Chapter 10 - Be Happy With Sports

Chapter 10 Training Time 1

The next day, after breakfast with his mother Jake returned to his running training, he had to make the most of this school vacation time, because later he would be arrested at school, Jake would just sit in the room and pretend to listen, because he knew everything that was being taught, plus he would still have to go to school.

After the opening of the system Jake finally found his goal, the system as he had already said could easily scan Jake's body so he would know how much time he had to do how many pushups among other things to be able to gain statistics points.

So Jake felt more motivated because he could see his effort bearing fruit in numbers, moreover, he could train to the maximum without worrying about injuries because the system would warn him when to stop, yet the system said that even with this training of great effort would take 10 days to gain a point in his physical statistics, as for the intelligence he gave up, he would read some books from time to time, because with the large amount of intelligence he has the system said it would take months to raise a point , and Jake did not want to waste time on it for now, he needed to improve his physique to be compared to an adult to be able to train the real basketball, so he was grateful that he was sent back again, so it would give time before he got old to play on a good basketball team.


While Jake was struggling in his training his mother Eva looked at him with concern, she knew it was not right to leave Jake alone at home while going to work, even if the restaurant was close to home his son could run some kind of danger. Jake was never a boy to make friends and the few friends he had separated after they had finished the old phase of school, so Jake usually stayed home on his vacation, but now these days Jake has left more home, at the beginning Eva was very happy to see her son leaving home and going to the park, she thought that Jake was making friends, but later some gossiping friends of her said that Jake always runs alone, he runs until he falls out of fatigue and that sometimes he does pushups , this is not a normal thing a boy his age do, the worst of it is that they said that sometimes when Jake looks at him to the void and laughs like a madman.

Eva was really worried that Jake was crazy, although she did not stay home much, she was still his mother, so of course she had noticed that her son had changed in the last few days, but that change had been for the better, he was cleaning the house , was less rebellious, made food and was much more affectionate. More after hearing what he was doing made her worried, although it was good to help him at home and be more obedient he was still a child, he should not mature so early, he might be missing his father.

When Eva thought about Jake's father she started to cry, she loved him a lot, and he died so soon, so suddenly, she was heartbroken, it was as if her world had collapsed, if she had not Jake, she would probably have died of depression, but for her son she had to be strong, she buried this pain deep in her heart, Eva never looked sad or would cry in front of her son, so Jake never discovered that she was like this until the death of her mother .

Eva's dream was to see Jake be happy and succeed, her son's accomplishment was hers, as to her old dream of having a restaurant of her own she forgot, not even Jake knew about it.

So Eve decided it was time to have a good conversation with her son.