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“Zhenhui, why are you here?” Su Yan asked in confusion.

“Let’s not talk about this for now. Sister Yan, shouldn’t I give you my blessing for starting a new life?” Lin Zhenhui said with a smile.

After saying that, he hugged Su Yan with all his strength. Their faces were very close to each other, and they could feel the heat coming from each other’s breaths.

Su Yan: “…”

“It’s Sister Yitong. Just now, she called me and asked me to come over,” Lin Zhenhui explained.

“Let go of me, are you crazy?” Su Yan struggled and said, “You’re hugging a recently divorced woman in public. You really want to be trending, don’t you? Pay attention to your image. You’re so popular now, you must watch your actions!”

Su Yan had a look of reproach on her face. She raised her hand and lightly hammered Lin Zhenhui’s chest.

Lin Zhenhui let go of her and subconsciously scratched his head.

“Hehe, don’t be angry, sister Xiao Yan. We’re all happy for you after hearing about your divorce with that blockhead. Moreover, I came with a mission,” Lin Zhenhui laughed.

“Mission?” Su Yan frowned. She seemed to smell a conspiracy.

Lin Zhenhui bent down and put his head close to Su Yan’s ear. His actions were very intimate.

“Think about it. Who is that Wei Zhou? You divorced him. How could the Wei Family not react to such a big commotion? I reckon that in less than an hour, your divorce will be exposed.”

“When that time comes, the public opinion will be very unfavorable to you. First, it will talk about how you climbed up the social ladder. Then, it will say that you have been abandoned by a wealthy family. And my appearance is to prevent the public opinion from being one-sided.”

“Do you understand?”

Lin Zhenhui looked at Su Yan calmly as if everything was under control.

“All of you are reading the Art of War instead of your scripts properly, huh?” Su Yan covered her face and shook her head.

With such a group of silly friends, she felt that the days in the future should not be too boring.

“Over there, our beloved Zhenhui is there!”

“Sisters, charge! This time, we must get his autograph.”

“Zhenhui, Zhenhui, we love you…”

Suddenly, a group of female fans rushed over. They called themselves the “Lin Family Army.”.

At the same time, a large group of paparazzi rushed over from the other side with all sorts of equipment. It was terrifying.

Lin Zhenhui was not surprised. He pulled Su Yan back into his embrace. The two of them stuck close to each other. It was not known whether it was intentional or not, but Su Yan’s pretty face was revealed.

In an instant, the two groups of people surrounded them. All kinds of voices rose and fell.

The masculine aura from Lin Zhenhui made Su Yan blush while she was in his embrace. Looking at Lin Zhenhui’s handsome face, her heart pounded.

The popular idol hugged her intimately as if he was protecting her.

Su Yan wanted to break free, but Lin Zhenhui pushed her back into his arms.

In an instant, the paparazzi went crazy. They pressed the shutter and snapped away. The fans’ shouts were getting louder and louder.

Facing all kinds of questions, Lin Zhenhui did not say a word and shielded Su Yan as they walked forward.


In the Silver Mercedes-Benz S400, Wei Zhou stopped the driver and looked at Lin Zhenhui and Su Yan who were surrounded.

“President Wei, you…” Li Rong was puzzled.

Wei Zhou didn’t say anything, his face was as gloomy and dark.

Was Su Yan deliberately meddling with his reputation?

She had just divorced him, and now she was hanging out with the popular idol male star. Moreover, she had attracted so many paparazzi.

Inexplicably, he felt as if he had been cuckolded.

This feeling was even stronger on seeing Lin Zhenhui holding onto Su Yan tightly.

“Li Rong, go and bring Su Yan here. I have something to say to her,” Wei Zhou said coldly.

Li Rong was stunned. She looked at Wei Zhou with uncertainty and saw that his face was icily cold. She hurriedly pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Miss Su, please wait!” Li Rong said as she squeezed through the crowd.

Su Yan looked at Li Rong with a puzzled expression. She did not know why she had come here.

“What’s the matter?” Su Yan asked.

She had a very bad impression of Li Rong. It was already very courteous on Su Yan’s part to even talk to her.

“President Wei wants you to go over for a while. He has something to tell you,” said Li Rong.

Su Yan raised her eyebrows and looked through the gap in the crowd at the Mercedes-Benz not far away.

Although the glass was covered, she could still feel that someone was looking at her.

The corners of her mouth rose slightly. “I’m not going. I don’t have time!”

“Go back and tell your President Wei that we are no longer related. From now on, we will go our separate ways and pretend that we don’t know each other.”

Li Rong was stunned. This was the first time she saw Su Yan disobeying Wei Zhou’s orders.

“Su Yan, let’s go. I will bring you somewhere interesting,” Lin Zhenhui said deliberately.

Soon, under Lin Zhenhui’s protection, Su Yan got into the car safely.

The fans slapped the car window in a frenzy.

Su Yan shivered. Fortunately, Lin Zhenhui was protecting her. Otherwise, would she have been ripped into shreds?


The Bugatti’s accelerator roared, and it instantly fled far away.

“P-President Wei, Miss Su refused,” Li Rong relayed. “She also said that the two of you don’t have a relationship anymore. In the future, go your separate ways and pretend that you don’t know each other.”

Wei Zhou pulled a long face and scoffed coldly, “Very well. Don’t let me hear her name again!”

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