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Lin Tian immediately chose to confirm.

As Lin Tian’s voice rang out, Silver Wolf’s body once again burst out with a white light. Following that, the entire chicken coop was instantly enveloped. After a period of time, the light dissipated.

[ Ding, Silver Wolf has leveled up. Current level: Black Iron (middle-grade)]

[ Ding, successfully generated. Magical beast Silver Wolf acquired skill: Silver Claw (black iron)]

At this moment, a huge silver-white figure stood in front of Lin Tian. It was already more than two meters tall.

Lin Tian stood beside it like a child. The highest he could reach was Silver Wolf’s chin.

The change in size gave Silver Wolf a sense of oppression.

At the same time, Silver Wolf’s fur also underwent an earth-shattering change. The originally soft wolf fur suddenly became hard, and at the same time, it began to glow with a silvery-white light.

The wolf fur was incomparably sharp. Even when it was daybreak, it was still shinning.

Its wolf’s claws became even harder and sharper.

After it reached middle-grade black iron-level, its body had improved greatly. However, Lin Tian was quite curious about the new black iron skill.

“Could it be related to the fur on its body?”

Lin Tian could not help but wonder. He quickly opened the magical beast attribute panel. This time, the Silver Wolf had gained another skill.

The [ Silver Blade ] had undoubtedly raised the Silver Wolf’s attack power to another level.

Lin Tian could not wait to test the Silver Wolf’s current strength.

All the chickens in the chicken coop had died. Currently, the only things in the chicken coop that could be used for him to test were the three large rocks outside.

“Xiao Hui, let’s go!”

Lin Tian could not think much and brought the Silver Wolf Xiao Hui out of the chicken coop.

“Xiao Hui, Attack!”

He guided Xiao Hui to grab a rock. Xiao Hui’s wolf claws once again emitted a silver-white light.

Under the effect of the Silver Claw, a rock was torn into pieces. Then, from the Silver Claw, two streaks of silvery-white energy were contained.

Silver Wolf waved two crescent-shaped energy blades in the air. It directly destroyed the rocks in front of it.

Lin Tian did not expect that this upgrade would actually allow him to completely widen the gap between him and an ordinary person.

Magical beasts that could release energy attacks were basically rare in quality. They could be considered the elites at the bottom of the country.

Evolution points?

Suddenly, the system reminded Lin Tian that he still had unused evolution points. He could not wait to open the host’s stats panel.

[ Host ] : Lin Tian

[ Level ] : middle-grade black iron

[ Magical beast 1 ] : Silver Wolf

[ Evolution point ] : 1

Obviously, his attributes were not as gorgeous as the Silver Wolf’s stats panel. However, that one evolution point made Lin Tian overjoyed.

One evolution point that could only be obtained by 100,000 chickens, what effect would it have?

“System, evolve Silver Wolf!”

[ Ding, detected that 1 evolution point has not been allocated. Do you wish to evolve Silver Wolf? ]


Lin Tian chose to confirm without hesitation.


Silver Wolf next to him suddenly let out a low howl of pain. Then, countless cracks appeared on its huge body, and countless rays of white light shot out from these cracks.

Immediately after, a mark of the crescent moon shot out from Silver Wolf’s forehead. The silver-white light on its body was like flowing water, and it began to gather on its forehead.

Not long after, the crescent moon mark gathered the silver-white light and began to feed it back to Silver Wolf.

The cracks on its body began to heal, and its fangs became more solid. At the same time, its limbs became stronger, and its claws became sharper.

The mark of the crescent moon was imprinted on Silver Wolf’s forehead.

[ Ding, evolution successful. Current grade: Rare: Silver Moon Wolf ]

[ Ding, generation successful. Magical beast Silver Wolf obtained talent: Moon Agility (black iron)]

The system window rang again. He did not expect the Silver Wolf’s grade to rise to rare on its first evolution.

He opened the magical beast attributes panel again.

[ Mirage Beast ] : Silver Moon Wolf

[ Level ] : Middle-grade black iron

[ Grade ]: Rare

[ Talent ] : Wolf Nature (normal) , Moon Agility (rare)

[ Skills ] : Silver Claw (black iron) , Silver Blade (black iron)

[ Note ] : Silver Blade: The wolf claw attack carries silver blade damage

[ Note ] : Moon Agility: The silver fur increases agility on the moonlit night

At the same time, he looked at Silver Wolf beside him.

No wonder it had changed so much just now. Its body was still emitting a bright moon-like glow. When he rubbed the wolf’s fur, he could even see the sparkling light.

As expected, it was because of the talent [ Moon Agility ] that Silver Wolf’s body had undergone a huge change. At the same time, at night, its agility would increase.

Early in the morning, most of the workers from the slaughterhouse had arrived. Supervisor Wang was especially early today.

Supervisor Wang still remembered that little brat, Lin Tian, had his workload doubled yesterday. When he got off work, he had even seen Lin Tian in the chicken coop.

When he thought of this, his chubby face could not help but tremble. He was looking forward to Lin Tian’s performance too much.

After all, Supervisor Wang knew Lin Tian and that useless Silver Wolf’s strength too well. If he gave Lin Tian one more night, he might not be able to finish it.

Supervisor Wang rushed to the chicken shed happily. However, the moment he opened the chicken shed, a pile of chicken feathers flew out.

Under the dim light, there was actually no sign of a chicken.

Only the strong smell of blood and the blood on the ground indicated what had happened in the chicken coop last night.

At this moment, Lin Tian changed his clothes and walked over.

“Where are the chickens?”

Supervisor Wang was a little angry. With Lin Tian’s strength, it was impossible for him to kill all the chickens in one night.


Absolutely impossible.

“They have all been put into the slaughtering machine!”

Lin Tian patted the dust off his clothes.

“Impossible. With your strength, you can kill all the chickens in one night?”

“Did you hire someone to do all the work for you?”

“I’m warning you, I won’t pay you a single cent!”

Supervisor Wang had one hand on his waist and the other pointed at Lin Tian. His face was filled with anger and his saliva was flying out.

However, when the magical beast mark in Lin Tian’s hand lit up with a white light, Supervisor Wang’s face turned green.

A two-meter-tall silver-white hill appeared behind Lin Tian.


The huge Silver Wolf widened its bell-like eyes and growled at Supervisor Wang.

“Tick, Tick, Tick!”

Its crystal-clear saliva dripped down, as if Supervisor Wang was a tasty fat meat.

“You… you… you…”

Silver Wolf only moved its body, which scared Supervisor Wang so much that he fell to the ground and pointed at Lin Tian while trembling.

“Supervisor Wang, where’s the work? I’ve finished it. I’ll settle my salary later.”

“In addition, from today onwards, I quit.” Lin Tian looked at Supervisor Wang on the ground, smiled, and then said with a smile.

Supervisor Wang wanted to say something, but when he saw Silver Wolf, he didn’t dare to say anything?

“Good, good. I, I’ll settle your salary immediately!”

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