Chapter 6 - Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 6: Gu Mengmeng liked him?

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Elvis turned down Puffy Hair’s advances visibly, not even answering a single word. He repeatedly told himself what Lea said: females are precious resources fundamental for the tribe to become stronger. No matter how angry he was, he could not kill her for the tribe.

Noticing that Elvis had not been responding to her, Puffy Hair took Elvis anger-suppressing look for him being obsessed in her beauty. That’s right, she is the most beautiful female in the Saint Nazaire, she is so kind and accepting towards the new little female. Why would any male not fall for her?

Thinking about that, Puffy Hair bared her yellow teeth and walked towards Elvis again, shaking her fat waist.

“You! Don’t come near me!” Gu Mengmeng could not take it any further. She could close her eyes to avoid her ugliness, but the odor coming off her was just too pungent. Surely she can’t stop breathing!

Puffy Hair was taken aback by Gu Mengmeng’s cry. Never in her life had someone spoken to her like that. She was momentarily stumped and just stopped there obediently.

Gu Mengmeng could not care less what Puffy Hair was thinking, she hugged on to handsome Elvis and said, “The smell on her is so strong, it is making me vomit. Can you bring me to somewhere else first?”

Elvis’s eyes shined brightly with approval.

She had asked him to bring her to somewhere else, does this mean that she did not like the males that had expressed their affections to her? Even Barete that requested to take care of her did not make her feel anything special?

This is almost equal to Elvis himself being the only unique one in her heart. So… even if this little female is still underage, her taste in males is not too bad after all!

If Gu Mengmeng had known what Elvis had in his mind, she would have rolled her eyes and tell him that he was overthinking, she was just choking from Puffy Hair’s body odor and wanted to leave, that’s all.

But this was not important. Although Elvis was usually not too interested in females, he would still follow the basic rules of the Beast World.

The requests made by females to their pursuers had to be unconditionally satisfied by all the pursuers, as it was a test from the female to the male. Only those that passed the test could win her love.

In normal circumstances, the highly prized female would not even make requests to males she was uninterested in.


Does this equal to Gu Mengmeng liking him?

Realizing that, Elvis nodded his head seriously.

He was the Leader of Saint Nazaire’s, how can he disappoint the little female that was in love with him? Hence, Elvis went on all fours and turned into a wolf on the spot. Using his teeth to gently toss the hide with Gu Mengmeng inside, the tiny Gu Mengmeng was flung onto his back.

Leaving, what an easy task.

But since it was a test given by Gu Mengmeng, Elvis was determined to put up his best performance.

A goldlike black wolf carrying a small lump disappeared into the distance, leaving behind an afterimage.

“Did… Did Elvis put the little female onto his back just… just now?”

“Y… Yes, I… I supposed…”

“It can’t be, only partners can be on the back… Elvis… Little female… Impossible… Our eyes must be playing tricks on us.”

“Ha… Haha… We must have mistaken.” The flabbergasted male beasts collectively began to question their own eyes, before forcing a few laughters and self-deceivingly said, “Elvis must have just ran off with a little female in his mouth, we must have saw wrongly as he was too fast.”

“That’s right, that must be it.” Once someone had started, another person immediately echoed.