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“We’ve just signed the contract and you’re already bullying your poop-shoveling officer? Are you asking for a beating?”

Jiang He hugged the Moonlight Elf and used a unique cat-stroking technique.

A good technique could make a cat feel like it was in heaven. If executed wrongly, the cat would despise it. Moreover, if it got anxious, it would even claw and bite others.

Before he transmigrated, Jiang He had two cats. They lived with him in his dorm. He had practiced a cat-stroking technique that would make the cat extend its little paws.

In fact, he was a professional in stroking cats.

Although the Moonlight Elf was a supernatural creature, it was still some form of a cat.


The Moonlight Elf felt a comfortable feeling coming from where Jiang He was scratching. On the other hand, it could not help but feel embarrassed and angry. Due to that, it directly broke away from Jiang He’s embrace and snorted with a cold face.

The man and the beast were playing around. This helped Ziyue disperse some of the sadness in its heart.

[ Pleasure points: 100% ]

An increase of two percent.


“My godly cat-stroking skills are useful even after I have transmigrated!”

After the progress bar reached a hundred percent, it suddenly returned to the starting point. However, the color changed.

Originally, it was white but now, it turned green. Moreover, at the end of the progress bar, there were words that could be extracted.

“As expected, there’s a second stage.”

Jiang He thought about it and chose direct extraction.

He wanted to see what he would obtain.

[ Silver Moonblade Fragment *1 (1/4) ]

[ Shadow Claw Fragment *1 (1/4) ]

[ Moonlight Elf’s Shadow Path evolution hint – Use a Moonstone when its a servant (1/2) ]

[ Miniature moonlight energy pack (Could be used on Moonlight Elves) ]

[ Two skill fragments, one notification, and one energy pack ]

“Why are they still using skill fragments like some lousy game merchants?”

Jiang He was a little frustrated, but he realized that all the items were related to the Moonlight Elves.

Was it because he only had a contract with a Moonlight Elf or was it because the Moonlight Elf provided him with these specific items?

Among them all, Jiang He felt the hint of a special evolutionary route was most valuable.

However, the original host did not have any memory related to Moonstones. He could only look for information after returning to the city.

If possible, he would buy one. Generally speaking, hidden evolutionary routes were much better than ordinary routes.

The moonlight energy could only be used on Moonlight Elves. Jiang He did not have the habit of hoarding, so he chose to use it.


The Moonlight Elf was a little dumbfounded.

Suddenly, the energy in its body began to increase explosively. It was almost half of the Moonlight Elf’s original energy!

The little fellow’s cold eyes were filled with confusion.

Could this be the benefit of forming a contract?

“This is just a trifle spell. It’s very normal.”

Jiang He snickered in his heart, but his expression remained serious.

He silently glanced at the book of contracts. The Moonlight Elf’s spiritual energy had already reached three hundred and two its rank had risen by one-tier.

All kinds of special energy in nature were collectively known as spiritual energy.

The level of a subdued beast was mainly determined by the level of its spiritual energy. Those with spiritual energy below one hundred were considered tier zero. Every one hundred points of spiritual energy would increase the subdued beast’s tier by one.

After reaching a certain level of spiritual power, there would be a change in their physical form.

When a familiar reached warlord-level, a crystal core would condense in its body.

“Let’s climb the mountain!”

Since there was no exit at the end of the cave, Jiang He could only head up.

Both their physical strength and reaction speed were increased. Hence, they were eager to test their capabilities.

Jiang He saw the towering peak of the steep mountain wall. He tried not to overthink.

‘Maybe I should try at a lower place first.’

Even though the mountain wall was high, as long as he found a foothold, Jiang He had a chance to climb up.

Just then, he remembered that Ziyue had a healing skill.

As long as he was not seriously injured, he would be instantly healed.

Jiang He grabbed the surface of the rock tightly and began climbing.

In his previous life, he often went rock climbing. He was into extreme sports in college, but for various reasons, he did not continue.

After climbing for about halfway, Jiang He chose to stop.

He planned to familiarize himself first before completely climbing up. If he fell, he might die instantly. Even Ziyue’s healing skill would not be able to save him.

After regaining some of his strength, Jiang He began his second attempt.

Unfortunately, an accident happened this time. One of his feet lost balance, causing him to fall directly down.

This was going to be painful!

However, Moonlight enveloped his body and he immediately felt warm.

Ziyue’s eyes were filled with anxiety and worry. This sight melted Jiang He’s heart.

He was not hurt at all!

“Ziyue is really reliable.”

Jiang He comforted himself.

In the following week, apart from catching and grilling fish, Jiang He practiced climbing.

Meanwhile, the Moonlight Elf had also been honing its Moonlight skill, successfully leveling it up.

A week later, Jiang He finally managed to climb to the peak.

Looking at the deep valley under his feet, Jiang He still had some lingering fear. At the same time, he was also very excited.

“Ziyue, let’s go home! I’ll give you something delicious to eat. My mom is really good at cooking fish dishes.”

As long as he followed the original host’s memories, Jiang He should be able to return to the city safely.


The Moonlight Elf looked at the valley. Its eyes were filled with reluctance.

It was not strange. After all, this was the place where it grew up. It was also the burial ground of its parents.

“We will come back again once we become stronger.”

Jiang He gently patted the Moonlight Elf’s head.


The two of them walked together along the river.

Every once in a while, Ziyue would climb up a nearby tall tree to scout the surroundings.

It had very good eyesight and could see far away.


The Moonlight Elf suddenly let out a warning cry.

Through telepathy, Jiang He understood what Ziyue was trying to say. There was a Windstorm Wolf up ahead!

“We need to evade it.”

Jiang He had no intention of provoking the Windstorm Wolf and was prepared to take a detour.

He was new to being a beastmaster and Ziyue was practically a baby.

However, things did not go according to plan. The Windstorm Wolf seemed to have caught their scent and was rushing over frantically.


Ziyue stood in front of Jiang He. Its gaze turned fierce and it instantly entered a battle stance.

“Hide first. We’ll launch a surprise attack.”

It was definitely too late to run.

Jiang He had the Moonlight Elf hide on the tree above his head while he disguised himself as a lone Windstorm Wolf.

Having inherited the memories of the original host, Jiang He was quite experienced when it came to this. His eyes and actions were all very convincing.


The Windstorm Wolf’s prey was actually its companion? It revealed a puzzled expression.

At the same time, it felt like this “Windstorm Wolf” was a little familiar. Nonetheless, it could not remember.


The Windstorm Wolf let out a low growl, trying to confirm the other party’s identity.

“F*ck, this is bad!”

Jiang He dared not reply because the original host had only learned the mating call!

One cry would definitely expose him.

Moreover, after looking into its eyes, Jiang He was sure this Windstorm Wolf was one of the wolves that fought the original owner!

Since Jiang He did not reply, the Windstorm Wolf became even more suspicious. It began to approach him slowly.

There was still some distance between them.

All of a sudden, a bright Moonblade flashed above its head. The Moonblade directly cut through the Windstorm Wolf’s thigh, causing a wound so deep that its bone was exposed.

Ziyue noticed that Jiang He was in danger. It could not help but attack!


The Windstorm Wolf howled in pain. Its wound greatly decreases its speed. It could only limp and howl.


Jiang He’s scalp went numb. He had a bad feeling.

The Windstorm Wolves tend to travel in packs. There were probably more of them nearby.

If he got surrounded, it would definitely be fatal!

The Windstorm Wolf in front of him was roughly level six or seven. That being said, the leader might be level nine or even a warlord-tier that had condensed a crystal core!


Wolf howls could be heard coming from all directions.

Jiang He ran as fast as he could, but the Windstorm Wolves’ shadows soon appeared behind him.

The Windstorm Wolf in the lead was extremely fast. In fact, it was so fast that afterimages appeared. With a light leap, it landed right in front of Jiang He. The latter dared not move. This Windstorm Wolf was much bigger than the others. Furthermore, it gave off an oppressive feeling. There was also a massive scar on its left eye.

Without a doubt, this was the leader of the Windstorm Wolves, the Scarred Wolf.

The Scarred Wolf did not attack immediately. It only looked at Jiang He and Ziyue mockingly.

It was more intelligent than an average Windstorm Wolf. Almost immediately, it recognized “Jiang He”.

It was the guy who let out a mating call in its territory.

Jiang He was extremely anxious.

Escaping the valley had not been easy. Now, he was going to end up in the stomach of the Scarred Wolf?

Suddenly, the Scarred Wolf let out a muffled howl and ran away. The other Windstorm Wolves followed suit. It was as if Jiang He was a fierce ghost that could instantly kill them.

“What happened?”

Jiang He was a little confused. At this moment, the sky above him abruptly changed.

The sky, which was originally clear, was now covered in dark clouds.

In the middle of the dark clouds, a huge shadow could be vaguely seen. Based on its outline, it looked like some kind of bird creature.

“Mirage Bird.”

The name of this creature popped up in Jiang He’s mind. Of course, this was the original host’s memory.

This bird was an extremely rare and extraordinary creature. Its entire body was condensed by water vapor. Wherever it passed, it would rain cats and dogs.

“F*ck, why is this happening?!”

Jiang He had just cursed in his heart when the heavy rain began to fall.

The rain covered every corner of the valley.

No wonder the Windstorm Wolves ran away so quickly. This Mirage Bird was already an adult and could easily affect the weather of an area. It should be at least a commander-level beast!

Jiang He hugged the Moonlight Elf and hid under a banana tree, shivering.

Fortunately, this Mirage Bird was just passing by. It was not interested in Jiang He or the rest and soon disappeared from sight.

Nevertheless, fear still lingered in Jiang He’s heart.

At the same time, he felt an indescribable emotion.

It was like anticipation or longing.

This world was so much better than he had imagined!

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