Chapter 6 - Because I simply love you

Chapter 6: He was just a little annoying

“And do you think apologizing will work every time?”

“I’m sorry?” Every time? Wasn’t this the first time she met him? At first, Nana didn’t understand.

But then it struck her. She had a nagging feeling that she already met him somewhere but couldn’t quite put a finger to it.

Then she remembered that he was the same man whom she bumped into when she had rushed over to Mr. Cao’s place that day during Spring’s Festival. At that time, she had so many things on her mind that she just gave him a quick glance and left off.

The realization then slowly dawned on her.

I am screwed! Bumping into the same man twice! Aaaah! What should I do now? What reason will I give him again? Oh, no, wait! I also didn’t properly apologize to him that day. I was in such a hurry. No wonder he looks so mad. God, I want to pull my hair!

She was internally cursing herself for being so careless.

Her train of thought was again cut short by the man.

“You really need an appointment with a doctor. First, you can’t seem to hear anything, and then you also seem to get lost in thoughts easily, judging by the weird faces you are making.” He spoke calmly.

“Well, yes…wait for what? No! I don’t need any doctor. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Of course. My mistake. Including your habit to bump into someone wherever you go, you absolutely don’t need a doctor.”

Nana didn’t fail to catch the sarcasm.

She frowned a little. She was also getting a little..just a little annoyed. By nature, she was a gentle person, and she never really got angry. She was always like that since her childhood. It was really hard for someone to make her temper flare-up. The twins had even purposely tried to do so many naughty tricks to make her explode in anger just for the fun of it. But it never worked. In the end, they gave up. At most she did was to pout.

But this was the first time in her life that someone made her feel annoyed. That was a huge thing. If the twins had been here, they would have bowed in reverence to the man.

Nevertheless, she ignored that little annoyance she was feeling. Nature was a tough thing to change after all.

She spoke politely, “I apologize..” She didn’t know how to address him. “..Sir. Last time I couldn’t properly apologize. So I will apologize once again. I’m sorry for inconveniencing you. Both for that previous time and today.”

Her sight then fell onto his shirt. The shirt got stuck to him, and his fair skin was starting to show up a little through it.

She knitted her beautiful brows but quickly turned back to face him.

“Oh, yes, I will definitely compensate for your shirt. I hope you, please forgive me.”

The man raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

The silence was stifling.

Nana felt like a prisoner who will be given judgment at any moment’s notice.

Suddenly a loud voice came from her side.

“Nana!” Serena came running to her.

Nana got startled. She was so focused on talking to him that she had forgotten about Serena.

“What are you doing standing like a statue over here? Come on, let’s sit down and eat. I’m damn hungry.”

“Yeah, just a minute Serena. I’m talking to this man-“

She turned to look, but the man was already gone.

“Ha? Where is he? Where did he go? He was just here now till a moment ago.”

“Ah? That’s right. When did he disappear so quickly? I saw you talking to him from far away. I could sense a suffocating atmosphere between you too, so I rushed right away to help you. I pretended not to see him to drag you away from here.”

“Yeah, strange..”

“Anyways, now tell me, tell me..” Her gossip mode was switched on, “who was that hot guy? Damn, he was so sexy! Even the top model in China is nowhere near him. So, what happened? How did you meet him? Did he fell for you at first sight? Oh my God! was that a confession? Was that the reason why the atmosphere felt so weird? Was he waiting for your answer? Or is it the other way around? I mean, I can understand if somehow even you dared to confess. He is just that worth drooling over.” Her eyes were sparkling like stars in the night sky.

Nana heard all the barrage of questions. She face palmed. The situation was the opposite, ok?

“Don’t even start. It’s a long story.”

“I’m free!”

She sighed. They sat down for lunch, and she told the whole story.

“Oooo! So dramatic. It feels like you are the heroine of a romance novel where destiny keeps conspiring for you to meet the main lead again and again. So awesome!”

“It’s nothing like that.” Nana rolled her eyes, “How does your brain even come up with such nonsense?”

“Ah! You are such a bore. Anyways, at least tell me, what do you think about him? Tell me, tell me!”

Nana thought about it and said,

“He was just a little annoying.”