Chapter 4 - Because I simply love you

Chapter 4: Kindness is never wasted

Nana finally reached Mr. Cao’s store. She knocked on his door and waited. A minute later, a lady in her late fifties opened the door. “Yes, dear? Who are you?”

“Hello, mam. I’m Nana, the owner of Natsukashi restaurant. Can I meet Mr. Cao? I want to discuss an urgent matter with him and need his help right now. And you are..?” She asked to confirm.

“I’m Mrs. Cao, his wife. Come inside, dear.” She pointed towards a couch and said, “Sit over here, Nana. I will go call him.”

“Thank you, mam.”

She waited for Mr. Cao, and while she was thinking of ways to convince him, a small figure dashed straight towards her and latched on to her leg. Nana got surprised and turned to look at the intruding figure.

He was an adorable small bun who was looking at her with his big watery eyes. Excitement and happiness were clearly evident on his cute round face.

Nana recognized him. He was the same child who got lost in the Spring Festival, where she had helped him reunite with his parents.

“Pretty sister! Have you come to meet me? You remember me?”

Looking into such bright black eyes, she instantly forgot all her worries. She chuckled and said, “How can I forget such a handsome prince?”

The boy giggled, “Teehee that I am.”

“And may I know the name of Your Highness?”

“Cao Mingyu”

“Cao? Are you-“

“What is your business with me?” came a stern voice from behind.

Nana turned back to see an older man who she figured might be in his early sixties. Behind him came, Mrs. Cao.

“He is my husband you asked for. Mr. Cao.”

“Hello, Mr. Cao. I’m-“

“My wife already told me who you are. Don’t waste my time and cut to the chase.”

Nana gulped. He sure was hard to please. She now doubted if he will really listen to her request.

Before she could say anything, Cao Mingyu came in between and hugged the old man’s leg and said, “Grandpa Grandpa! She is the pretty sister I was talking about. She helped me at the festival when I got lost. She didn’t leave my side even for a second and tightly held my hand till I met Mumma and Papa. I was really scared, but because pretty sister was there I was not scared anymore. Isn’t she so beautiful?” 

Cao Mingyu then blushed and said shyly, “She is the bride I told you about. I want to marry her when I grow up. So you should be really nice to her Grandpa. She is your future granddaughter-in-law.” He claimed.

Mr. Cao was dumbfounded. This is the first time he saw his grandson talked so much and much less a confession at that. But then his strict and stern face melted into a huge smile.

“I see you are the girl who saved my grandson and who my son and daughter-in-law were talking about. I must thank you again personally for helping my grandson. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t know what might have happened to Mingyu.”

Mrs. Cao was equally shocked and expressed her gratitude.

The turn of events was something that Nana truly hadn’t imagined.

“Its alright, Mr. Cao. There is no need to be so thankful. Anybody else would have done the same.”

“You are modest. So tell me. My wife told me that you wanted to meet me?”

Nana then finally remembered her purpose of visit. She recounted her whole ordeal.

“That’s it? You don’t worry a single thing, young lady. Your supplies would be delivered to you. I will make a call right now and make the arrangements.”

Nana was dumbfounded. She had racked her brains on how she will convince him, but Cao Mingyu’s little speech had done the job in merely two minutes. He was really an angel! She could practically see little white wings on his cute back.

Indeed one’s kindness never goes to waste. What goes around, comes around. Her small help to that little bun that day resolved such a big crisis for her today.

Mr. Cao returned. “All is set. Your supplies will be delivered there on time.”

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Cao. You solved such a big problem for me.”

“You are the one who helped us a lot. What I did was nothing.” He laughed cheerfully and said, “Hehe, but if you still want to thank me, you can invite me to Natsukashi and treat me to your delicious meal.” Mrs. Cao silently elbowed her shameless husband. He had a wronged expression on his face. “What did I say wrong?” He cried sadly. The wife facepalmed.

“Of course, Mr. Cao, you are always welcome.”

“Me too, me too, pretty sister!” Mingyu chimed in.

“Yes, yes, you too, my little prince.” She laughed. “And there will be a special treat for you.” She winked.

“Yayyy! Hehe, I know my wifey is the best.”

Grandpa and Grandma Cao coughed.

“Alright, Mr. and Mrs. Cao. I will need to leave now. The party is going to start, and I have to be there as soon as possible.”

“Sure sure. If there are any problems, you can always come to this old man again.”

“Yes, Mr. Cao. Thank you so much.”