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Once Jiang He obtained his phone, he started searching for ways to raise Moonlight Elves on the internet.

If he encountered a problem, he would go to discussion forums.

It was normal to seek help from other beastmasters.

There were many big shots in these forums.

After entering the related keywords, a large number of related posts popped up. Jiang He chose to read the one with the most comments.

[ My parents just bought me a Moonlight Elf and I need to find a suitable nurturing method as soon as possible! There’s too little information about Moonlight Elves on the internet! ]

The poster’s nickname was “A Little Moon”. They were probably a new beastmaster just like himself.

A Little Moon had the “Cash” talent, so they offered a reward of 3,000 points to those who could provide answers.

Everyone was attracted by money. Hence, there were over a thousand replies under the post.

Most of the replies were similar.

[ Obviously, choose the Catwoman Path. ]


Jiang He slowly swiped his phone screen.


The Moonlight Elf that was laying on Jiang He’s lap began staring intently at the phone screen.

Unfortunately, it was illiterate and could not understand anything.

[ Moonlight Elves are very rare. I’ve never seen them in professional competitions before. They shouldn’t be very strong, right? ]

[ You’re not a beastmaster, are you? A Moonlight Elf can evolve into a Three-tailed Civet. It had definitely appeared in professional competitions before. It’s very strong as a support because it’s fast and has healing abilities. Another nickname for it was “Moving Blood Bag”. ]

‘Why was the person so agitated?’

Jiang He continued swiping his phone. Finally, he found an answer that seemed reliable.

[ Han Jiangxue : There are two main paths for Moonlight Elves, support or assassin. This is due to their high flexibility. ]

[ A Small Moon : I think the support path sounds great, but how should I go about it? ]

A Small Moon was most likely a girl. Without even thinking, she immediately passed on the assassin’s path. Perhaps she did not want her Moonlight Elf to get hurt.

[ Han Jiangxue : The support path doesn’t have high requirements. As long as the Moonlight Elf masters a healing-type skill, things should work out. Healing speed is the key. Check out this specific uploader. Her initial familiar was also a Moonlight Elf and she walked the support path. Her Moonlight Elf had even evolved into a Three-tailed Civet. @Liluo. ]

Han Jiangxue also listed the skills that a support Moonlight Elf needed to master. One of them was Moonlight.

Jiang He clicked on the link that Han Jiangxue provided and was brought to Liluo’s page. He chose to watch a video that had the most views.

The content of the video was a three versus three battle, focusing mainly on a warrior-level Three-tailed Civet. It had quite a long body and its three furry tails danced in the wind. Moreover, it looked noble and haughty.

As the battle progressed, blue flames rose from the end of its tail and light swirled around its body. Light-type skills began pouring down like a waterfall such as Moonlight, Oath Of The Moon, Moon Prayer, Light Barrier, Moonlight Shield, and so on.

They were mostly healing, defense, and amplification skills.

In the arena, there was also an exhausted Ice Saber-toothed Tiger. It was covered in wounds. However, it was instantly healed to full health by the Three-tailed Civet. Additionally, it was greatly buffed.

“This is too much! It’s like having an extra life!”

Upon seeing that, the opposing beastmaster decided to target the Three-tailed Civet. He commanded three of his subdued beasts to attack it at the same time.

However, the Three-tailed Civet was very agile. It gracefully dodged the attacks by jumping left and right. At the same time, it was fast enough to cast various skills.

“F*ck, we should probably take the support route as well!”

The Three-tailed Civet’s performance was terrifying.


Although Ziyue was a little tempted, it was not very fond of the fighting style.

Moreover, it had to take revenge! How could it fight with a bunch of defensive and healing skills?

Hence, the support path was temporarily excluded.

Jiang He wanted to become a top-tier beastmaster, he was in no rush.

Since Ziyue did not want to be a support, he would definitely not force it.

Unfortunately, there were no instructions for the assassin route in the post. Jiang He began browsing again but had no luck. Most people chose the support path for their Moonlight Elves.

In the end, he went back to A Little Moon’s post to see when it was published.

“Three years ago? That has been a long time.”

Despite that, Jiang He decided to still give it a try.

[ Brother Han Jiangxue, do you have any information about the assassin’s path? ]

Unexpectedly, Han Jiangxue replied in the next two minutes.

[ It’s more difficult. You’ll need to train the Moonlight Elf’s reaction and battle awareness. Skills such as Flash, God Speed, and Light Spike must be mastered in the early stages. The rest can be trained according to your own circumstances. One of Li Mingyao’s familiars is a Moonlight Elf that took the assassin’s path. Here’s the reference. @Li Mingyao. ]

Jiang He opened the link and discovered a golden symbol next to Li Mingyao’s portrait.

It was a “Master” certification.

Beastmasters were divided into trainees, officials, professionals, and masters. It was like how beasts were divided into servants, warlords, commanders, overlords, and immortals.

Master-level beastmasters held important positions in major cities and were definitely big shots.

Li Mingyao did not post many videos, but he had millions of fans. His videos were mostly about the lives of his subdued beasts or important competitions.

Jiang He scrolled through them one by one and finally found the relevant video.

The title was “The Second Stage Of The Professional League”.

This video was only thirty seconds because that was how long the match lasted.

The Three-tailed Civet in the video was like a ghost. It disappeared the moment the match started. When it reappeared, it was already behind its opponent, the Polar Penguin.

A golden light appeared on its claws and it quickly scratched the Polar Penguin, leaving behind three bloody wounds.

The Polar Penguin had no time to react. Just as it was about to launch a counterattack, the Three-tailed Civet disappeared again.

When it reappeared, it was above the Polar Penguin’s head!


Ziyue’s eyes turned brighter and brighter as it continued to watch the Three-tailed Civet moving swiftly.

This was the battle style it wanted!

“Alright! We’ll choose the assassin’s route!”

At the end of the day, Ziyue’s choice was the most important.

Pleasure points: 79%

A three percent increase.

Han Jiangxue sent Jiang He another message.

[ If you want to train your subdued beast’s reaction and battle awareness, I suggest you buy a pair of VR glasses. There’s a special training mode in there and you can practice to your heart’s content. ]

[ Can you add me on WeChat? ]

Han Jiangxue was simply an angel!

[ There’s no need for WeChat. If you have any questions, just message me directly. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. ]

Jiang He had a rough idea of what to do next.

First, he would train according to Han Jiangxue’s method. At the same time, he would also focus on increasing the pleasure points and researching the shadow path. After all, the latter might turn out to be a better path for Ziyue.

Once that was decided, Jiang He began browsing for a Moonstone. He managed to get some results.

The Moonstone was as black as ink, but it emitted a sparkling moonlight.

Most of the prices were about the same.

A fist-sized stone was about fifty thousand dollars, but the monthly sales were only in the single digits.

Jiang He looked at the description of the product and realized that it was a rare mineral resource. Moonstones only appeared in places where the moonlight was abundant and the nights were long. They contained pure moonlight and shadow energy.

Such a place did not exist in the real world. All the rare ores came from various new worlds.

Moreover, they tend to be very expensive.

Jiang He looked at the comments and one caught his attention.

I regret buying this f*cking thing. The moonlight and shadow energy were mixed together. There’s no way to absorb them separately. Worst of all, the merchant refused to provide a refund. It’s a scam. Don’t buy!

Looks like the Moonstone was really required for the shadow route.

However, Jiang He was worried that he might buy the wrong item. So, he decided to go to the department store and personally take a look.

Besides, he also needed to buy a pair of VR glasses.

“Dad, let’s go to the New World Department Store later! I want to buy something for Ziyue.”

Jiang He said to his father who was driving.


For the rest of the day, Jiang He continued browsing the Beastmaster Forum. He was completely engrossed.

There were various kinds of beasts and loads of magnificent mysteries.

Everything was so fascinating.

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