapter 1 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 1 A Normal Day 1

He found himself pushing his wheelchair through the park, today was his day off and he just wanted to get a rest for his head.

Normally Jake would be practicing his pitches more today was a special day, it was Jake's 40th birthday.

More like he had lived alone since his mother died when he was 25, he was not going to celebrate, after going through the graveyard Jake just wanted to push his chair and spin around.

He had some friends from the small office where he had worked since the 22 plus they would do more harm than good me one day like this, he did not want looks of pity today.

Jake has always been a positive person in his life, never depressed and always accepted everything that fate gave him.

Plus he could be considered a person with no luck.

He was a healthy person and loved running before he was 20, always very good at his studies and popular with the girls.

With his 1.85 in height while he was in school, he was always called to participate in sports activities, especially basketball.

More like he only lived with his mother and he was not talented, Jake did not like to play and always did part-time jobs to help with the expenses of the house.

His father died when Jake was only 2 years old and his mother worked as a waitress in a restaurant near the house.

When his father died his mother who was only 20 seemed to wither with the sadness and pressure of having to raise Jake alone.

So Jake was always sensible and did not ask for many things and had no way to pay for college.

After finishing high school Jake decided to try a scholarship to help her mother more while driving home by bus, a runaway truck ended up hitting the bus right in the middle at high speed.

Many people on the bus died the most Jake survived, but ended up with broken and crippled spine for life.

After months at the hospital Jake was very depressed but always forced a smile in front of his mother, who got even worse after Jake's accident.

A few years later Jake mentally recovered from his accident and started working at the small company that works to this day and for a while things went well.

More after a few years her mother died sleeping, then found that she reached the peak of

depression more in front of Jake looked good.

It seems that Jake's paralysis was the fatal blow to her.

Jake had to continue living and as always was positive ended up finding a way to live happily.

His company friends in the beginning after his mother's death tried to get some dates for Jake, who despite being wheelchair-bound was still considered handsome with his blond hair like his father's and brown eyes like his mother's.

The more they discovered by Jake that the accident had left him powerless, so even the chance to marry and build his family was taken away.