Chapter 5 - Because I simply love you

Chapter 5: The second encounter

Nana returned and everybody instantly surrounded her.

“Nee-chan, what happened? Did Mr. Cao agree?”

“Yes, mam. What did he say?” Meiling was the most nervous because it was her carelessness that led to the whole tragedy.

She had a huge smile on her face. “Don’t worry. Everything is fine now. He has agreed.” Nana then told them about the whole visit in detail.

Everybody was shocked by the turn of events but finally heaved a sigh of relief. The crisis was over.

Over there, Mrs. Fei was dissatisfied. She thought Nana would finally lose face in front of her customers, but it didn’t happen that way. What a lucky brat!

Everything then went on as planned. The anniversary celebration came to a happy end with the couple truly impressed with Nana and Natsukashi.

A few days later, a whining Serena came to Natsukashi.

“Nana…Enough with your work. I’m so bored. Come, let’s go shopping today. It has been so many days since we had fun together. You were always so busy with the Spring Festival. It’s over now.”

She kabe-done Nana and lifted her chin like those bad boys in comics. “Now, all your time belongs to me, sweetheart. And…don’t you dare say no.” She traced a finger along her jaw, completely getting into the gangster character.

“I cannot Serena. There is still a lot of work to do. I-“

“No excuses! I have decided, so it’s decided. Close the restaurant for half a day, and it’s set. It’s not like a mountain will collapse if you take took some time off.”

The next few minutes, Nana tried hard to convince her but, in the end, gave up. The twins were still on Spring break, so she told them to care of Natsukashi.

They reached the mall some thirty minutes later. It was a new mall opened in X city, which was by far the largest mall in the city.

Serena was very excited and had already started hopping from one store to another. It became hard for Nana to keep up with her pace. They visited many different stores, and after what like a millennium, they finally stop shopping, mostly where Serena was dragging Nana and forcing her to buy stuff because she was too stingy.

“Now, this is what you call shopping. You really don’t know how to pamper yourself, Nana. What should I do with you?”

She put a wronged expression. “I don’t have any need for so much stuff. If not for you then I-“

“Yes yes, you wouldn’t even have come to the mall in the first place Bla Bla Bla. Alright, let’s go to the food court. I’m starving now.”

“Finally! I thought you would never ask. Let’s go.”

They reached the fifth floor, where the food court was. They quickly gave their order, and Serena said, “Nana, you take the order when it’s ready. I will just quickly use the restroom and come back.”

“Yeah, sure.”

After some five minutes, their order was ready. She went to the counter and picked up the heavy tray. It was really difficult to balance with the two up to the brim filled cokes.

She started staggering halfway through when suddenly she bumped into someone. She was concentrating on her tray the whole time and thought it was a pretty straightforward way back, so she didn’t look her way.

And then it was a disaster. One of the drinks got spilled on the man.

She got shocked, and before she even turned to look at him, he said, “I see you really like bumping into people.”

She finally met his deep black eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. For a moment, she forgot what happened and just kept gazing at him. She noticed his impeccable features.

He was a tall man easily up to 190cm. He had a peppered stubble on his face but which gave him a rugged handsomeness. He had defined cheekbones that met down with his sharp concrete jaw, and which encompassed his straight nose and thin lips to give that perfect shape to his face.

But his eyes were the one that took her breath away. It was like a black hole sucking her in where no matter how hard she would try to get out of it, she won’t be able to. It was just that mesmerizing. His gaze could make someone fall to their knees, even without their knowledge. He was well built with not even a single muscle out of proportion.

Handsome was clearly an understatement.

“So, apart from bumping into people, do you also like to check them out?”

Her train of thoughts suddenly got interrupted.

“Hah..? S-sorry, what did you say?” She fumbled. She had never met such a God-like existence in the whole twenty-two years of her life. She always thought men like him could only exist in those romance novels.

Author – Well yeah, sadly, men like him only exist in romance novels. You got that part right, young lady.

“And clearly, there is some hearing problem too.”

“Hah?” And then she saw the whole mess.

His white shirt was drenched in coke, which was now starting to leave a stain.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry! I was so focused on my tray that I…” She kept the tray aside, bowed and apologized. “I’m really sorry.”

“And do you think apologizing will work every time?”