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Dragon Emperor Entertainment was one of the most powerful companies in the entertainment industry. They house a variety of artists who are very popular celebrities and old actors. Su Yan rarely came back to the company after she married into the Wei Family. Only a few people knew that she was the real boss behind this company.

“My dearest Su Yan, was I handsome just now?”

After parking the car, Lin Zhenhui smiled at Su Yan with his handsome face. His eyes were full of affection.

Su Yan could not take it anymore and retorted, “Little Lin, are you itching for a beating? You even dare to tease me, huh? I might just devour you if you tease me too much!”

As a famous idol, Lin Zhenhui’s looks were enough to conquer any woman. Su Yan was also a normal woman, naturally couldn’t resist his charms.

“Tsk, sister Su, if you say so, then I shall wash up and wait for you on the bed!”

Lin Zhenhui said as he looked into Su Yan’s eyes with a serious expression.

Su Yan’s heart was racing. She had just gotten a divorce, and a young male idol was already offering to embrace her. She really could not afford to offend him!

“Demon-subduing tickling hands!”

Su Yan shouted and she tickled at Lin Zhenhui’s ribs. Lin Zhenhui pushed the door open and got out of the car and fled in panic. He could not withstand Su Yan’s famous stunt.

In the lobby, Tang Yitong puckered her lips and gave Su Yan a big bear hug. Then, the two of them went up together.

After they walked into the office, Su Yan glared at Tang Yitong unhappily.

“You must be feeling proud, huh! It’s hard for me not to be on the trending searches now. You guys are too free.”

Tang Yitong pulled her to the sofa and handed her a tablet. “Little Yan Yan, don’t be angry. We’re doing this for your own good. It’s already paying off!”

Su Yan scrolled through the tablet and saw all kinds of shocking entries.

“The turbulence of the rich and powerful. Does the Wei Corporation still have their sense of superiority?”

“The romance between young hunk and the mistress of a wealthy family. You’re awesome if you know about it!”

“Shocking! Lin Zhenhui hugged and kissed a young lady that he has a crush on for many years on the streets!”


In just a short while, her relationship with Lin Zhenhui and Wei Zhou went viral on the internet, attracting the attention of many netizens.

It would not take long for her to become the top trending topic. It was hard for Su Yan to not become famous.

“How is it? Isn’t it very satisfying? It’s better to strike first. I want to see how those people try to mock you for sticking to Wei Zhou when he doesn’t want you!” Tang Yitong said in satisfaction after taking back the tablet.

Su Yan: “…”

Those entries were like bombs, blasting her head into a blank space.

How did she become Lin Zhenhui’s secret crush? And even kissing him on the street?

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s not a big problem!” Tang Yitong said thoughtfully, “This matter has just become popular. We must not let it cool down. There are more arrangements to follow.”

“Again?!” Su Yan was speechless.

Tang Yitong nodded and said, “Lin Zhenhui’s task has been completed. It’s Hao Chu’s turn next. I’ll let him know when he comes back from the fashion festival. I reckon he’ll agree with me.”

Su Yan was completely speechless. The waters in this circle were truly deep, ah!

“Oh right, Su Yan, to celebrate your return to freedom and breaking out of the prison of marriage, I’ve decided to book the entire Blue Dream Bay, and you’ll be the prettiest girl in the entire venue!” Tang Yitong said excitedly.

“Alright, who’s going to organize it? Who’s going to pay for it?” Su Yan said playfully.

Tang Yitong’s little face fell. “Uh…”

“Well… About that… you’re the boss. You’ll only show off your influence if you pay for it, right?”

“Oh, you’re not going to flaunt anymore?” Su Yan said as she crossed her legs.

“Aiya, Su Yan, you’re the best. It’s not that I’m stingy, but I don’t have as much money as you! It’s not easy for you to get out of your misery, so please treat us to some fun.”

Tang Yitong shook Su Yan’s arm like a child asking for candy.

Su Yan said helplessly: “I’ve lost to you. This is the only time. I won’t allow any next time!”

“Really?!” Tang Yitong gloated again: “Ha, Su Yan is the best. Mwah…”

“Go to hell, you pervert!” Su Yan scolded with a laugh, avoiding her as much as possible.

Excellent Era Corporation, President’s Office.

“Yeah, we’re divorced!”

“I’m fine. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.”

After Wei Zhou said this, he turned his phone to silent mode. The expression on his face was frightening.

On the computer screen in front of him, the news about this morning was constantly stimulating his brain.

The news of his divorce from Su Yan was like a bombshell that instantly exploded in society. Friends from all walks of life and even his childhood friends were all calling to express their condolences.

“Old Wei, what are you thinking? Su Yan is such a gentle and virtuous woman, and you actually divorced her?”

“Brother, I’m sorry for your loss. Su Yan is such a good wife who left you. My condolences to you!”

“I can’t believe it. We couldn’t even find a good woman with our eyes wide open, and you actually let her go. She’s just a little poor and money-hungry, but her eyes are filled with you. What were you thinking?”

Wei Zhou scratched his hair with both hands, he was in a foul mood.

He thought that he would hear everyone’s congratulations and blessings, but in the end, all he got was sarcasm.

For the first time in his life, he was not confident!

When did his relations with people become so bad?

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