Chapter 9 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 9 Preparing for the Future 4

Jake in his soul was already an old man, and after many disappointments in his life he hardly had dreams or desires, what he often did was set goals, that's how he studied a lot, learned about the stock market and talked several languages, in his goals he gave himself rewards like making a trip on his vacation, so when he said he wanted to become a basketball player before he almost died and won a lot of titles, that became a conviction in Jake's mind, so even without remembering the system Jake was already making plans to play basketball, especially when he was still young and had so much talent for basketball.

A basketball player's career is not very long, he would play at the most until age 35 and then look for something else to do, so Jake wanted to do his university, plus the money he can earn in 15 years of career is very more than many win in a lifetime, if he is to play for an NBA team.

Even more so after the system said that he could choose other jobs later, so he became more motivated, what he wanted in this life was to be happy, so with basketball he would fulfill many of his desires, use his legs to the maximum, successful career and would give a good life to his mother who suffered so much.

[Okay, now your first job will be basketball player, I've already swept through your body and discovered all your talents and put in a window called skills, these skills usually start at level F and increase rank the more you train this skill, the maximum is SS, so try to learn as many skills as possible to increase your quest skills.]

"Understood, can you show me my skills table now?"

[Of course, what position do you intend to play?]

"I thought about it, I have a lot of talent in pitching, balls 2 and 3 for me are not a problem, but in the short time I played despite not having training, I realized that I have no talent to play near the bottle and neither in the defense, and because at the time I could not walk I never trained in other things that did not skills with the ball and pitches, in passes I think I have talent so the ideal position for me is Point Guard."

[I agree with you, now I'll show you your total statistics.]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 10 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: Primary School Player]

[Position: PG]

[Height: 1.31 m]

[Weight: 35 Kg]

[Force 3]

[Agility 4]

[Resistance 2]

[Intelligence 45]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]

[Body Control D]

[Man to Man F]

[Dribble F]

[Layup F]

[Set Shot SS]

[Block F]

[Goes by]

[Rebound F]

[2 Points C]

[3 Points C]

[Free-Throws SS]


"I did not like the elementary school player's title, am I at a much higher level than that, and why are my abilities so weak compared to an elementary student?"

[This data is compared to the best elementary school player in the world, think how many parents out there were not great players, coaches or wealthy families and want your child to be a great player in the future, these children train since the age of 6 , your skills are low because you have never trained, anyone who has trained knows more than you, you are great and control ball, jump without jump and free throws, but in passes you did not learn to walk with the ball and never had to feeling of how other players move, then your passes are not perfect, as for the pitches of 2 and 3 you did not learn to throw jumping or throwing with the prey of taking a stump, then you only have one C.]

Hearing what the system said Jake actually realized his flaws, he still had a long way to go in the basketball world, but now he could see the path with many arrows, this was the right way to go and the easy way out of all the other players had, if even he did not become a great player, then he would admit that he chose the wrong way.