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Lin Tian confirmed without hesitation when the system window popped up.

In the next moment, Silver Wolf’s body trembled violently, and countless rays of white light shot out from its body.

The white light enveloped the entire chicken coop, and in an instant, the chicken coop was completely silent. Not long after, the white light dissipated, and most of the chickens in the chicken coop fell to the ground.

In the middle, a silver-white wolf half the height of a man crawled.


Silver Wolf stood up and howled towards the sky.

The deep howl of the wolf was like a subwoofer. It was extremely loud, and even Lin Tian, who was not too far away, felt his head buzz.

The entire chicken coop was shaking violently,

At this moment, the chickens were like hit by the hammers. They were lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth. There were some chickens barely able to resist and jump up and down.

Overall, the Silver Wolf’s appearance didn’t change much. It still had silver-white fur, its limbs became stronger, and its sharp fangs remained unchanged.

When it stood up, its body size had doubled, and it was now as tall as Lin Tian.

Lin Tian couldn’t believe that the magical beast in front of him was actually his Silver Wolf.

If it was not for those familiar eyes, he would not even able to recognize it.

“Xiao Hui!”

Lin Tian called out tentatively, and the Silver Wolf instantly turned into a silver lightning bolt. In an instant, it arrived in front of Lin Tian.

It threw Lin Tian to the ground and stuck out its tongue to lick his face. Its actions were very intimate.

One had to know that the distance between Lin Tian and it was not close. In the end, the Silver Wolf’s speed surprised him.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully leveling up the Silver Wolf. Current level: Black iron (low-grade)]

[ Magical beast attribute panel is being generated. Skill being generated… ]

[ Ding, successfully generated. magical beast Silver Wolf obtained skill: Silver Claw (black iron)]

[ Magical beast ] : Silver Wolf

[ Level ] : Black Iron (low-grade)

[ Rarity ] : Normal

[ Talent ] : Wolf Nature (normal)

[ Skills ] : Silver Claw (black iron)

[ Note ] Wolf Nature: Wolves move together, they can increase their combat strength.

[ Note ] Silver Claw: When wolf claws contain Silver Claw energy when attacking, increasing their attack power.

A magical beast’s attribute panel appeared in front of Lin Tian.

Lin Tian glanced at it and felt that the system was quite human-like.

“I think this is only a part of the system’s authority!” Lin Tian nodded after confirming it. However, with this attribute panel, he would have a more intuitive feedback on Silver Wolf Xiao Hui’s strength.

One had to know that before the Silver Wolf evolved, other than its innate racial talent, it didn’t have anything else.

Now, not only did it break through to black-iron level, but it also brought along a black-iron skill.

At the thought of this, Lin Tian could not help but look at the chicken coop. There were still many chickens in the chicken coop.

Night slowly fell, and the bright moon hung high in the sky.

When the bright moon shone on the Silver Wolf’s body, its fur shimmered like water.

When the light shone on the Silver Wolf’s claws, its claws actually reflected a silver light towards Lin Tian’s eyes.

Lin Tian’s eyes narrowed.

Silver Claws.

Could it be?

Lin Tian began to ponder over the Silver Wolf’s black-iron rank skill for a while. Then, he immediately said, “Xiao Hui, use the Silver Claws!”

He gave the order.

However, the Silver Wolf Xiao Hui stood rooted to the ground. Its eyes looked at Lin Tian blankly. It seemed that even it did not understand what skill it had mastered.

“Xiao Hui, attack!”

However, Lin Tian quickly changed the order. He already had his own judgment in his heart.

At the same time, after hearing the familiar order, the Silver Wolf Xiao Hui happily roared. Then, it turned into a silver lightning bolt and crashed into the chicken coop.

“Cluck Cluck Cluck!”

“Cluck Cluck Cluck!”

In an instant, the chickens flew up. Xia Hui waved the wolf claws in its hand, emitting a silver-white light that lit up the entire chicken coop.

When it reached for the chickens as usual, the chickens were instantly torn to pieces.

It did not even need to use too much strength.

In an instant, a bloody smell spread out.

“Cluck Cluck Cluck!”

Along with the silvery-white light and the cries of the chickens, blood flowed like a river in the chicken coop.

If it was not for the fact that the chicken coop itself was sturdy, the Silver Claws would have destroyed the entire chicken coop. The walls of the chicken coop were covered in claw marks.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing a rooster. Experience point + 1. ]

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for hitting… ]

[ Ding… ]

A series of pop-ups filled Lin Tian’s mind.

As the Silver Wolf had already broken through to black-iron level, it could only gain 1 experience point from killing the rooster.

However, the damage dealt by the Silver Wolf’s Silver Claws alone had already surpassed most of his classmates.

In addition to the tearing effect of the Silver Claw…

Lin Tian took a deep breath. The current Silver Wolf was already infinitely close to the school’s first tier. This was the result of the first level up.

If Xiao Hui leveled up again, it might be able to surpass the first tier.

“Xiao Hui, after we finish today, we’ll change places tomorrow. We won’t have to suffer like this anymore!”

Lin Tian said with a smile. He could tell that Xiao Hui was also excited about the increase in its strength.

It was not only because of the increase in its strength, but also because it wanted to vent all the emotions that it had been suppressing for so many years.

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Silver Wolf’s eyes flashed with excitement.


The Silver Wolf Xiao Hui worked even harder to kill these chickens.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing a rooster. Experience points + 1]

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing… ]

[ Ding… ]

It was late at night.

According to Silver Wolf’s current efficiency, Lin Tian felt that there was no problem at all. His drowsiness also started to come, and he fell asleep.

In front of him, the system was still flashing a pop-up window, but it did not disturb his rest.


After an unknown amount of time, Lin Tian woke up to find that the chicken coop had been miraculously emptied.

The surroundings were filled with the corpses of the chickens, and Silver Wolf had long since crouched beside Lin Tian, accompanying him.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing 100,000 roosters. You have obtained 1 evolution point! ]

[ Experience points maxed out. Do you wish to level up Silver Wolf immediately? ]

Experience points maxed out again?

When he looked outside, he realized that it was already dawn.

“It has already been a night?”

Only then did Lin Tian realize that he had slept the entire night.

[ Do you wish to level Silver Wolf to middle-grade black iron? ]

The system’s pop-up window appeared once again.

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