Chapter 7 - Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 7: Who Do You Think You Are

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“Elvis will never mate with a female, he has eyes only for Lea… Hiss! Why did you hit me?” Words that blurted out of someone’s mouth were interrupted and the person only realized he had spoken his mind until he noticed his friend’s grimace.

Elvis’s sexual orientation was no secret, but knowing is one thing, saying it out loud is another!

The man that was hit cleared his throat awkwardly and tried to cover-up by saying “What I meant was, the little female is still underage and Elvis would never mate with her now. Without mating, he would not let little female on his back, or else if little female matures into adulthood and does not choose him as her partner, Elvis is being disloyal to his future partner. Even if it is some beast as strong as Elvis, females would not choose him. So Elvis definitely did not let little female on his back. Yes, that’s what I meant.”

Someone kept quiet throughout the entire self-deceiving discussion. It was Barete, whose shoulder had been crushed by Elvis.

Just now, he clearly saw Elvis flinging little female onto his back without hesitation.

So, his rival in love was Elvis? It was no wonder he was so angry…

What to do? Barete felt his morale being boosted to a whole new level. The little female that he liked is indeed the most unique, she is even able to make the lifelong bachelor Elvis want to find a partner. He had a good taste after all!

Ah, so proud of himself!

“El—VI—S—!” Puffy Hair had only reacted from Gu Mengmeng’s cry of “Don’t come near me” when Elvis had already disappeared into the distance. Her face red with anger, she shouted Elvis’s name at the top of her lungs, stomped her foot and went to chase after them.

Although her speed could not be compared to that of Elvis, she knew what direction he was going.

Being the most beautiful female in the tribe, only she was suited to be with a male as strong as Elvis. Damn that bitch, what did she do to Elvis to trick him into letting her on his back, even leaving someone as beautiful as her aside!

Never, she would never forgive that bitch that did not even dare to show her face!

Puffy Hair ran towards Elvis’s cave aggressively. Her partners and pursuers exchanged glances before chasing after her. But after a few steps they were all stopped by a figure.

“Barete, get out of my way!” Roared Puffy Hair as she stood on the spot with arms akimbo and legs apart. She stretched out her neck and glared at Barete with her mung-bean liked eyes.

“Nina, why are you in such a hurry?” One side of Barete’s shoulder had been crushed by Elvis and his right hand dangled weakly at the side. Although in pain, he still imposed an aura of being able to guard against a thousand men alone. Just him standing there had made Nina, her three partners and other pursuers lose all their courage to continue chasing after Elvis.

“I am going to kill that bitch to save Elvis’s reputation,” Puffy Hair… Oh, oops, her name was Nina, said in a self-righteous way, as though Elvis was hers.

Barete sneered sarcastically and looked at Nina, “Why does Elvis’s reputation have to be saved by you? Who do you think you are?”