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“Xiao Xiao, what time is it?” Su Yan rubbed her eyes and asked.

She had cried for a long time yesterday, and her eyes were very dry.

“Master, it’s 7:10 in the morning.” Xiao Xiao replied in a cute voice, blinking its big eyes on the screen.

Su Yan got up to wash up. Yesterday, she had arranged with Wei Zhou to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce.

When she was putting on makeup, she paid extra attention to her eye makeup so that no one would be able to tell that she had cried.

She wore a French chiffon shirt with a high waist and a pair of leggings. She also wore a pair of light British stilettos. Her long, wavy brown hair was casually draped over her shoulders. Her lips were covered in a mauve-colored lipstick. Her style and dressing gave her an excellent temperament.

Even if she wanted to get a divorce, she had to be full of mettle. She definitely could not lose her imposing manner.

“Xiao Xiao, I’m going to get a divorce!” Su Yan said.

“Happy break-up. I wish you happiness. You can find a better one…” Xiao Xiao played and stopped at that line.

“You’re right, I can find a better one!” Su Yan nodded.

At eight o’clock sharp, Su Yan left the house.

The garage door slowly opened, and a red convertible sports car came into view.

The Porsche 718 was her exclusive ride, but she had never driven it before. In the past, she thought it was too ostentatious, but now… she wanted to live for herself.

8:45 am, at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

In the past few years, the divorce rate in the country had risen sharply. There was actually not a single couple who had come to get married.

Su Yan had just gotten out of the car when the silver Mercedes S400 slowly came to a stop. Wei Zhou had arrived.

Su Yan went straight towards the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. She had nothing to say to him.

Looking at Su Yan, who had an imposing aura, Wei Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly and his secretary, Li Rong, sneered.

Soon, Wei Zhou came to Su Yan’s side, and his face became expressionless again.

Su Yan took out a divorce agreement and said without turning her head, “It’s the same as the one from yesterday. If there are no doubts, just sign it!”

She knew Wei Zhou too well. She had specially printed two copies because she knew that he would not take it seriously.

“Are you serious?” Wei Zhou said coldly.

Su Yan smiled bitterly. In Wei Zhou’s eyes, was she so unbearable?

“Our affinity has come to its end. It’s useless to talk about it. Hurry up and sign it so we can get it settled once the doors open,” Su Yan said.

Wei Zhou’s cold expression finally changed. Looking at the agreement in Su Yan’s hand, he felt a strange feeling in his heart. Su Yan wasn’t like this in the past.

“Fine, I’ll sign it!” Wei Zhou nodded and took the agreement.

Since Su Yan wanted to leave, then let her leave. At least she knew what was good for her!

The tip of the pen slid on the paper. Every time it slid, it pierced deeply into Su Yan’s heart.

Hold it in, don’t cry. Su Yan, you have to be strong!

Looking at the indifferent Su Yan, the corners of Wei Zhou’s eyes twitched. He had thought that she had been putting on airs all this time. At the critical moment, she would beg him not to divorce her.

“Everyone, don’t squeeze. Take your number and line up!”

The Civil Affairs Bureau opened its door and a security guard shouted.

Su Yan did not say anything. She walked in confidently with her head held high. Wei Zhou followed her with an expressionless face.

“One last confirmation. Have the two of you really decided to divorce?” The staff asked, “Are there any differences in the marital property?”

“Yes.” Wei Zhou nodded and his voice was indifferent.

His answer was like a bullet, hitting Su Yan’s soul.

At this time, she thought that Wei Zhou would hesitate for a moment. However, he was still as indifferent and extremely cold as ever.

Wei Zhou, you are truly a man that I will never be able to melt!

“Clang Clang!” Two stamps sounded.

“Alright, it’s done. Here are your divorce certificates. I wish you both well,” the staff member said, handing the two divorce certificates to each of them.

Su Yan took a deep breath and took the divorce papers. She put them into her bag and turned to look at Wei Zhou. She forced a smile and said, “Wei Zhou, from now on, we are no longer husband and wife. Congratulations, you have finally gotten rid of a woman like me. I wish you happiness. Goodbye!”

Su Yan stood up and walked out before she could finish her sentence. The moment she turned around, her eyes were uncontrollably red.

How joyful she felt when she got the marriage certificate three years ago was how heartbroken she was feeling now.

In the parking lot of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Wei Zhou and Li Rong walked over and brushed past Su Yan without looking back.

Seeing Wei Zhou get into the car, Su Yan’s heart was dejected and indescribably sad.


Suddenly, a black Bugatti sports car drove into the parking lot and stopped in front of Su Yan.

The car door opened and a man wearing red sunglasses walked out.

“You are…” Su Yan frowned.

Without waiting for her reaction, the man opened his arms and gave her a bear hug.

“My dearest Su Yan, I missed you so much,” the man hugged Su Yan and shouted.

Lin Zhenhui was an up-and-rising young hunk. He was extremely popular. No matter where he went, countless fans would follow him.. He had made a few high-scoring movies in the past two years and had just won the best newcomer award two days ago.

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