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Although Supervisor Wang had not participated in a battle for many years, he still had experience.

With the body of Lin Tian’s Silver Wolf and the flickering mark of the waning moon, his future achievements would probably be extraordinary.

He did not dare to offend Lin Tian, so he quickly settled his salary.

After Lin Tian received the money, he went straight to the school and did not make things difficult for Supervisor Wang.

They were all out to make a living.

Lin Tian, who had returned to the school early, realized that all the students were in the classroom at this time.

And not a single one was missing.

It seemed like something had happened.

“Isn’t this the future outstanding butcher of our class, Lin Tian? Why, have you finished killing the chickens?”

“Lin Tian, have you finished killing the chickens? Don’t let school interfere with your work.”

Lin Tian had just entered the classroom when he heard the sarcasm of his classmates.

However, he didn’t pay much attention to them and returned to his seat.

As soon as Lin Tian entered the classroom, Zheng Rong, the form teacher, came to the lectern with a stack of documents.

“I believe that the students have already received the notice. In order to prepare for the college entrance examination, the school has specially invited a batch of armored envoys to lead everyone in the next half a month’s special training in the low-level mystic realm.”

“All the students who have black iron-level magical beasts can sign up!”

“In a while, the class committee will tally the number of people. We can set off tomorrow.”

Zheng Rong sorted out the documents and distributed them to Fan Wei and the others. Lin Tian suddenly understood.

No wonder all the students had arrived so early.

It seemed that all the students in the class, except for him, had received the notice of special training arranged by the school.

One had to know that the more one understood the armored envoy, the more points one could get in the college entrance examination.

“Mr Zheng, I want to sign up!”

“Teacher, I want to sign up too!”

The students of grade 3 class 2 could be said to be quite enthusiastic. No one was left behind.

Zheng Rong was very satisfied.

It seemed that the students understood the importance of this special training.

“Teacher, I want to sign up too!”

However, at this moment, Lin Tian stood up.

When that familiar voice came from behind, all the students looked at Lin Tian in surprise.

Then, they burst into laughter.

“Lin Tian, did you kill a chicken last night? This special training needs a black iron level magical beast!”

“You think Silver Dog of yours can survive in the wild, what are you daydreaming about?”

Before humans reached adulthood, they could only contract one magical beast.

Moreover, once a magical beast died, it would be a huge blow to the mind and body.

In their eyes, Lin Tian was undoubtedly risking his own life.

“You want to advance to black iron after killing a chicken? Are you still dreaming?”

Fan Wei was the most emotional. He mocked Lin Tian with a barrage of verbal attacks.

“What nonsense!”

Zheng Rong slapped the lectern. It was obvious that he was angry.

“Before reaching black iron-level, even the slightest danger in the wild can kill a magical beast! Special training is not a place for you to play!”

The good life of today was exchanged with the lives of the ancestors.

In Zheng Rong’s opinion, Lin Tian was just playing with his own life.

Zheng Rong was angry, and the other students stopped laughing.

“Teacher, my Silver Wolf has advanced to black iron-level!”

However, at this moment, Lin Tian did not choose to give up. Instead, he looked straight at Zheng Rong in front of him.


The sudden words stunned all the students in the class.

Soon, an even fiercer laughter broke out.

“I’m dying of laughter. You advance to black iron in one day?”

“Hahaha, class rep, I’m afraid your entire family is armored envoys.”

“Haha, armored envoys from your entire family, you’re killing me with that joke!”

Lin Tian was already used to the ridicule of the people around him.

And class rep Fan Wei was the first one who couldn’t hold it in.

Lin Tian killed chickens at his house and reached black iron rank.

What kind of joke was this?

Wasn’t this cursing?

“Lin Tian, if that Silver Wolf of yours is really black iron rank, I’ll eat this registration form on the spot!”

“What kind of joke is this? If killing chickens can level up, then my entire family will be black iron rank-level!”

Fan Wei’s neck was red as he slapped his registration form on the table.

“Hahaha, Fatty Fan is too funny!”

“My entire family is black iron rank, it’s too funny!”

As Fan Wei and Lin Tian fought, the laughter became even louder.

Even Zheng Rong, who had always been serious, could not help but reveal a smile.

“Lin Tian, since you said that your magical beast has already advanced to black iron-level, then fine, prove it to teacher.”

However, he quickly stopped smiling and said seriously.

“Teacher, that’s impossible. I guess Lin Tian has been killing chickens for so long that he’s lost his mind!”

The surrounding students could not help but jeer.

Lin Tian did not care about the opinions of the surrounding people. He raised his arm and saw that the magic beast tattoo had completely changed.

From a mark, it had turned into a wolf totem.

“Xiao Hui, come out!”

As his voice rang out, the magical beast tattoo lit up.


Accompanied by low roars, the entire classroom was trembling. Many people’s desks were shaking.

Then, a silver lightning flashed behind Lin Tian, and a two-meter-tall giant Silver Wolf appeared in the classroom.


The moment Silver Wolf appeared, it raised its head and let out a long howl. It raised its head, and it was almost as tall as the classroom.

Its silver-white tail had already reached a large section outside the back door.

Only one-third of the classroom was left accessible.

When Silver Wolf howled, its terrifying low voice instantly shattered the surrounding glass.

The size of the magical beast was the one of the important attributes.

Such a huge body had already surpassed the magical beasts of every classmate.

Even Zheng Rong felt an unprecedented pressure.

He was dumbstruck!

The entire classroom was silent!

“Your Silver Wolf probably didn’t advance simply, but evolved?”

Zheng Rong felt that even his own high-grade black iron magical beast wouldn’t be at the upper hand when facing this Silver Wolf.

“That’s right, teacher. My Silver Wolf has successfully evolved, and its level has already surpassed middle-grade black iron.”

Lin Tian smiled as he admitted it openly.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

This time, it was Fan Wei’s turn to cry out in shock.

He took half a step back.

He had a look of disbelief on his face.

It had only been one night.

In less than one night, Lin Tian had already transformed from a low-ranked student to one of the top students in the school?

How was that possible?

Middle-grade black iron.

That was a middle-grade black iron.

His family had spent so much money to barely reach the black iron level.

Was this trash even worthy?

“Middle-grade black iron. One night, it doesn’t seem possible!”

“That’s true. But looking at Lin Tian’s Silver Wolf, it really isn’t simple!”

The surrounding students also regained their composure.

There were also many who felt that it was impossible.

After all, it was too unbelievable.

“Mr. Zheng, I request to duel with Lin Tian!”

At this moment, Fan Wei pointed at Lin Tian and his Silver Wolf and shouted.

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