Chapter 5 - Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 5: The Most Beautiful Female in the Tribe

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Barete’s persistence was viewed as a taunt by Elvis. Elvis moved his lips with a condescending sneer.

Snatching people from him? You must be tired of living.

Elvis stepped forward, next to Barete, and put his seemingly weightless hand on Barete’s shoulder. In that split second, Barete’s face twisted. Before he felt the pain on his shoulder, Barete had heard his bone crack.

Barete stared at Elvis in shock and horror, he did not even know what he did wrongly. Why did Elvis became angry all of a sudden?

“Move, move, get out of my way.” A voice was heard in the spooky silence and the world that was halted went back into motion.

Males being males, it was normal for them to attack each other. Although Elvis usually do not get involved with his fellow tribesmen, Barete was a warrior nonetheless and it would be normal for Elvis to test his abilities as the Leader. Since Barete had already requested to take care of the little girl, how can that be allowed without trying him out?

With this in mind, the naive males brushed the matter off.

A gap was torn open in the densely packed crowd, the single males surrounding Elvis and Gu Mengmeng was separated to the sides and an empty path appeared.

Holding her head high, an orc that was visibly shorter than others walked through the path and stopped at a step away from Elvis. She fiddled with her messy and sticky hair, striking a pose she considered flattering, and said with a high-pitched voice, “Elvis, you are back~”

Elvis frowned impatiently. Compared to the female in front of him, Barete was not considered a trouble at all. So he let go of his grip and Barete stumbled a little before being supported to receive treatments from Lea.

“Elvis, I heard that you picked up a female? That’s great! Our tribe has four females now.” The female seemed used to Elvis’s cold shoulder and did not feel disappointed from his impatient look. She carefully took one small step forward as she was speaking.

Sure enough, the moment she moved her feet, Elvis had immediately took a huge step back, increasing the distance between them even further.

“Elvis, why do you have to do this? I just want to meet the new little female, we will be living together in the tribe after all. With me, the tribe’s most beautiful female, making friends with her, I believe she can fit into the tribe not long after.”

Gu Mengmeng could not help but to turn back and took a glance at the orc that self-proclaimed to be the most beautiful. The glimpse almost made her fall off Elvis’s arms.

Puffy hair, tiny eyes, upturned nose, underbite and most importantly, she did not have any eyebrows. Baring her yellow teeth, anyone would have mistaken her smile for a snarl.

Her shoulders lay directly beneath her face. Her head was connected straight to her body. Damn! She had no neck!

Waist… Yes, she does have a waist!

Her waist was as wide as Gu Mengmeng’s shoulder length. It was not even an exaggeration to call her a pregnant woman, that waist size had to be someone pregnant with ten babies at the same time!

The smell of urine from her could not even be covered by her sweat. Not that Gu Mengmeng was cursing her, but the smell of urine around her was really strong, just like… in the zoo?

Gu Mengmeng felt her aesthetics had collapsed, how in the world did someone with such a look have the courage to self-proclaim as the most beautiful female in the tribe?

Gu Mengmeng suddenly felt she was able to understand the excitement around her just now.

If Puffy Hair could be considered the most beautiful in the tribe, wouldn’t she, with a slightly below average look in the modern world, rule the entire universe with her beauty?!