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The nests of the black devil bugs were usually underground. Just now, Wang Hao had already used the Explosive Black Bear to open up a path.

The members of the cleaning team only needed to go in. It had to be said that the nest of the black devil bugs was very narrow, and only one person could enter at a time.

Moreover, the walls were very damp and dark, so dark that one could not see the bottom. If not for the Explosive Black Bear opening up a path in front, their magical beasts would not be able to enter.


The Explosive Black Bear growled once again. At the same time, its paw pressed against the wall, and the flames burned the damp wall.

“Zap! Zap! Zap!”

The flames rapidly burned the edge of the wall. At the same time, it lit up the entire black devil bug’s nest. The flames spread for a kilometer before they could see the open area.

After Wang Hao finished cleaning up the black devil bugs on the walkway, the cleaning team found an underground space the size of a football field.

The walls of this underground space were full of holes, and in front of them, there was an even darker hole, so deep that one could not see the bottom.

The holes on the walls began to emit black smoke, but the hole in front of them did not move at all.

The bug king was probably inside.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

The black devil bugs swarmed out from these holes at the same time. One had to know that the entire underground space was the size of a football field.

One could imagine how shocking the number of these black devil bugs was.

There might be 10,000 or even 100,000 black devil bugs.

“Everyone, be on guard!”

Wang Hao growled. It seemed that they had come to the right place. This nest was well-developed.

Very soon, the clearing team was standing back-to-back. They summoned magical beasts to guard in front of them.


With Wang Hao’s order, all the magical beasts rushed out. Silver Wolf turned into a silver-white lightning bolt, and the mark of the crescent moon on its forehead lit up.

In the entire underground space, besides the seven-colored light, there were also specks of light and shadows that appeared like stars in the sky.

Following that, Silver Wolf’s claws attacked, and three to four Silver Blades broke through the shells of these black devil bugs, and they died tragically in an instant.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing one black devil bug (for every 10,000 killed, you will receive 1 evolution point)]

[ Ding… ]

[ Ding… ]

As the Silver Wolf’s attack frequency increased, the system’s pop-up window also jumped faster.

In almost a second, three to four pop-ups could be seen, and the experience points increased rapidly.

[ The experience points are full. Would you like to upgrade the Silver Wolf’s level immediately? ]

Soon, the Silver Wolf’s experience bar was full. Lin Tian chose to level up without hesitation.

A silver light burst out from Silver Wolf’s body, and its body changed again.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully leveling up Silver Wolf. Current level: Black iron (high-grade)]

[ Ding, the black-iron skill Wolf Howling Bomb is being upgraded. ]

Lin Tian quickly opened the Silver Wolf’s attributes panel.

[ Magical beast ] : Silver Moon Wolf

[ Level ] : Black iron (high-grade)

[ Grade ] : Rare

[ Talent ] : Wolf Nature (normal), Moon Agility (rare)

[ Skills ] : Silver Claw (black iron) , Silver Blade (black iron) , Wolf Howling Bomb (black iron)

[ Note ] : Wolf Howling Bomb: Condenses the power of moonlight and spits out a powerful energy cannon.

The Silver Wolf leveled up once again, and Lin Tian was extremely gratified.

[ Ding, congratulations to the host for killing 10,000 black devil bugs, obtaining 1 evolution point! ]

Before Lin Tian could react, the system’s pop-up window reminded him once again.

He did not expect that the Silver Wolf had already killed over 10,000 black devil bugs in a short period of time, and there were only a few black devil bugs left in the underground space.

Lin Tian originally wanted to test the power of the wolf howl bomb, but it seemed that he didn’t have the chance yet.

“Continue moving forward.”

At this moment, Wang Hao gave an order to go deeper into the area to clean up. As long as that bug king wasn’t eliminated, the black devil bug nest wouldn’t be eliminated.

Lin Tian and the others followed behind. Lin Tian was very excited. After all, this was his first time seeing a bronze level magical beast.

“Xiao Hui, you must be very excited too, right?”

Lin Tian rubbed Silver Wolf’s fur. It had grown to three meters tall and was even stronger.

There was a huge difference from before.

Silver Wolf responded to Lin Tian with a low growl. The cleaning team went deeper as they cleaned up.

After walking for another 500 meters, the field opened up again, and there was a dim green light shining on it.

“Thump thump, thump thump!”

There was actually the sound of a beating heart coming from inside. Wang Hao raised his hand, indicating for the cleaning team to not make any noise.

The cleaning team entered another open space, and a huge beetle-like existence appeared in front of them.

This was a magical beast that was emitting a glossy black light and had a huge pair of pincers on its head. It looked like a black devil bug, but it was not one.

[ Magical beast ] : Dark Pincer

[ Grade ] : Rare

[ Level ] : Bronze (quasi-middle-grade)

[ Talent ] : Berserk (rare)

[ Skills ] : Savage Charge (black iron) , Reinforced Iron Bone (bronze) , Lethal Poison Gas (black iron) , Steel Pincers (bronze)

Lin Tian checked its status panel. It was indeed the king of the black devil bug, and it had already transformed into a black devil bug.

Its level was actually close to middle-grade bronze level. Moreover, it had a total of four skills. It was probably very difficult to deal with.

Lin Tian and the rest had discovered the Dark Pincer. At the same time, the Dark Pincer had also noticed them. They saw its shiny carapace was emitting a red light. The aura of the entire insect immediately rose up.

“Buzz buzz!”

It flapped its huge black wings and transformed into a ray of black light as it rushed forward.

“Everyone, attack!”

Wang Hao did not expect the Dark Pincer to actually launch an attack. He took the lead and charged forward. Lin Tian and the others also went forward to confront it.

However, how could an ordinary magical beast be a match for this crazy Dark Pincer? The Dark Pincer grabbed the Explosive Black Bear and flapped their wings, crashing into the wall.


The entire nest was trembling violently. The Dark Pincer’s strength was extremely great. The attacks of other magical beasts could not harm its carapace at all.

Wang Hao frowned.

Just relying on the strength of the magical beasts was not enough.

“Explosive Black Bear, come back!”

“Armor transformation!” Wang Hao roared.

Explosive Black Bear turned into a large amount of black light and enveloped Wang Hao.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Everyone could hear the heartbeat sounds coming from Wang Hao’s direction.


Following the furious roar of the Explosive Black Bear, the illusory head of the black bear turned into a black bear totem.

Waves of greenish-green light appeared on Wang Hao’s body. These greenish illusory powers slowly lifted him into the air. Following that, the black bear totem was imprinted on his chest.


Along with a resounding sound, the entire nest shook. A wave of greenish air exploded from Wang Hao’s body, as if it had ignited the entire nest. Waves after waves of raging flames broke through the restraints of the earth and gushed out, dyeing the entire nest red.

Wang Hao’s fist swung forward, and the air emitted crackling sounds. The muscles on his arm rapidly expanded, and the Explosive Black Bear’s body turned into red light, covering Wang Hao’s body.

A layer of fiery red standard armor appeared on Wang Hao’s body, and the green-colored illusory power instantly turned into raging flames that surrounded his body.

Wang Hao’s eyes stared at the black pincers in front of him. His body moved and fell like a burning meteorite. In an instant, he broke the speed of sound.



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