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Just as Jiang He was about to get closer to the bones, Ziyue stood in front of him.

“I’m sorry. Were they… Your family?”


Ziyue responded in a low voice. Its sapphire-like eyes were filled with sadness.

These two skeletons were most likely the little Moonlight Elf’s parents.

Judging from their size, they were definitely warlord-level or even commander-level beasts!

Regardless, they were dead now. All that was left were bones.

In the middle of the bones, Jiang He saw two beautiful roses. Even though they were not rooted in the soil, they were still in full bloom.

“The Rose Queen!”

A name subconsciously popped into Jiang He’s mind.

The reason why this forest was named “The Rose Forest” was because of the Rose Queen!


It was an extraordinary overlord-level beast, the uncrowned queen of this New World!

Ziyue’s parents most likely died at the hands of the Rose Queen. Their flesh and blood were sucked dry, leaving only their bones behind.

Jiang He finally understood why the little fellow was so disciplined.

It wanted to become stronger to avenge its parents!

Obviously, this was no easy task.

Upon thinking this, Jiang He’s heart was filled with pity for Ziyue. He subconsciously patted its head.


The Moonlight Elf did not resist.

After their interactions over the past few days, it had already gotten used to this human’s companionship. Just as Jiang He had said, they were friends.

This was the first time Jiang He had made physical contact with Ziyue. The little fellow’s soft fur was like top-grade silk. It felt incredibly good.

“Let’s bury them together! That way, they could rest in peace.”


Ziyue replied in a low voice. Its gaze was still somewhat sorrowful.

“There is a saying that after a person dies, they will turn into a star in the sky. I think this applies to your parents. They’ll watch over you every night.”

Jiang He tried to comfort the little fellow.

Ziyue’s eyes were filled with doubt.

It sounded too optimistic.

In the end, they worked together to bury the two giant bones. After that, they returned to the entrance of the cave and sat near the bonfire.

The Moonlight Elf looked at the grilled fish.

“Ziyue, do you have any plans for the future?”


The Moonlight Elf’s eyes were filled with determination.

Right now, its goal was to avenge its parents. Although its current strength was no match for the Rose Queen, that did not mean that it could not grow stronger. As long as it kept training, it would be able to defeat the Rose Queen one day.

“Have you ever thought of becoming a beastmaster’s companion? Ahem, like… Me?”

Jiang He flipped the grilled fish over as he probed.

His face was slightly red. At this moment, he felt a middle-aged man who was trying to kidnap a little girl.


Ziyue casually used her little paws to dig at the soil in front of her, but there was hesitation in its eyes. It understood what he was trying to say.

Jiang He wanted it to sign a contract so it would become his subdued beast.

Its parents had taught it about humans and beastmasters before. They did not object to the notion.

If a beast signed a contract, its growth rate would double. Additionally, beastmasters would provide their subdued beasts with the necessary resources.

In the past, various powerful beasts had taken the initiative to search for beastmasters. Some had even forced the beastmasters to become their tools.

However, Ziyue had not decided yet. Although it had already established an initial trust with Jiang He over the past few days, it was still not ready to leave its hometown and “parents”.

Since there was a chance, Jiang He said, “Strike while the iron is hot. If you sign the contract, you’ll become stronger at a faster rate. I will also do my best to help you. We’ll bear your hatred together!”


The Moonlight Elf stared at Jiang He for a long time. Finally, it nodded slightly.

It knew that defeating the Rose Queen by itself would be difficult.

“Little fellow, thank you for trusting me. Let’s begin!”

Jiang He smiled and patted the Moonlight Elf’s head. Then, he summoned the book of contracts and began to establish a contract based on the original host’s memories.

There were two types of contracts known as partnership and slavery.

A partnership was an equal contract. Subdued beasts could reject unreasonable orders from beastmasters.

Both sides had a high degree of freedom.

There were cases where beastmasters and their subdued beasts ignored their relationship. In the end, during battles, the subdued beasts would run away.

The slave contract was more forceful. The subdued beasts would not be able to oppose the beastmaster’s orders.

Deep dark lines appeared on the ground beneath Jiang He’s feet. As the flames flickered, one could see a magnificent magic array.

A similar magic array also appeared beneath Ziyue, but it was pure white.

After the two star-like magic arrays were formed, they gradually approached each other. They were the embodiment of the soul power of a beastmaster and their subdued beasts. This contract would connect their souls together, forming a magical symbiotic relationship.

When the two formations completely overlapped, it meant the contract was completed.

Ziyue did not resist. She could feel the sincerity in Jiang He’s heart.

He was not playing a trick.

It was a promise they would grow strong together and take on the Rose Queen.

The two magic arrays overlapped very quickly. Jiang He felt a strong connection between him and Ziyue.

For a moment, it was as if they could directly communicate telepathically.

Soon, the contract was completed.

Both magic arrays dissipated with the wind.

Things felt completely different now.

Jiang He could clearly feel his connection with Ziyue. In fact, it was like his own child.

He was not in a relationship. Yet, he had a child. It was quite ludicrous.


Jiang He could tell that Ziyue was not nervous at all. In fact, it was joyful and enthusiastic.

He took a look at the pleasure points.

[ Pleasure points: 98% ]

A twenty-one percent increase.

Just a little more to a hundred percent!

Jiang He eagerly flipped to the second page of the book of contracts.

The image of a pure white cat slowly appeared on the blank page. There was a light purple moon pattern on its forehead.

Below the portrait was its details.

[ Subdued beast ] : Moonlight Elf

[ Race ] : Cat Beast

[ Age ] : One year and three months old

[ Spirit affinity ] : 86

[ Spirit ] : 208

[ Physique ] : 138

[ Rank ] : Tier 2

[ Evolution path ] : Moonlight Elf – Three-tailed Civet – Nine-tailed Cat Emperor ]

[ Moonlight Elf – ??? – Shadow Path ]

[ Skill ] : Moonblade (proficient), Moonlight (beginner), Moon Prayer (proficient)

“This little fellow’s physique is so high…”

Jiang He could not help but sigh. This was thanks to its self-discipline, right?

Nonetheless, it still benefited him.

The subdued beast would only continue to grow stronger and stronger.

After taking a deep breath, Jiang He felt that his body had become much lighter.

His physical attributes had also improved, especially his reflexes and speed. It was not strange, as the Moonlight Elf was a flexible and agile type of beast.

Perhaps he could climb up the mountain now?

“The shadow path implies that Ziyue has more than one evolutionary path. I just need to know the conditions.”

The mutated book of contracts was rather amazing.

It even showed the hidden evolutionary path.

“Little fellow, I’ll be your parent from now on!”


Zi Yue slapped Jiang He’s head nonchalantly with its paws.

This man was really pushing his luck!

First, he wanted to be its friend. Now, he wanted to be its father!

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