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The New World Department Store was the largest shopping mall for beastmasters in Haiping City. There were a total of eighteen floors and every floor was filled with things related to beastmasters and subdued beasts.

After parking the car, Jiang He and his parents took the elevator to the second floor. He wanted to take a look at the VR glasses first.

In order to efficiently train subdued beasts, the Li Technology company developed VR glasses. As a result, they made a fortune and became one of the largest companies in the country.

As soon as they entered the Li Technology store, a fat man wearing black round-rimmed glasses came up to Jiang He. He told him the prices and explained each type of product in detail.

“This is the ultra-thin type. They won’t fall off even when used intensely. Furthermore, the built-in system is very suitable for training novice familiars. On the other hand, this one contains more than ten training methods. To name a few, there’s body coordination, flexibility, speed, and short burst ability training. It’s suitable to develop all aspects of a familiar.

The VR glasses seemed cool. They were somewhat similar to tactical glasses, but the silver border gave them a sleek look.

“I want the ultra-thin version with flexibility and speed training. Is that available?”

Jiang He did not take long to decide.

More training methods equaled more expensive.

Hence, Jiang He chose the most economical option.


Short burst ability and body coordination training were not needed for the time being.

Han Jiangxue also mentioned that Moonlight Elves only needed speed and flexibility training if they were at servant-level.

Once Ziyue broke through to warrior-level, the current VR glasses would become useless.

This was because it would grow bigger.

Jiang He’s family owned a farm, so they were rather wealthy.

Despite that, there was no reason to spend money carelessly. As long as the item was suitable, it would be fine.


The fat employee nodded.

“How much?”

“There’s a promotion going on. One set costs 3,000. If you buy two, it’s only 5,000.”

Jiang He compared the prices online. There was not much difference, so he decided to purchase from this shop.

Besides, if he encountered any problems in the future, solving it would be easier.

“Then I’ll buy two!”

The other one was for himself.

After all, beastmasters also needed to train!

If they trained together, they could develop their relationship even further.

“VR glasses for Moonlight Elves need to be custom-made. It’ll take about two days. Sir, please leave your address here. I’ll mail it to you once it’s ready!”

“Mom, I still need to buy other training resources. They might be a little expensive…” said Jiang He softly as they walked out of the Li Technology store.

He had to give his parents a warning beforehand.

The price of a Moonstone was not cheap.

“It’s fine. I’ve already promised to use the refund money to buy whatever you wanted. My responsibility today is only to swipe my card. Just don’t max it out, haha!”

Jiang He’s father smiled and patted Jiang He’s shoulder.

“Thank you… Dad!”


Jiang He followed his parents to the sixteenth floor of the store. This floor was mainly selling rare stones and items.

The probability of finding a Moonstone was relatively high.

However, after browsing through several shops, Jiang He could not find it.


Suddenly, Ziyue, who was lying on Jiang He’s head, cried out excitedly. Its eyes also lit up.

Jiang He’s gaze fell on the store next to him.

The store was actually modified to look like a fish tank. Inside, there were all kinds of beautiful and colorful fishes.

No wonder Ziyue was so excited.

“These are spiritual fishes from Beiyang New World. Handsome boy, why don’t you buy two for your Moonlight Elf?” said a woman dressed in black silk while smiling. She was standing at the door of the store.

“They are artificially bred. Only the best from generation to generation were chosen. Hence, they no longer have the bloodline of extraordinary creatures. In other words, they’re not much different from ordinary fishes.”

Jiang He looked at the five-digit price of the spiritual fish. It was quite ridiculous!

Still, if he wanted to increase his pleasure points, it might be a good idea to buy them for Ziyue.


The Moonlight Elf was very sensible. Her eyes became cold again, looking disinterested.

“Do you have a Moonstone?”

Jiang He went straight to the point.

“Yes. Please follow me.”

The woman in black silk became very enthusiastic.

In a very inconspicuous corner, there was a dark stone. If a person looked carefully, they could see the surface of the stone emitting a faint fluorescent light.

The price was fifty thousand dollars. It was about the same as those on sale online.

“Can you give me a discount?”

“How about 40,000?”

“We had looked at other stores. They were also selling for 40,000. I’m sure you can go lower,” said Jiang He’s mother. Then, she gave her son a look.

Jiang He instantly understood.

“It’s indeed too expensive. Other shop owners had said Moonstones are not easy to sell. I was just buying for my collection.”

“40,000 is really cheap already,” said the young woman as she gritted her teeth.

Jiang He’s mother replied, “The other shop owner even gave us two buckets of high-grade cat food! Yours is too pricey. If it’s 38,000, we’ll buy it right away.”

“Boss, 38,000 is too low.”

“Forget it. We’ll just look at other shops!”

Jiang He’s mother pulled him along and they prepared to leave.

“Fine. 38,000. Cash or credit?”

Jiang He’s mother was really skilled at bargaining.

After that, Jiang He bought himself a type of tea called “Empty Mountain And Fresh Rain”. It also originated from the New World. The tea would help beastmasters calm their minds, thus, increasing their efficiency during meditations.

Of course, the price was not cheap either.

Two boxes of tea cost nearly ten thousand dollars.

This made Jiang He’s heartache a little.

However, it was necessary.

Although being a beastmaster was one of the most profitable occupations, it was also the most expensive.

A lot of resources were required for both the beastmaster and their subdued beast.

Once that was done, he immediately went to the nearby market. The vendor was dumbfounded when he bought a fish of every type. He also bought a lot of dried fish.

Jiang He did not know what flavor Ziyue liked, so he just bought everything he could find.

This made Ziyue very happy. The poop-shoveling officer was treating it really well.

Pleasure points: 82%

A three percent increase.

When Jiang He returned home, he eagerly took out the Moonstone and stared at Ziyue.

‘How do I use this thing?’

He went online to check the forums again.

Jiang He posted a reward of thirty points if anyone could help him. Soon, a certified beastmaster answered him.

Basically, the Moonlight Elf just had to directly touch it.


Ziyue, who was standing at the side, could not wait to put her chubby little paws on the Moonstone.

Through their telepathic connection, Jiang He knew that Ziyue could sense the energy contained within the Moonstone. One of them was moonlight energy while the other was unknown.

The two types of energy were mixed together. Under such circumstances, it was difficult to absorb them separately.

Jiang He was rather confident about the unknown energy being the shadow energy. Still, he dared not let Ziyue absorb it directly. It might be wasted.

Moreover, there were no other cases of Moonlight Elves absorbing Moonstones.


Jiang He was still hesitating, but Ziyue had already started to absorb the Moonstone’s energy. It instinctively felt the energy was beneficial.

After the two types of energy entered the Moonlight Elf’s body, they began to automatically sequence themselves and became two distinct beams of light.

The white moonlight energy slowly flowed into Ziyue’s abdomen and was stored there.

Meanwhile, the black shadow energy began to gather at its forehead and was stored in the moon pattern.

Subsequently, the moon pattern turned much darker. The purple color became deeper as well.

“Ziyue, are you okay?”

Jiang He was a little worried.


Ziyue patted her stomach, indicating that it should be fine.


The Moonstone started to crack. Then, it instantly shattered into a pile of powder.

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