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The Dark Pincer was directly hit by Wang Hao. The flames quickly wrapped around it, and a huge pit appeared in the ground. In an instant, the earth shook.

The Dark Pincer was knocked away, causing a wave of dust.

Lin Tian squinted his eyes. Just now, Silver Wolf tried its best to attack the Dark Pincer, but it didn’t leave any marks on the Dark Pincer.

However, as soon as Wang Hao attacked, he left a dent on the shell of the Dark Pincer. It even started to crack.

“Is this the armored envoy?”

Lin Tian was shocked by the power of the armored envoy.

However, Wang Hao had already attacked again. After he was armored, every step he took dented a hole on the ground.

He walked towards the Dark Pincer step by step. At this moment, the Dark Pincer aimed at Wang Hao. It spread its wings again, flew up and then swooped down.

A lot of black gas came out of the Dark Pincer’s body, and its speed became faster and faster. Then, it began to spin, and even turned into a black tornado.

Wang Hao focused his eyes, and the muscles on his arm tightened. He stretched out his hand, intending to take this move head-on.


The black tornado rammed straight at Wang Hao. Wang Hao’s hands were burning with flames, and he directly caught the black tornado.

When the two forces collided, a red light flashed in Wang Hao’s eyes.


He shouted loudly as he exerted more strength with his arms. His entire body burning with scorching flames, raising the temperature of the originally dark and cold nest.

The black tornado gradually stopped spinning, and Wang Hao’s hands actually grabbed the two claws of the Dark Pincer.

The power of the Dark Pincer’s claws was enough to mount the five-meter-tall Explosive Black Bear on the wall. In the end, not only did Wang Hao catch it, but he also didn’t even take half a step back.


It was really too unbelievable.

The Dark Pincer didn’t seem to be a match for Wang Hao at all. It was toyed with by him. Wang Hao used all his strength to grab the two claws.

“Exploding Heaven Flames!”

Wang Hao growled. Everyone could see that his hands were actually starting to explode. At the same time, the red and yellow light became brighter and brighter.

The veins on his arms were exposed. His entire arm was wrapped in green gas, and then it turned into a raging flame.

Countless cracks appeared on his arm, and then an even more intense flame erupted. The entire nest instantly turned into a sea of fire.


A loud explosion sounded in front of Wang Hao, and a strong light instantly engulfed the entire nest.

In the end, Lin Tian only saw a flame rapidly engulfing the Dark Pincer, and then it was also engulfed by the strong light.

The cave where the Dark Pincer was located had already been torn into pieces. Soil began to fall continuously, and the nest began to become unstable.

When the strong light faded, Lin Tian and the others could only feel their ears buzzing. Then, they saw that only the charred Dark Pincer were left in Wang Hao’s hands.

The red armor on Wang Hao’s body had been blown away by the wind and returned to its original appearance.

He threw the Dark Pincer onto the ground, and it turned into ashes.

After dealing with the Dark Pincer, the cleaning team cleaned up the remaining Black Devil Bugs before leaving the nest.

When they left, the black devil bug nest had already started to collapse and no longer existed.

“Little boy, your name is Lin Tian, right?”

After everything was settled, Wang Hao came in front of Lin Tian. He scratched his head and actually still had a simple and honest look on his face. He no longer had the imposing manner he had when he was in the nest.

“Your future achievements will definitely be extraordinary. Of course, I can’t hold you back. However, as long as you are free, you will always have a place in our team.”

Lin Tian’s performance was too perfect. Wang Hao could not help but love his talent.


Li Feng and the rest were shocked.

Their captain Wang Hao would never casually invite a stranger to join his team. It was one thing to invite him, but he had actually lowered his status.

“Little Tian, what do you think?”

The other teammates poked Li Feng with their elbows. After Li Feng was pushed out, he said with a smile.

He couldn’t make a decision for Lin Tian, right?

Lin Tian thought for a moment and felt that it was pretty good.

He had gained a lot today. Li Feng and the others had taught him a lot, and it was also much more convenient to go out into the wild with a team.

“Thank you, Brother Hao. Thank you, Li Feng. I’m willing to join the team!”

After Lin Tian expressed his gratitude, it was already late. The few of them returned to the city.

After Lin Tian returned home, he still couldn’t forget about the armored envoy.

Wang Hao’s battle had shocked him too much.

It should be known that when the Explosive Black Bear was fighting against the black devil bugs, those bugs didn’t even have any chance to fight back. In the end, after Wang Hao used armor transformation, he hung it up and hammered it.

The increase in strength of an armored envoy was really a little subversive to his imagination.

“But how can I cultivate my illusory power?”

Lin Tian lay on the bed and stretched out his hand towards the ceiling, deep in thought.

He was just an ordinary high school student now. If he could really figure out how to cultivate his illusory power on his own, the streets would already be filled with armored envoys.

To cultivate his illusory power, he needed a special method. Even if he had money, he might not be able to get his hands on such a special method.

Ordinary people were even more clueless.

“Is there no other way?”

After thinking about it, Lin Tian was clueless as well. He sighed.

Since the unorthodox method did not work, he could only pass the college entrance examination. The difference between college and society was that colleges would teach special methods to allow students to cultivate their illusory power.

As long as he went to university, Lin Tian would be able to become an armored envoy, and everything would be easy.

But now, he still had to face a very big problem.

That was time.

There were still three months before the college entrance exam.

Three months, Lin Tian simply couldn’t afford to wait.

He now had the system and was at the peak of his stage. Silver Wolf was also constantly leveling up these days, so he couldn’t stop because of the armored envoy matter.

“System? Yes, I have a system!”

Lin Tian suddenly realized that he was different from others. He had a system.

[ Ding, unallocated 1 evolution point detected. Do you want to evolve? ]

The system window popped up at the right time. A crazy thought flashed through Lin Tian’s mind.

If this method was feasible, then perhaps he could cultivate an illusory.

“At worst, I’ll just waste 1 evolution point!”

Lin Tian said in a deep voice. That’s right, he was planning to use this evolution point on himself.

If he could really become an armored envoy through evolution, then his strength would have a qualitative leap.

Anyway, even if it didn’t work, he could still waste his time fighting back.

After he figured it out, he finally stopped hesitating.

“System, evolve me!”

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